Relationship Between Naxalism and Psychology


Psychological operation is really as old as warfare. It has made a part of the conflict quality process because the historical times. CH Brewitt Taylor in his translation of any Chines words as San Kuo or Love of the three kingdom, observes that, as soon as in Advertisement 2000 a group of pro Han loyalists merged basic elements of psychological instrument, incompatible resolution. Kautalya and Sun Tzu also enumerated the value of psychology as a musical instrument of war. You can also postulate that the organization of praise and punishments, in between other things, as being a subconscious motivator.

Naxalism on the other palm is actually about convincing people by internal means using assault or risk of violence as a tool. It belongs in the realms of emotional and mental attitude of all people included. Thus, when naxals perpetuate assault they expect reactions of most concerned. If reactions are not forthcoming, naxalism will collapse for want of effect. This is an oversimplification of a remedy for naxalism. Activities, violent or elsewhere, are bound to elicit reactions from the victims, the onlookers or the sate equipment. The question than is what should be the a reaction to naxal acts? While no method will probably yield results, mental health operations would have a major impact. The actual fact that naxalism is problems in the subconscious plane, the perfect solution is should also rest in the same airplane.

The naxals uses violence for propaganda and subsequently the government seeks to regulate naxalism through repressive means. The collateral result is the general public displeasure. What needs to be considered is that the very characteristics of naxal assault often seems counterproductive in that it will strengthen level of resistance, provide general public outrage and dislike, generate strong public perception of naxals to be inhuman, which undermines the naxals promises to legitimacy. Therefore, understanding the naxals, the victims, the onlookers and the counter terrorist power from the psychological perspective becomes important. Therefore, counter propaganda plan and other emotional operations assume primacy to keep up or expand support to the plan and diminish that for the naxals.

Statement of the Problem

Naxalism has endemic in previous five years in a huge way posing a major challenge to your national security. In addition to relentless anti Naxal procedures being undertaken and development of affected areas there is a need for conception management of all key players included by employing suitable psychological operation styles to be able to take off local support to the Naxalites there by forcing them to stop arms and become a member of the national mainstream.

This dissertation will seek to determine the linkages between naxalism and psychology with a view to analyse impact of emotional operations on dealing with naxalism

Justification for the Study

Naxalism today has gained universality. This cultural plague while physical in the majority of its manifestations is actually firmly entrenched in the mental airplane. Replies to naxalism, especially in the Indian context, have been unstructured with out a long-term design. The issue has been seen either as a laws and order problem or in the other end of the spectrum, as a politics problem.

Added to the complexity of naxalism, we have today in our country, on going warfare like low strength discord in J & K, insurgency in the Northeast and politics sets of Naxalites and fundamental organisations like SIMI. However, our response to each one of these categories has been similar repressive procedures. No effort is made to understand the ideology of the categories. A clear knowledge of the cause of the groups and characteristics of each would enable program of distinct technique to battle them.


The dissertation will lay emphasis on naxalism and its field of influence. It really is presumed that the dictates of internal operations, with minimal modifications would find program in all other types of terrorism.


Employment of suited Psychological Operation Topics for belief management of most key players in addition to relentless use of make and development activities is the key to solving the challenge of Naxalism in India.


The dissertation will endeavour to establish the correlation of naxalism and internal measurements of naxals. Having done so, the impact and importance of psychological procedures on combating naxalites will be crystallised. The study will encompass: -

(a) Analyses of reasons for spread of Naxalism.

(b) Current strategy of Administration in working with Naxalism.

(c) Id of Focuses on for carry out of Psychological procedures.

(d) Suggested Styles.

Sources of Data

The data found in this dissertation has been obtained from books and newspapers available in the College library and personal activities of operating in Counter-top Insurgency environment.

The bibliography is at appendix.


"Detail by detail, almost imperceptibly, mankind has descended into the years of terror".

Paul Johnson


Naxalism derives its name from a small village Naxalbari in Siliguri Area of West Bengal, where in fact the oppressed landless farmers rose against the exploitation by the prosperous landlords. The Naxalites, despite their ideology, have through the years become just another terrorist clothing, extorting money from landowners. You will discover concerns that there is a plan to create a Red Corridor or a Compact Revolutionary Zone extending from Nepal, Bihar, Jharkhand, through the Bastar area of Chhattisgarh to Andhra Pradesh.

Apathetic Government Plan; Consolidation and Spread of the Movement

The Administration, however, categorised these as socio-economic and legislation and order problems and not as possible internal security hazards. Thus, a myopic view of the problem was used and permanent effects or motives of the movements were ignored. The formation of The Communist Party of India (Maoist), an underground outfit on September 21, 2004, through the merger of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) and the Maoist Communist Centre(MCC) was the largest breakthrough in recent times.

The map below, shows the get spread around of Naxal activity in India from 55 districts in the center of the entire year 2003. As well as the 131 districts presently consuming the Naxalites, and the additional 34 districts that are being targeted by them, there are at least another 63 districts in the united states variously suffering from different habits of ethnic or communal terrorism and insurgency. This calls for the amount of districts afflicted by terrorism and insurgency to 228, out a complete of 602 districts in the united states. Greater than a third of the country is, consequently, experiencing high levels of present or potential disorder.


Expansion and Consolidation

A total of 39 kept wg extremist gps device are recognized to exist, of which the PWG and MCC are the two main gps navigation. These two gps device have maj ideological variations, yet to be able to have better affect and bargaining vitality they announced the merger on 21 Sep 04 to form the Communist Party of India - CPI (Maoist). Naxalism has spread to 170 dists of 15 says in varying deg. It really is esmt that CPI (Maoist) has approx 7000 cadres of which 3000 are hardcore and well been trained in GW.

Dandakaryna and Abhujmadh

Naxalites op in the heartland of India, known as the Dandakaryna region which spreads over Chhattisgarh, Orissa, AP, Maharastra and MP. The center of the region is the thickly forested section of Abhujmadh which is approx 10, 000 sq kms. This area till particular date is not surveyed by the Svy of India. Nearly 20, 000 tribal families are in this area in 237 vills in the most primitive manner. You will discover no rds or electricity in this field. The Naxalites address it as a completely liberated area and a big No. of trg and lgs camps are loc inside. It's the nerve centre of all Naxalite activities to incl Central Committee and Politburo mtgs.

Compact Revolutionary Zone (CRZ)

The Maoist of Nepal, PWG and MCC are established to carve out what they call as the CRZ extending from Nepal through Bihar and then to Dandakaryna region upto Tamil Nadu to give them access to Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. This Red corridor is characterized by thick jungles, tribal belts and under devp region spread over almost 13 states of the country and Nepal. The Naxalites and Maoists of Nepal use this corridor for mov of forearms and est of trg and rest camps.


In order to discover a response to the problem of Naxalism, it is essential to understand the fundamental triggers and the factors which are sustaining the mov.

Land Reforms. Most people emp in agriculture are landless and poor, they aspire to possess land which has resulted in a struggle contrary to the rich and powerful landlords. Naxalites exploit this sentiment and also have found favour among the list of tribals.

Ideology. The ideology works at two levels :-

(a) The Informed and Knowledgeable. The well informed and knowledgeable join the mov seduced by the Marxist, Leninist and Maoist school of thought. They provide the ldrship.

(b) The Instinctive Revolutionaries. Most the Naxals sign up for the mov to find a getaway from the oppression and expl as a result of landlords, govt officials and law enforcement officials forces. These people constitute almost all the cadre and are usually ignorant about ideology.

Tribal Policies. British adopted the plan of "Isolation of Tribals" to be able to maintain their uniqueness and cultures but we continue steadily to follow their plan in the name of preservation. It has led to neglect, under devp and expl of the tribals.

New Forest Coverage. The forest areas have been notified under Forest Regulatory Work thus denying the tribals their traditional means of livelihood.

Lack of Infrastructure Devp. The areas affected by the naxal mov are very rich in forest and mineral resources yet hasn't seen any infrastructure devp. The lack of rds, brs, electric power, industry etc has left the area under devp and poor.

Inadequate Governance. In many of the areas there is no governance whatsoever. The civ adm just do not are present. The govt officials do not vis these areas and hence the grants, funds and schemes announced by the govt are never implemented. This has allowed the Naxalites to perform a parallel govt in these areas. The prac of having Jan Adalats, land distr, constr of irrigation facilities, tax collection by the Naxals is quite typical.

Favourable Trn - Jungles and Hills. The area decided on by the Naxalites dispersing from Nepal to Tamil Nadu is a thickly forested. This makes the task of the police forces much difficult.

Financial Sp. The CPI (Maoist) genr approx Rs 500 to Rs 700 crores annually. This money is allocated to repayment to its cadres, purchase of hands and amn, running of frontal org and companies. The main source of cash is through extortion of wealthy industrialists, contractors, govt organizations and officials, looting of banking institutions and by collecting taxes.


Naxalism gets the potential to become a major IS threat to India within the next four years, say by 2014, if serious attempts are not undertaken to challenge and avoid it. The main reasons are:-

(a) Effects of Merger - Fmn of CPI (Maoist). The merger will have pursuing implications :-

(i) Larger Foot Print. CPI (Maoists) has emerged as the dominant LWE gp. It is forcing the other 37 LWE gps device to either join CPI (Maoist) or anticipate to be eradicated.

(ii) Enhanced Bargaining Power. Being a dominant gp, it has a far greater bargaining electricity with the govts in claims and centre and make an effort to legitimize its living, plans and representation.

(iii) Credible Mil Wg. It's estimated that the merger would boost the cadre str from 7, 000 to approx 12 to 14, 000.

(iv) Financial Str. The merger would have great effect on finances of the org taking it from 150 to 200 crores to nearly 700 crores annually.

(b) Popularity and GLOBALLY Presence. The Naxals try desperately to find a speech in international discussion boards to be able to get globally recognition and popularity.

(c) North - South and East - West Corridor. A disturbing, structure emerges if one were to look at the districts presently under the influence of the Naxalites. They might soon gain a continuing presence along the distance and breadth of the country and thus carve out a north-south and east-west corridor.

naxalitPART 3 : se Current strategy of Authorities in dealing with Naxalism.

"To battle and conquer in your entire battles is not supreme superiority, supreme excellence is made up in breaking the enemy's amount of resistance without fighting"

SunTzuezpolicy comprise the next the federal government will offer sternly with the naxalites n(ii) Keeping in view that naxalism is not merely a legislations & order problem, the coverage of the Govt. , is to address this menace simultaneously on strategy


The Federal has a evidently defined coverage to combat the challenge posed by the naxalite menace. This insurance plan comprises the next components: -

(i) THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will deal sternly with the naxalites indulging in violence.

(ii) Keeping because that naxalism is not merely a legislations & order problem, the coverage of the Govt. , is to address this menace simultaneously on political, security, development and public conception management fronts in a all natural manner.

(iii) Naxalism as an inter-state problem, the states will take up a collective strategy and pursue a coordinated respond to counter it.

(iv) The state governments will need to further improve authorities response and pursue effective and suffered law enforcement officials action against naxalites and their infrastructure independently and jointly.

(v) You will see no peacefulness dialogue by the afflicted expresses with the naxal groupings unless the second option agree to give up violence and biceps and triceps.

(vi) Political parties must fortify their cadre basic in naxal affected areas so the potential youth there may be weaned from the road of naxal ideology.

(vii) The areas from where naxal activity/influence, rather than naxal violence, is reported must have a different way with special concentrate on accelerated socio-economic development of the backward areas and regular discussion with NGOs, intelligentia, civil liberties teams etc. to reduce overground support for the naxalite ideology and activity.

(viii) Efforts will continue to be designed to promote voluntary local amount of resistance teams against naxalites however in a manner that the villagers are provided enough security cover and the area is effectively dominated by the security forces.

(ix) Mass media should be thoroughly used to identify the futility of naxal ideology and assault and loss of life and property induced because of it and developmental schemes of the Government in the damaged areas to be able to restore people's beliefs and self-confidence in the Government machinery.

(x) The state governments should announce a suitable transfer coverage for the naxal influenced districts. Willing, committed and competent officers should be posted with a well balanced tenure in the naxal afflicted districts. These officers will also need to be given increased delegation and overall flexibility to deliver better and step up Government occurrence and most importantly improve governance in these areas.

(xi) The Government of Andhra Pradesh has an efficient surrender and rehabilitation insurance plan for naxalites and has produced good results over time. The other claims should adopt an identical policy.

(xii) THE STATE OF HAWAII Governments will need to accord a higher priority in their twelve-monthly ideas to ensure faster socio-economic development of the naxal damaged areas. The concentration areas should be to send out land to the landless poor within the speedy implementation of land reforms, ensure development of physical infrastructure like roads, communication, electricity etc. and provide employment opportunities to the junior in these areas.

(xiii) Another related issue is the fact that development activities aren't undertaken in some of the naxalite damaged areas mainly due to extortion, danger or dread from the naxalite cadres. In these areas, even contractors are not coming forward to take up developmental work. Adequate security and other options would have to be taken to facilitate uninterrupted developmental activities in the naxal affected areas.

(xiv) The Central Federal government will continue steadily to supplement the initiatives and sources of the affected state governments on both security and development fronts and brings about greater coordination between the states to efficiently tackle the trouble.


While the entire counter action by the influenced states in conditions of naxalites killed, arrested, surrendered and arms recovered from them shows much better ends up with 2005, there can be an urgent need to improve and strengthen police force response particularly by the areas of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Maharashtra by increasing actionable brains collection and posting mechanisms and strengthening their authorities causes on the style of Greyhounds in Andhra Pradesh. Even as the says of Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to some extent, need to support their present momentum of effective counter action from the naxalites and their infrastructure.

The Authorities has taken the following measures to regulate the naxal problem.

  • Modernization of Point out Police

Funds receive to the Areas under the Police Modernization Scheme to modernize their law enforcement officials forces in terms of modern weaponry, latest communication equipment, range of motion and other infrastructure. The naxal afflicted States have also been asked to identify vulnerable police channels and outposts in the naxal areas and take up their fortification under the Structure. However, some of the Claims need to enhance the level of usage of funds under the Design.

Revision of Security Related Expenditure (SRE) Scheme in February, 2005.

The level of reimbursement under the Scheme has been increased from 50% to 100% and new items like insurance structure for police workers, community policing, rehabilitation of surrendered naxalites, expenses incurred on promotion to counter propaganda of naxalites, other security related items not covered under the Police Modernization Design etc. , have been covered. The Structure also allows release of cash to the naxal affected States as move forward. It really is hoped that the modified scheme will enable higher level of utilization of money under this Design.

  • Supply of Mine Protected Vehicles

Keeping because the increased casualties of authorities personnel due to IED/land mine blasts, the naxal influenced Says have been provided Mine Secured Vehicles (MPVs) under the authorities Modernization Design. Their supply has been streamlined by taking up the matter with the Chairman, Ordinance Manufacturing plant Board.

  • Long-term deployment of Central Para Military Forces

In order to complement the initiatives of the Areas in providing a highly effective respond to the naxal violence, Central Para Military Makes have been deployed over a long-term basis as requested by the damaged Areas. The Central Authorities in addition has exempted the expresses from the repayment of cost of deployment of these forces for an interval of 3 years from 1-7-2004 involving an amount of nearly Rs. 1, 100 crores.

  • India Reserve Battalions

The naxal affected Areas have been sanctioned India Reserve (IR) battalions mainly to fortify security equipment at their level as also to enable the Claims to provide gainful occupation to the youth, particularly in the naxal areas. Lately, additional IR battalions are also approved for the naxal influenced Expresses. The Central Authorities will now provide Rs. 20. 75 crores per IR battalion as against the earlier amount of Rs. 13 crores per battalion. The Says have been asked to expedite raising of these battalions.

  • Deployment of SSB along Indo-Nepal Border

In order to ensure that there surely is no spillover effect of the activities of Nepalese Maoists to your territory, SSB has been given the duty to protect Indo-Nepal Border. The Government has also lately sanctioned new raisings for the SSB to further improve management of borders in these areas. A modernization plan concerning an outlay of Rs. 444 crores in addition has been sanctioned for the SSB.

  • Recruitment in Central Para Government Forces

In order to wean away the potential youth from the road to militancy or naxalism, recruitment suggestions have been modified allowing 40% recruitment in Central Para Military services Pushes from the border areas and areas influenced by militancy or naxalism.

  • Backward Districts Initiative (BDI)

Since the naxalite menace should be tackled on the developmental front side also, the Central Administration has provided financial assistance of Rs. 2, 475 crores for 55 naxal afflicted districts in the 9 Areas of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & West Bengal under the Backward Districts Effort (BDI) element of the Rsahtriya Sam Vikas Yojana (RSVY). Under this Structure, some Rs. 15 crores per calendar year has been directed at each of the districts for 3 years to be able to fill in the critical spaces in physical and interpersonal development in the naxal affected areas. THE LOOK Fee has been requested to include other naxal damaged areas under their proposed Program of Backward Regions Grant Cash (BRGF) for which an outlay of Rs. 5, 000 crores has been set aside from this fiscal time (2005-06) onwards.

  • Tribal and Forest elated issues

In order to address the regions of disaffection among the tribals, the federal government has introduced the Scheduled Tribes (Acceptance of Forest Protection under the law) Charge, 2005, in Parliament on 13. 12. 2005. Further, to help social and physical infrastructure in the forest areas, Ministry of Environment and Forests has, as wanted by the MHA, issued general approval to permit such infrastructure by utilising upto 1 hectare of forest land for non-forest purposes. That Ministry in addition has allowed upgradation of kutcha highways built prior to 01. 09. 1980 into pucca roads.

  • Effective execution of land reforms and creation of employment opportunities in the naxal areas

Naxal categories have been boosting mainly land and livelihood related issues. If land reforms are taken up on top priority and the landless and the indegent in the naxal areas are allotted surplus land, this might go quite a distance in tackling the developmental aspects of the naxal problem. The Says have been wanted to focus better attention upon this area as also speed up developmental activities and create employment opportunities in the naxal damaged areas with special give attention to creation of physical infrastructure in conditions of streets, communication, electric power as also interpersonal infrastructure such as schools, nursing homes etc.


The Central Authorities accords an extremely high priority to review and monitor the naxal situation and the methods being considered by the states on both security and development fronts to control it. Several monitoring mechanisms have been create at the Center to take action. Included in these are a periodical review by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) Of this naxal situation, Position Committee of the principle Ministers of the naxal influenced expresses chaired by the Union Home Minister, Quarterly Coordination Middle conferences chaired by the Union Home Secretary with the Chief Secretaries and the Directors General of Police of the afflicted says and the regular Task Force meetings of Nodal Officers of naxal affected states/Central organizations chaired by Special Secretary (IS), MHA. The expresses have also been asked to carry a every month review by the DGP and the naxal situation and the procedures and ways of contain the naxal problem.


The Central Federal views the naxalite menace as a location of serious concern. The Government remains firmly determined and determined to address the problem. The current strategy is (i) to enhance cleverness set-up at the state level; (ii) follow effective and suffered intelligence influenced police action against naxalites and their infrastructure independently and jointly by the areas and (iii) speed up development in the naxal damaged areas. The Central Federal will continue steadily to coordinate and complement the work to the state of hawaii governments on both security and development fronts to meet the task posed by the naxal problem.


"The fundamental function of psychological operation is to make sure tranquility and avoidance of human being suffering due to war".

Raj Narain


Liuebarger says that Psychological Warfare is waged before, after and during war, it isn't waged resistant to the opposing internal warfare operators, it is not managed by the laws, usage and customs of conflict and it cannot be defined in conditions of landscape, order of fight, or called engagements. It is a continuous process. Success or failing is often known only months or years following the execution of the procedure. Yet, success, though incalculable can be overwhelming and inability, though undetectable can be mortal. Statecraft tools of economic and military interventions are physical and measurable. The tool of diplomacy and mindset are obstructs which dwell in the realm of intellectual and mental condition of mankind. These tools are being used to get the hearts and head.

History of Psychological Operations

One of the initial know program of the fine art of mental warfare was Gideon's use of the lamp and pitchers in the fight against Midianites in 1245 BC. This sort of use of new instruments to incite anxiety in the opponent is common in the annals of warfare. In China, Empire usurper Wsng Mang tried out to damage the Hunnish tribes. Han armed forces emperor used family pets to frighten away the opponent. In a comparable time, AD 2000, several loyalist expert Han rebels granted a proclamation on the eve of your military operation, which is right now the essence of psychological procedure. The proclamation included: -

  • Naming the specific enemy.
  • Appeal to the better people.
  • Sympathy for the common people.
  • Claim of support for the respectable government.
  • Affirmation of your respective own power and high morale.
  • Invocation of unity.
  • Appeal to religion.

Probably, this is the first traditional structured psychological procedures dictum. These forms an integral part of a text in Chinese, titled "Chung, San Kuo Chih Yen-I" by Lo Kuan translated as "San Kuo or Relationship of the three kingdom", by Brewitt Taylor. The concepts of psychological warfare are located in the writings of Herodotus the Greek historian. Ghenghis Khan during his advertising campaign into South Eastern Europe used brokers to propagate reports of how big is the military to magnify his strength in the thoughts of the foe. In the Byzantine Empire, complete battalions were designed to change uniforms and appearance in front of select audiences so that they can exaggerate numbers. Better home, the Ramayan and Mahabharat have stunning example of Psychological Warfare in the form of misinformation and guile, the getting rid of of Abhimanyu and Drona being two such good examples.

The publication of Heberts's "The Mindset of the Battlefield" (1897) though still delivered, was the forerunner of modern psychological warfare. It had been in World Conflict I, to incite the task of soldiers leaving the battlefield, that emotional warfare observed its true arrival in the present day battlefield. Through the inter battle period the analysis in this field continuing. Particularly, the Germans effort in building a Psychological Genera Staff Group which worked on topics such as leadership, selection, indoctrination, relationship between officer and soldiers, homesickness, suicide, love-making, the treating eccentrics, cowardice, desertion etc. The mindset of fight included work on aggression, morale, dread isolation and anxiety. During World Warfare II military mindset was at centre stage. It saw request in the battlefield, on own soldiers as also on the warring nations civilian population. All this time, request of psychological operation in terrorism and other forms of low intensity discord have been unstructured. While a great deal of work in this field has been carried out, no formalised stratagem has improved.

Definition of Psychological Operations

Liuebarger defines internal warfare as the use of propaganda against an military, as well as such other functional measures of military services, economic or politics characteristics as may be asked to complement propaganda. Indian Army glossary is more apt in determining psychological procedures -

"It is the designed use of propaganda and other methods, designed to effect the opinions, thoughts, attitude and behavior of foe, neutrals or friendly communities, in support of current insurance plan and seeks, or of an military services plan".

Need for Psychological Operations

Even in territorial states the menace of terrorism can't be destroyed by point out muscle power together, but reconciling with the politics, cultural, economic dreams of minorities. It would only than be feasible to isolate the misguided terrorist from general public sympathy and cultural mainstream. Western German GSG 9 strategy to look for 'Boader Mainboff' group was "kill the killer" and it failed. The lack of success of GSG 9 was mainly due to the actual fact that Boader-Mainboff Group was small with little if any mass support, however, GSG 9 also didn't find public approval of the strategy used. Terrorism uses the plank of psychology to gain popularity of these cause. Therefore, countering the internal impact of terrorism and building up the fortitude of the visitors to resist and battle terrorism are the most significant aspects of overall operations against terrorism. Inside the grand strategy of your advertising campaign against terrorism, success in this sphere is more essential than even the police operations.

The very dynamics of anti terrorist operations results in several counter productive results: -

  • Disproportionate use of drive levels.
  • Repressive methods resulting in loss of civil liberties and in some cases fundamental privileges.
  • Injury and even loss of life of innocents.
  • Extensive physical destruction and even more harmfully damage to the very socio-economic fabric of your society.

The solution strategy is the utilization of psychological operation as a go with to reduce the virulence of military operations. Psychological businesses have some different advantages in combating terrorism. As enumerated by Liuebarger, these are:-

(a) Bring to attention of the soldier those elements of the human head, that happen to be usually placed out of view. Convert lust to resentment, friction to distrust, prejudice to fury.

(b) Setup techniques for finding out how the enemy really feel. A number of the most detrimental blunders of record have arisen from miscalculation of the enemies mind-set.

Help in keeping sense of quest and of proportion.

Examine the best press, timing and shade.

Psychological procedures are non-aggressive and non-lethal in mother nature. Unlike authorities and intelligence functions, these do not draw out tangible results immediately. Yet, if performed properly, these can be hugely hard-hitting and impressive in curbing terrorism.


Target Based mostly Psychological Procedures The psychological businesses can't be applied in isolation. These have to be applied in concert with the police activities. The talk about of the terrorist movement when the internal operations should be launched is difficult to convey. The problem is based on detecting the idea when a activity has shifted from the Demo Level to the Terrorism Level. Therefore, it might be safe to formulate a strategy and apply subconscious operation concepts at the very beginning. A definite strategy should be created to address all the celebrities in a terrorism condition. They are: -

(a) Protagonist society.

(b) Antagonist society.

(c) Administrative officials.

(d) Police force and other security pushes committed in operations.

International public point of view.


As has been explained, distinct and well-planned strategy must be evolved for every target group. The socio-psychological framework of each focus on group will determine the path for psychological functions. These are reviewed in being successful paragraphs.

Protagonist People. This focus on being the key abettors of terrorism assumes importance. The primary objective is always to reduce their leaning towards terrorism. A significant thrust of the procedure would be projection of the counter-cause against the reason as enunciated by the terrorist. This look at if successful would put the terrorist on the defensive and push them to react. The theme of operation would be two folds, to discredit the militant and appeal to the protagonist's sense of societal righteousness: -

(a) Violence and destruction for an incorrect cause which is bad for the county, the region and the folks.

(b) Means followed; assault and terrorism for success with their goal are against the essential civilised behaviour and religious, interpersonal and political norms.

(c) The immoral methods and links of the terrorists with other already discredited anti-national and legal elements, if proven.

(d) Availability of choice and peaceful opportinity for achievement with their aspirations and goals.

Antagonist Society. This portion of the populace already abjures assault. Their altitude being passive support to offensive antagonism should be dealt with the following goals: -

(a) Bolster their morale and maintain and repair their beliefs in the supervision. Generous rewards and preferential treatment for those offering resistance to terrorist should be instituted and granted liberally.

(b) Provide moral and materials support because of their continuing hostile altitude towards terrorist. Formulate the right cause that specific and collective hardship and hazards would be borne by them with fortitude.

(c) Inform and explain the necessity and aspect of security makes operation resistant to the movement.

(d) Make sure they are aware of the importance of their part in preventing terrorism.

Administrative Officials. One of the main goals of intimidation of the terrorist are the administrative officials. The importance of psychological operations aimed towards them would ensure normal working of administrative equipment which itself would than become a emotional fillip for folks. The businesses should purpose at: -

(a) Dispel feeling of isolation and fear. Explain and ensure security steps for the officials.

Appeal to their sense of responsibility and purpose.

Explain the counter cause and elicit their involvement in its evolution and propaganda.

Introduce incentives once and for all performance.

Raise the image and status of the administrative staff.

Constitute special concessions for those carrying out duties of hazardous character.

Security Causes. Security pushes, including law enforcement officials, para-military personnel and defence services, face a peculiar psychological and motivational problem while deployed in LIC. Some of these men are likely to be part and parcel of that very human population to that your militants belong. Those hateful pounds may even be the kith and kin of some of the militants or their sympathisers. Such employees and their own families have to reside in and connect to that very community. They face the risks of reprisals against their families by the militants. It should also be remembered that security forces personnel themselves are at the mercy of a amount of pressures and pulls to the reason and influence of the environment, as anyone else in a particular society. Psychological operations directed towards building up of desire and morale should strive to: -

(a) Inspire them with a feeling of high purpose and inculcate in them the heart of devotion towards their obligation and modern culture.

(b) Raise and maintain their morale by highlighting their indispensable part and the results that they have achieved in curbing terrorism.

(c) Project a higher image of the security pushes to the public. Special efforts would need to be made to educate the folks about the down sides faced by the security makes in conducting procedures and inevitability of inconvenience induced to them. These initiatives, although directed towards people, would assist in increasing the morale of the security pushes.

(d) Counter the terrorist propaganda aimed at subversion and demoralisation of the security makes.

Give appropriate honours and prizes to people who show good performance.

International Public Judgment. International opinion has come to play an extremely important part, not only in international equations but even in the internal affairs of a county. Political, public and economical systems followed by a culture are no more dependent entirely on its indigenous form and corporations. This state, and additional efforts of any militant activities to influence the favorite and official position of other countries would need to be countered by well organised subconscious thrusts at the international level with the next aims: -

(a) To mobilise world view against terrorism generally speaking and a particular militant movement specifically.

(b) To counter and neutralise the public and established lobbies which can have been completely influenced by a movements in its favour. Special word would need to be taken of the non-resident nationals settled abroad.

(c) To isolate unfriendly country or countries which may be promoting the militants, among the world community.

These efforts at countering the undesirable influence in another country would require multi-pronged, intentionally planned activities, through diplomatic stations on the globe electric power centres as also in a variety of international fora, conferences and press.

The Militants. The militant, as a person, and his organisation forms a very important subject for emotional operations. Weakness and vulnerabilities of the militant organisation and its participants, singularly as well as in organizations, are of special interest to the planners. Subconscious measures should target at neutralising the motivating factors, which have influenced them to adopt violent means also to wean them from violence. These would mainly consist of suitable education of the misguided individuals, who are mainly youths, thereby undoing the indoctrination of terrorism and their re-conversion into normal citizens. Psychological operations should also identify those means, which would allow militants to discard assault and go back to the society's collapse. Militants would need to be grouped into two different categories for emotional operations, the ordinary activists and the hardcore fanatic market leaders. These two would have to be contacted with different methods. Some of the themes for the normal militants, the vast majority in any movements, would be along the following lines: -

(a) Futility of the plan of assault. Remote likelihood of obtaining success by terror.

(b) Liberal conditions and conditions of amnesty or concessions, if announced by the authorities, for quitting violence.

Benefits of re-entering the national mainstream to individuals and categories.

Highlighting the long-term ill effects of indiscriminate assault to the individual militant as well regarding the collective interest of the society.

Emphasis on the psychological and emotional alienation of the militants from all of those other people.

Publicity of ideological or any other major distinctions that might arise amongst their leaders. Every opportunity must be utilised to discredit the motion market leaders, should any instance of corruption or unwanted personal traits emerged.

Intra-movement rivalries for leadership and publicity come in contact with generate rift and demoralisation among its ranking and file.

The approach towards the fanatic militants would be different; they will tend to be irretrievably entrenched in their mental make-up towards pursuance of terrorism for achievement of the goals. It could perhaps be difficult to de-indoctrinate them. The effort should, therefore, be to bring about demoralisation included in this. They would need to be persuaded that their struggle was hopeless and it would be merely a subject of time before laws deals them. A few of them may give up recourse to assault and opt to rejoin the culture as law-abiding citizens. The overarching basic principle for conduct of psychological businesses ought to be to leave adequate strategies for militants to come back on track life with no stigma or dishonour. Those who got actually indulged in assault would, of course, have to handle regulations. However, they must be made to understand that they might be better off facing regulations than remaining with the terrorist motion. In no circumstance should the terrorists be made to feel that they stand condemned forever by society and have no choice but to continue with violence.


Impact of emotional businesses on terrorism is a intricate study. Approaches for combating terrorism are sophisticated formulations comprised of the application of behavioural, economic, cultural, socio and politics principles, organised into a thorough total. Understanding the impact of subconscious businesses on terrorism can become far more successful only when looked at from the knowledge of what's available and what more can be done. Counting on chance, memory space, or intuition to achieve the right behavioural action or reaction won't do. Alternative strategies to beat terrorism, with a more coherent and central internal operation theme provides other models for ways to cope with terrorism. They'll probably work better. Psychological operations wide open doors for reduction of annoyance of terrorist and the mark groups which could lead to cutting down need for hostility. It shows the way of meeting modest needs and avoiding them from manifesting as a high value demand. It implies means of diverting the attention of the terrorist and the populace from the essential needs and defecting aggression for a negotiated solution.

Psychological procedure albeit in conjunction with the military services option can create a sufficiently irritating situation for the terrorist without jeopardising the folks or property and suggest to them that accomplishment of their objective is an increasingly unlikely possibility. Such a predicament would lead to the terrorist air travel or withdrawal. Such possibilities would way outweigh the costly military means using its attendant collateral problems, more preferable even if it were at the expense of providing an avenue for break free for the terrorist after achieving partial or minimal demands. We see this concession making having been successful with Laldenga as Chief minister of Mizoram and Ghesingh as the top of the Gorkha-Land council.

What has been attempted in this newspaper is a demonstration of the non-abnormal facet of psychological intervention. A couple of intrusive theories, small group principles and new ideas that are making a stand for an avenue to better understanding of internal operations to overcome terrorism. The effects of the techniques in combating terrorism are yet to be analyzed in field conditions. However, taking into consideration the major advantages of psychological procedures over conventional armed forces response to terrorism, there is a need to review these techniques further. The bottom line being that, the best result would be probably a mix of the normal and abnormal mental health and sociological techniques, integrated into various political functions, and combined after having a careful examination of the compatibility and reliability of several approaches, into strategy for a holistic fight against terrorism.

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