Impact of Cultural Track record on Domestic Violence

Chapter 1: Introduction

Domestic violence is an concern which occurs across all civilizations, religions, age ranges, genders and in all countries. It impacts many individuals and occurs in many various varieties including physical, verbal, mental and psychological maltreatment. Domestic assault has a variety of explanations and there is no official globally arranged upon official explanation to make clear it, however in terms of the united kingdom a commonly accepted explanation of domestic assault provided by Association of Key Police Officers' (ACPO) plus the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) identifies domestic violence as "Any event of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (Psychological, physical, erotic, financial or psychological) between individuals aged 18 and over, who are or have been romantic partners or family members, no matter gender or sexuality (members of the family are defined as mother, father, child, daughter, brother, sister and grandparents, whether directly related, in-laws, or step-family)" (ACPO, 2008a: 7).

This research project will research and explore different aspects of a victim's social background which might offer knowledge and understanding as to why ladies in a domestically abusive romantic relationship choose never to leave or seek any help or advice. For the purpose of this study, a qualitative approach was carried out, using open concluded interviews with former victims of domestic abuse as a strategy to accumulate and analyse data. By conducting open concluded interviews, immediate access was gained into the encounters and perspectives of the individuals whom were interviewed. It provided further use by assisting in understanding this issue and collectively gathering an in-depth exploration and depiction (Silverman, 2010). This specific subject is explored and investigated since it's been a much neglected section of research within academics literature for years and is not explored in much depth in relation to a cultural view and point of view. Literature on the social context of domestic violence has been limited until lately (Kulwicki, 2002). Furthermore, this area is quite under researched and is hence a subject which needs broadening and developing upon in several ways and so it may offer insight in to the issues needed to be attended to and the implications this has for policy makers and practitioners. Rather than checking out other commonly explored aspects associated with domestic abuse, instead another type of focus is explored into the exploration of the hurdles that prevent subjects' inaction and exactly how cultural pressures have an effect on this technique. Factors such as spiritual beliefs, cultural customs and attitudes, social networks, and help-seeking behaviours all influence how a victim will need action against home abuse (Shiu-Thornton, Senturia, & Sullivan, 2005). In particular, the religious backgrounds in South Asian culture have been quite neglected and under researched, often looking over Sikh and Hindu neighborhoods. The research relating to spiritual backgrounds of subjects of domestic abuse is quite limited, therefore more information will be provided to address this issue and also to shed some light on this focus.

Although there's been much prior research carried out on domestic assault before, the work that is carried out predicated on a cultural point of view is quite limited. In relation to research on home violence and Southern Asian culture, there has not been a whole lot of exploration or depth in this field, and the study that has been done in regards to this specific matter is mainly predicated on US framework and on immigrant women of Southern Asian record. Therefore this isn't as relevant to the UK and British Asian women, thus this research study will solve this matter and expand upon the current books and research. Furthermore, there are also no studies of domestic assault in UK South Asian neighborhoods that provide information of the incident of domestic assault within this community, which is a major limitation that needs to be addressed. Reports and data on this area would be highly beneficial and would show what issues or problems have to be attended to and what the key concerns are so that policy makers and experts can do their best to solve any current issues. Also, there have been no current literature or studies which may have been conducted in this topic to keep it modified in general. Most of the work that is done is from a few years back and the reports provided from studies in America on domestic violence in South Asian culture is from a decade ago or more which ultimately shows that reports and data upon this type of abuse in South Asian communities must be updated and placed current to modern times. Thus, this research study will provide a more modern day exploration and analysis of domestic maltreatment in Southern Asian communities, which is based on UK framework.

The research that is carried out in this analysis is important as it will donate to its field of research and broaden and develop after a far more specific portion of domestic abuse. It'll better and improve upon the topic of domestic abuse in more depth associated with a cultural point of view, including religious aspects and perspectives as well. This research is thus important to this issue of domestic misuse since it partcipates in a more targeted and specific view of this issue of domestic abuse. This research will show the perspectives of South Asian culture and the religions within this culture on the position and role of women and its own views on domestic abuse. Furthermore, it'll show how this culture may present obstacles to the people in domestically maltreatment relationships to seek help or leave their violent situation.

The research focus that is conducted is interesting as it studies and delves into the cultural aspects of victims of local abuse and exactly how this might prevent them from going out of or hesitating to seek help; hence this review will complete the spaces of academic literature and research by discovering this specific procedure and can offer more understanding and knowledge to its field of research. Within this research study, faith in Southern Asian culture is also explored to see if it offers any effect on women who are in domestically abusive romantic relationships or to decide if it plays a contributory role for women to do this in domestically maltreatment relationships. This study includes qualitative data by means of interviews which were usually conducted at Southern Asian refuges for patients of domestic maltreatment, and where access was successfully awarded. These interviews were based on the activities of three women of South Asian cultural record who were former victims of home abuse. The three women who were interviewed were of Sikh and Hindu religious backgrounds; two of the women were Sikh, whilst the other was Hindu. All three women voluntary consented to be a part of this study and therefore provided details and a qualifications of their individual experiences of their former situations and the barriers they experienced when deciding to do this. They also provided a merchant account of their cultural traditions and behaviour which might have played out a contributing role in their situations and their experience.

This study will include and offer a literature overview of this issue of domestic abuse, focusing on Southern Asian ethnical views and perspectives of the position of women and its own perception of local violence. This will also encompass spiritual stances of domestic assault as well, focusing on both Sikh and Hindu faith. Next, it will provide information on the strategy that was carried out and followed in this study. This section will also include and discuss advantages, weaknesses and limits of the approach used and the research method that was implemented. Then, it'll provide a summary and information of the studies and analysis of the data, using thematic examination to establish the normal themes which have arisen in the interviews. Finally, you will see a conclusion to complete with, that may provide an overall brief summary of the findings of the study study. It will discuss the implications of the findings and exactly how this relates to policy creators and professionals.

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