The Causes Of Prison Overcrowding Criminology Essay

In this research report i have discussed the sources of prison overcrowding and how to approach them and what exactly are the perfect solution is and reduction arrange for prison over crowding. The health and basic safety issues of inmates, offenders as well as everyone.


Correctional Establishment is a jail which means the place where the criminals are bieng kept in a restricted and ristricted way. They are really kept in a place where there is no freedom and there are different crime levels. Offense levels is determined by what type of crime he or she did and they are moved in a suitable place that's where do they should have to spend there time in the jail, and are they in a disorder to invest there time in a good way or in a constrained way that includes the facilities given by the Institutes. The facilities are those which is decided already by the government. Correctional Institutions involves a legal justice system which makes the offenders detained and help them to improve themselves by facilities given by the corporations. Each country has its own way to the unlawful justice system and uses its correctional facilities in several methods. These corporations have 3 types of facilities which include Jails, Prisons and Juvenile detention. The facilities also include a seprate buliding for male and feminine prisoners. If we look behind in the annals, the scammers were placed in the prison and keeping them in a jail was not a punishment in itself, but it was alternatively ways to put them in restriction and limited levels until they could easily get a death charges. Dungeons was known as a prison before and those prisoners which were left out to expire were usually sent to do salvery where the prisoners may become Galley Slaves or facing Penal Travelling. For example, It was reported in france that they sent the convicts to devils Island and the UK colonies in the us (Penal Vehicles, 2012)

Causes of Prison Overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding is causing because of the high rate of criminals rather than caring for it by using correct means and ways to reduce the criminal offense rate. There are specific issues integrated by the government by which a person can certainly sentenced to jail with a harsher penality on simple offenses. There are some common needs of the people, to get those common needs the residents in take a wrong way to fulfill the need because there is no other way to attain it, the thing they need is very hard to be fulfilled so they implement or intend to do very offensive and dangerous techniques which can provide harm to government as well as country's value, so keeping in mind everything, country also should give some facilities to the citizen so they dont find a wrong way to do it.

There are some situations on which government gets super easy and does not keeps security in some levels where there should be high security and that gives an open up chance to the crooks. Bieng troublesome on criminal offenses is also not good because goverment usually find no other way to solve the condition so they give punishment by the end of the day. The government should never be smooth on crimes and as well as too much ambitious. These both things definetely provides government an optimistic expectation of offense so it is way better to execute such rules that gives a balanced situation of criminal offenses level. One of the causes that includes overcrowding is that there surely is very less number of facilities given to all the offenders for example: Some offenders are given the service and most of them are shifted back to the prisons that has gone out of talk about which increases the number, that causes overcrowding in jail. The main center which is not directed at the offenders are the high security prison bedrooms. A offender that requires a high security should not be left on a place where there is almost no security and the population of offenders are increasing but the goverment is not implementing accurate service to the institutes. There are some prisoners who have never done any offense but because they involve some personal incident occurred in there life so the hospitals cant deal with them also, they are sent to prison staff just to get some abuse instead they desire a care and attention until and unless they are some special case within health

Health Issues Overall

The Medical issues of a individual bieng includes everything which is related to him or her happening in everyday activities weather its a mental stress or physical stress, any kind of stress occurring in human being bieng provides result in which they could have some medical issues end of the day.

Inmates and Prison Staff

When we've a peek on inmates and jail staff with there health issues almost all of the prisoners have mental disabilities. As reported in 2005 half of all the prison and prison offenders have mental health problems and that includes the number of health issues find in a prison that is 705, 600 in Status Prisons, 78, 800 in Federal government Prisons and 479, 900 in local jails. These numbers were configured by a personal interview with their state and Federal prisoners in 2004 and local prison inmates in 2002 (Glaze, 14/12/2006)

As my research for prison staff, there were also feminine prisoners having mental health issues that have been at a threat of abuse with worst stage of mental disease. The ladies who doesnt have any mental issues can develope it by the enviroment given from the institutes which are extremely poor in condition, overcrowded, no security and safety and staff that have been having to attiquates to cope with the females.

General Public

Health issues increasing in general people is usually scheduled to mental depression or stress which makes the individual bieng ambitious and hyper and that causes many incorrect things. Concerning my research violence is the primary reason of open public health problems. It was reported that assault and health were rarely used collectively 30 years back (Services, 2009).

There were many diseases like yellowish fever, poliomyelitis, typhus, diphtheria, and pertussis but the primary leading diseases were Tuberculosis and pneumonia in 20th century. Nowadays medical issues taking place in public areas is homicide, suicide, cancers, heart diseases, stroke and AIDS. All of these diseases are occurring because of plenty of stress, despair, diet changing, approach to life, less workout and bieng careless on personal lifestyle and health.

Solutions and Safety measures taken to fix the issue

As we look on the conditions of jail staff because they're going through mental disease and health problems so the correctional institute should provide or put into practice a means which is very caring and problem dealing with that they can atleast have satisfaction and feel comfortable as compare to punish them or sending them out of status. A couple of places in prison where there is just a room and you have to remain there eating, drinking alcohol, sleeping as well as your bathroom services in the same place which can provide more mental stress and even more health issues because there would be no hygiene. There are extremely few correctional institutes which have good facilities for the prisoner but most of the institutes or jails have very inadequate services and doesnt learn how to deal with them.

Keeping in my own mind each one of these things a country should organize an institute that ought to have some levels and categories to deal with different kind of prisoners remember some factors Medical, Psychological, environmental etc and getting close cure that is very medicated and cleaned with some good facilities provided. As it is very challenging to keep up a good correctional institute scheduled to increase in large numbers of prisoners, lack of resources, poor group and high rate of mental condition and facing them consistently. Correctional Institutes can be a educational centre also if they can be given a better jail to boost themselves doing many proficient things given by the institute for example: painting, writing and playing in an open ground so that they could feel better and calm. All of these things could be given to the prisoners who are in balanced condition to cope with, by approaching this task the prisoners with low mental condition can come in a much better situation.

Qualified Doctors are extremely less to benefit the prison personnel so the jail supervision should make sure if professionals are interacting with the prisoners they should deal in a great way. Now even as come across everyone Most of the issues are fixed are absolve to improve their health because they are not always by themselves dealing with themselves nevertheless they could have someone taking attention or usually they have got a family supporting them by which they get tons of help and service they needed until and unless they are simply on a predicament where there health issue is utilized to the dangerous level and which includes only suffering from a disease.

Steps taken up to reduce jail overcrowding

As we look behind the circumstances and factors behind the jail overcrowding the overall steps should be taken first and be started after getting the positive reply of the general public.

Long Term

It should be done in a that the government should banns the drugs in the country and fee fine whoever is utilizing it. This way that the scammers should keep many things in mind. If they approach a fresh concept of providing warnings, fines, alerts then there will be a way of less bad guys and less audience in the prison.

Short Term

There are numerous countries which have very high criminal offense rate and less arranged correctional institute. Putting the scammers in jail only when they have done a big robbery or robbery and they can be handover to high specialists.

Reduction Plan

To reduce recidivism there must be a rapid plan, We can take action by increasing public safety by making sure to achieve a minimal rate of legal behavior. We are able to give a service to the offenders and criminals in the prison by giving them a good chance to move back to their place but with a positive attitude and with a safe environment. The city health centers can play a big role in handling this issue and putting into action new regulation and order. For even more details on decrease plan we can follow the FDC plan that is (A. McNeil, 2009-2014)


I wish to conclude my research on overcrowding by the interview distributed by Glen Whorton, who's the director of Ely condition prison accompanied by the hyperlink (Whaley, 2007)

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