Cubas Transformational Innovator Fidel Castro Cultural Studies Essay

Inspirational Leader During my involvement with issues like leadership and management, I must say that real market leaders are the ones that use their perspective with efficiency and make people feel trusted and encouraged. People can be motivated and find their so this means of life by align their desires and needs with the eye-sight of these chosen leader. The history has shown that few individuals can be thought as real market leaders. As Ronald Heifetz and Donald Laurie state, the leader's main duties are to direct people by defining the problems of a predicament and identify the adaptive task. In this manner the leader can be considered as "protector" since they might shield people and organizations from external threads. Aside from this an inspirational head must have self knowledge, must be authentic and specialized in his passion and eye-sight. Great market leaders as Goffee and Jones found out, share unexpected characteristics such as they empathize passionately and realistic with people. Additionally they deal with employees with something they call difficult empathy.

Early Life

An important personality and an inspirational head can be viewed as Fidel Castro. Fidel was created in Biran and he is connected with the revolution of Cuba because of its independence. His dad was an immigrant from Spain that succeeded in sweets industry. His mom was a household servant. It is said that Fidel was an intellectual pupil that was more interested in sports and put in many years of his life in private Catholic schools. He got into the School of Havana and he started his political employment opportunities by being a recognized amount in Cuban politics.

It is important to mention that Castro was regarded as one of the primary market leaders of Cuban Trend. In those days Castro enrolled with the politics of the united states when you are the Best Minister of Cuba in 1959-1976 and then he had taken over as the Chief executive of the Council of Point out of Cuba until 2008. When you are a transformational leader Castro tried out and have the ability to overthrow the dictator Batista, and led the transformation of Cuba into a one party socialist republic.


Castro tried out to go away the message to Cubans of cultural justice, honest authorities and political independence. He thought that flexibility and economic freedom are two of the main elements and rules a person should battle for.

His beliefs and his eye-sight were outlined by the Cuban Revolution, where he managed to make his enthusiasts have confidence in his thoughts and support their flexibility and equality. He and his fans tried to attack Batista's federal government. Although this attack became a tragedy and caused the death to many people, Castro managed to escape. His people were totally devoted to him and he promised that liberty will arise. It is of great importance to mention that Castro thought that his failing came from the actual fact that his car came across serious problems and that the procedure was lost. This, tell us that he never gave up the fight and this nothing else is actually a fine reason behind his failure! Castro went to prison for fifteen years. During his trial he delivered his famous defense conversation "History will absolve me" a talk that may be regarded as the appearance of the personality of the leader.

Leader's Characteristics and Style

According to the conversation we can point out some core concepts from the Rhetorical Traditions. Fidel had the capability to "Adjust suggestions to people and people to ideas". His speeches acquired ethos and character along with pathos. His listeners and audience were engaged in his potential for talking for hours, always remaining specialized in his words. He regularly made rhetorical questions to its audience making his speeches exciting and enthusiastic.

Fidel performed totally and absolutely "incommunicado", in violation of each human and legal right. He states, psychologically, that "only 1 who has been so deeply wounded, who may have seen his country so forsaken and its justice trampled so, can speak at a moment like this with words that spring from the bloodstream of his center and the truth of his very gut".

He was very self applied confident of his competencies where he explained that: "taking advantage of my professional rights as a lawyer, I would expect my own protection". Within an interview in 1995 he share that "Today, Personally i think I am more a revolutionary than ever because each day I am more convinced that whatever we have was right. "

In an effort to support his subordinates he said: "The rest of the accused, the minority, were courageous and determined, prepared to proudly confirm their part in the fight for freedom, prepared to offer an example of unprecedented self-sacrifice and also to wrench from the jail's claws those who in deliberate bad beliefs had been included in the trial. " Fidel was proud of himself once we can easily see from his own word: "to see you that if to save lots of my life I must be a part of such deception (to be ill), I would a thousand times prefer to lose it. "

He seems to be ironic and sarcastic in some part of his speech: "What amazing crimes this plan must have focused on so dread the voice of 1 accused man!" This in truth tells us that he never is placed and he expresses his emotions (negative or positive).

A head is important to own specific traits that will assist him in his quest. Relating to Kirkpatrick and Locke qualities alone are not sufficientMarket leaders who own the requisite traits must take certain activities to be successful. Among these attributes are certainly drive, authority motivation, integrity, self-confidence, and cognitive capability, traits that may be identified to Fidel Castro personality and leadership characteristics.

Fidel Castro can be considered as a highly effective leader that combines a task-oriented habit along with relations-oriented patterns. He is job oriented since he has the capacity to plan and program his people, organize his subordinate's activities. He tried to overthrow his enemies by establishing high but reasonable performance goals. In addition he is able to be though for his relations-oriented features due to the strong supportive and helpful role he preserved through his politics career. At a spot of his speech he addresses his people: "my fearless comrades, with unprecedented patriotism, did their responsibility to the utmost. 'Yes, we attempt to combat for Cuba's independence and we aren't ashamed of experiencing done so, ".

Being a charismatic head, Fidel had been change-oriented, possessing a compelling vision. According to Bycio behaviors associated with transformational management include giving a higher degree of attention and support to specific fans and offering supporters intellectual arousal and engendering a higher degree of value from them. Fidel even as we can see, was able enough to gain the respect of a large number of Cubans and thousands of folks around the word. On the other hand he respected them also. As he claims: "I am thankful for the polite and serious attention they give me. " His eyesight was correlated along with his followers needs, values and values, and this was of extreme importance for the success of Fidel's goals. His perspective of liberty was aligned with his enthusiasts' dreams! This is seen from his own conversation "The truth is, when men hold the same ideals in their hearts, nothing at all can isolate them - neither prison wall surfaces nor the sod of cemeteries. For an individual memory, a single spirit, an individual idea, an individual conscience, an individual dignity will preserve all of them. "

Fidel employed a variety of change management styles. He can be viewed as an Effective Innovator since he was totally focused on his believes and the products such as liberty, trust. As he expresses within an interview "identity with the fatherland, with sovereignty, with independence, and with the Revolution -- save it, help save it, among all of us. Many, many things can be done. I hope that you will be convinced". Furthermore he possessed a energetic pursuit of a definite and compelling perspective. For the reason that sense it is important that he managed to stimulate his people with high criteria as he tried out to go away the meaning of flexibility to its community and its country in general. Additionally we can differentiate in its face a competent manager and innovator where he managed to organize people and resources toward its effective goals.

Fidel engaged in intellectual activation, individualized account and inspirational motivation, making himself being named a transformational innovator. He possessed the charisma to be able to transform the whole society. It really is clear that variety of command styles have been used concurrently.

According to trait way, Fidel was brilliant and confident. In addition he was sociable and this can be seen from the way that he taken care of his people in his speeches, his jokes etc. Matching to R. Duane Ireland and Michael A. Itt, Fidel were able to create a great group that has accepted their responsibilities, which are fulfilled with engagement and dedication, understand the importance of their obligations. As Fidel says: 'You must know your work; I certainly know mine. '

Fidel is seen as a visionary Innovator numerous characteristics of your strategic innovator as these are detailed by Glenn Rowe. As the visionary head Fidel Castro was proactive with designed ideas. He previously the ability to influence attitudes and opinions credited to his strong identity and personality. Moreover he was concerned about the future of his population and his people and he stored finding means of ensuring the independence and justice. He was making decisions based on prices, such as independence, justice, virtue, trust. Furthermore we will get characteristics that justify the actual fact that Fidel is considered to be a strategic leader. He previously strong positive anticipations of the performance he expected from his subordinates and itself. His selections made a notable difference in the complete society.

Can Fidel be considered as an real leader? I assume that Fidel were able to influence his people and his subordinates that he is capable of achieving great things for his country. His words where constant along with his deeds, as his eyesight of liberation of his society from the injustice and poverty became a reality. He never said that he was an traditional innovator! As Goffee and Gareth assumes, authenticity is largely defined by what other people see in you and, as such, can to a great magnitude be handled by you. For these reasons he can be considered authentic.

Fidel maintained a helicopter view of his society with proper thinking, tactical management and leadership. He was able to do the right things for his people.

The Alchemist

The leader's voyage of development is not a fairly easy one. Some individuals change little in their lifetimes; some change substantiallyFew may become Alchemists

David Rooke and William R. Torbert

In their survey on the "Seven Transformations of Leadership", David Rooke and William R. Torbert, demonstrate seven means of Leading. Fidel can be considered as a strategist since he creates societal and personal transformations. Apart from this we can justify that Fidel combines also quality of your Alchemist, where he creates social transformations, integrates materials, spiritual and societal change, making himself one of is own kind. Because they state, alchemists are typically charismatic and extremely aware those who live by high moral specifications, while they target intensively on the truth. As Fidel says: "I had formed nothing to hide, for the reality was: all of this was achieved through sacrifices without precedent in the annals of our own Republic". In addition he as a innovator had the ability to speak to people's hearts and intellects.

Fidels personality and paradigm can be hugely important in the today's globalizing world. Companies should be recruited with this type of minds to be able to sustain the competitive gain and be more wealthy and profitable. Strategic alignment, agility and sustainability are the most important values in a business context. A transformational innovator like Fidel can maintain the performance of the performance of every business or modern culture.

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