Knife Gun And Gang Crime In East London Criminology Essay

In this Job I will be writing about criminal offenses in East London. The primary reason I thought we would do Criminal offense was because offense has been a main factor in how it includes afflicted many people across the world. The types of criminal offenses I will discuss are Knife, Weapon, and Gang. East London is found in London and an easier way to think it is is by any post code as anything beginning with 'E' is part of East London. Generally East London is an extremely multi-cultural society numerous collections of group living there and in it you will get something from all parts of the globe but recently, over the past 3 years has been hit by lots of criminal offenses related incidents that have affected many people in the area from the young to the old.

I will now write about crimes which happened within the last 20 years and give types of some I'll also define the meaning of each offense as well as the word criminal offenses, so that folks really know what they mean. The word 'Crime' can simply signify an action that breaks the law but different people have different thoughts of what they think of the term offense: The three main types of crime I will discuss are knife, Gun and Gang.

Knife offense can be any crime that involves a knife. This may include many aspects such as: hauling or looking to buy a knife if you're under 18, intimidating people who have a knife, carrying a blade that is banned. Knife Crime before 20 years wasn't such a problem because knives were not easy to get hold of and the primary purpose of getting a knife was for home purposes such as cooking food etc. The most frequent knife crime was devoted in the early 70's by someone who was known as Jack the ripper, who wiped out more than 5 people by raping his patients and slicing their throats with a blade and covering his subjects under the floor boards in plastic material bags.

Gun Offense can be anything that involves a firearm for example a murder where the victim is taken, any situation where a gun is terminated, intimidating people who have a weapon, transporting a firearm that is banned, like a handgun, having or using an imitation weapon such as a plastic material or toy weapon. In the 17th century some gun related offences were determined in the East London by the individual called Thomas Hopkins, where he kidnapped people who possessed brought on him grief and trouble in his childhood and took these to his house where he put them through pain and eventually wiped out them by capturing them through the brain blowing their minds off. He previously 3 victims killed before soon realising that no-one could help along with his health problems and he taken himself to loss of life on the 4th of March 1799.

Gang crime could be a gang in a sizable group of men and women who mayn't be involved in offense and violence. Many young people will not realise they are really in a gang, they will just think these are in several friends. Being in a gang is not unlawful - only the unlawful offences determined within the gang is unlawful. The most commonly known gang crimes were determined in east London by two people who had been also bothers called the Kray twins, (Ronnie and Reggie). They functioned jointly to commit lots of violent assaults, arson, armed robberies and other organised offences. These were known as the East End gangsters and the Godfathers of Britain. Both pieces of bothers were sentenced to imprisonment once found guilty by the police. Since that time they both have passed on.

In this section of my project I am going to speak about the criminal offenses in East London in the recent years. It really is quite clear that crime set alongside the past 20 years has increased and below I am going to speak about why they have increased and present some examples of folks who've been affected by the type of crimes. Characters and research show that offense has increased by 25% in the East London with Knife and Gang offense being the best of volume of Crimes dedicated.

Knife Offense in East London has increased from days gone by. This is down to a rise of Gangs and easier ways to get in possession of a blade. An example of knife criminal offense in East London was On Sunday 7th October; a guy was stabbed to fatality when he attempted to avoid a gang stealing a friend's cellular phone in West Ham Park. It was scheduled to him safeguarding his friends and was innocently stabbed and passed on on the field. The reason why people especially teenagers may carry knives around is due to the number of Knife crime occurring in the region, and to allow them to feel safe and sound they carry a knife around with them or if they are part of a gang it could have been pressured on them to carry one or as the rest of the gang may have one, then the young person really needs one to feel as if they are part of it and not left out, and in case anyone attempts to stab them or assault them with a blade they may have something to make use of contrary to the attacker.

Gun Crime will be a lot fewer then Blade crime. A son from London has made English criminal history by becoming the youngest person to be convicted for having a firearm. The guy, aged 13 at that time and can not be named for legal reason, said he was storing a Russian-made pistol, two silencers and ammunition in his mother's home as a favour for a mature gang member. Many people will not carry a firearm on them, but may be in possession of one or may know someplace where one is easy to obtain. Gun Criminal offense is not so common is East London as it's been harder to get hold of guns and find them.

The largest range of gangs in East London are said to be in Hackney, (22 gangs); Enfield in north London (13); Lambeth and Merton in south London (12 gangs each); Waltham Forest(8) in north east London. Gangs are found to get around 20 to 30 users also to commit crimes in smaller sets of three to six, to be in a huge group could get people suspicious. Religion was also found to be always a key factor, with some gangs only being just Muslims or Catholics participants and there is rather few gangs with an assortment of race and religious beliefs in them as people feel a mixture of folks in a gang can not be trusted. A past gang innovator said "some young people became gang users in order to feel safeguarded. They feel safe in a gang because you have got older people in the gang who are always going to look after them; they feel like our company is their olders almost like brothers and relative. You are always moving as a load up. It's as you struggle in a war people out there in the world are out to come after us and take us down we have to keep on the move". It's very common that if you discover a sizable gang that someone normally the higher rate innovator will maintain possession of a firearm for safeness purposes or to use in case there is a gang feuds.

There is an added Main issue why gang criminal offense has increased and has been created in East London and this is down to which postcode they live in. Teenagers designated as "E5" or "E9" were at risk of being attacked for straying in to the incorrect area. Simply crossing to the other side of a road which edges two postcodes could end in violence.

An Example of these post-code gangs is that one teenage female is a sufferer of two problems due to the area she comes from and the region she travelled into. The most frequent way of folks asking where in fact the people are from by requesting "'What Ends are you from?" providing an incorrect answer at this point could perhaps you have attacked or mugged. The reason why this happens is the fact Gangs feel like their area is their place and that no-one should mix, especially people from opposite postcode. This Type of gang crime is becoming so very bad people don't feel safe walking through some areas and also have to find alternate routes to go back home etc. Unfortunately some people are unaware that they may be in a gang, a huge band of friends could be hanging out together, something which may be normal to them, but people may feel that they are really in a gang as people walking recent may feel intimidated by the scale and feel unsafe. So that it shows you you do not have to be committing crimes in a gang to be grouped to be in a gang.

All crimes are related to the other person in some condition or form. Due to the increase of Knife Offense and overall criminal offense increasing numbers of people are signing up for gangs to feel safe and have people guarding them. These gangs cause criminal offenses and will hold some kind of weapon with them normally a blade and maybe a firearm. So all these types of crime are connected within each other.

Many things have been done to lessen criminal offenses in East London. A new law was made by the government that police have to stop and search anyone they think might be in ownership of a tool or look dubious. Many people have their own point of view on this matter. Some people think that it is incorrect as authorities says from the arbitrary stop and search. While they may be looking someone by random who's innocence someone else carrying a knife wouldn't normally being looked as and walking about with a Knife. I personally have been ended and researched and think it's a period consuming process and waste both mines and authorities time as I know that I'm not transporting a weapon and the authorities time as they not find nothing at all on me. Tougher phrase have been put in place for individuals who hold a knife or stab or kill someone using a weapon, as more people would know that they can not get away. There is more surveillance put in place as more cops have been put on patrol on the roadways to help reduce the offences and make the public feel safer.

Also another new regulation that is created by the government is the rise in this of people who can buy a knife as now people have to be over 18 to have the ability to purchase a knife from a shop. This law allows teenagers from being able to stop them from buying a blade and going out and using it. Even ASBO's (anti communal behaviour order) have been directed at some gangs and gangs users to try to make them stop hanging out in large communities and triggering trouble but a lot of people think that ASBO'S are a label of delight and put it to use to show individuals who they have it and show off about it considering it is a good thing and it's no longer working for the authorities. That's why a lot more cops are patrolling the avenues of East London to stop large groups hanging out and try to encourage them to move from domestic areas.

The reason why crime occurs in east London I think is because of poverty as people don't have money so each goes away and commit offences to ensure that they get money and the items they need. So doing these crimes would make them money or stealing from people by by using a blade to threaten them at hand over their items. THEREFORE I think money and greed will be the biggest drive why more and more people go out there and commit offences. Poor upbringing is another reason why individuals who have failed in life or no longer attend institution or college or university for reasons like being excluded from it will venture out and commit offences. Has they don't really have anything to do and they know that they don't really have a good future ahead and some assume that prison life is much easier than the real world. Also a lot of people think that criminal offense is the simpler option to take life as it's "easy money" to get hold of.

The way crime has increased over enough time has affected the world, as East London is such a multi-cultural area; many people want to come over to East London from all elements of the planet. The people have found out about the crimes that contain took place in east London, which may make sure they are feel unsafe as they might be not used to the country, and make sure they are reconsider about arriving over in the event they get caught up in any of the criminal offense.

The reason why crime has stayed on the increased and not gone down because the past is right down to not harsh enough punishment given to people who get caught. So if someone was caught committing a criminal offense and experienced a punishment they might know that they won't escape and make them re-think about not going out and committing the crimes as they might know that the abuse will be a large one.

I think that the offences that are happening in east London are needless and only just offering a bad name to East London and I think that East London will never be the same for a long time as crimes if there is nothing done to make sure they are stop. Each one of these crimes are affecting people's live; people who live here are worried over their safeness and outsiders who wish to come over for any occasion or even to live and will think twice. I feel that the only way offense can be halted is by getting the authorities to do more. Criminal offense in East London hasn't really affected me in a manner that much. The only path it has affected me is that offences that happen get blamed on the teenagers and I am one of the young people so even people who aren't committing the offences get given a negative name.

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