Hotel Arts Barcelona Positioning Cultural Studies Essay

I really wanted to visit a Spanish speaking country, because it is my second terms at school but also because I must say i want to find the Spanish culture. Especially Barcelona captivated me a whole lot because I listened to a great deal of good stuff about this city. I have already been to Madrid a couple of times but my understanding of Barcelona was way different. Barcelona has a couple of things which draw in me very much: the architecture, the environment and the soccer team.

The department I was employed in was the Guest Service Division and sometimes in the F&B (bartender). I put several duties, some of these responsibilities were inviting the new guests, taking care of the luggage of the guests, parking the cars of our guests, getting in touch with taxi's for the friends, explain the directions to the friends and giving recommendations to the friends about restaurants and night clubs.

The Hotel Arts Barcelona is a 44-account, 482 room luxury hotel on the seafront of Barcelona, in Spain. A whole lot of people believe the hotel was build to service the 1992 Summer season Olympics but actually it wasn't. Although the development of the hotel was part of the big changes underwent by the town to get ready the Video games, the hotel wasn't made for the Olympics. Hotel Arts is one of the city's leading hotels. The development of the hotel was fully finished in 1994. It was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and is 154 meters tall. It's one of the few skyscrapers that Barcelona has. The hotel underwent a total reconstruction in 2006, they installed new technology and upgraded the guestrooms and the bathing rooms into modern, luxurious places to the expectations of your 5 celebrity hotel.

A vision is an almost impossible desire and a objective is a written assertion of the goal of a company or business. The mission declaration guides the actions of the business, it packages its overall goal and it guides decision making for each level of management. It is the direction for the company for within at least five years.

Their perspective is to provide the finest personal service and facilities, because of their guest who'll always enjoy a warm tranquil yet refined atmosphere. If you see this sentence you can conclude that it is extremely difficult. Their mission is to instill the well-being and fulfill even the unexpressed needs and needs with their guests.

2. 2. 3 Mission Assertion in practice

The mission affirmation is definitely reflected in my office. Every morning we had a briefing about everything that happened devoid of guests, good and bad things. So for example when it was someone's birthday, everyone in our department retained that in mind so when someone found the guest he congratulated him and provided him a little present. That's a good example of rewarding the unexpressed needs of the guests. Every morning we also got a value of your day. Which was one of the 11 service ideals. For instance: I own and immediately deal with visitor problems.

2. 3 Market segments

2. 3. 1 What market segment(s) will your hotel focus on?

Hotel Arts Barcelona can be placed in the luxury segment. They shoot for well fortuned friends who are prepared to spend from 400 up to 10. 0000 euro per nighttime. They employ demographic segmentation because when you divide the market over a demographic base you get organizations like: era, gender, life-cycle, profession, competition, income, education, religious beliefs and nationality. Hotel Arts has a variety of business friends and leisure guests. In the summertime time it's mainly leisure but trough the whole 12 months there are big conventions being organised in the getting together with rooms.

2. 3. 2 Characteristics

As I explained in the previous sub-title, there will vary characteristics of demographic segmentation; age group, gender, competition, life-cycle, job, income, education, nationality. Hotel Arts is focusing on the upper-income guests and business guests. If you compare the demographic characteristics with other styles of segmentation you will get the following things. While you look at the psychographic section you can find a relationship with the demographic section. In the psychographic segment these are concentrating on the social category, lifestyle and personality. When we talk about the targeted social school for the hotel, it's the upper-level. If you look at the products the hotel offers like, like. With geographic segmentation, they focus on geographic factors like: countries countries, states, and locations. Ritz Carlton is a brandname that is well known all over the world, that's why you won't need to adjust to geographic variables because it doesn't subject.

The mission assertion does reflect on the market portion where Hotel Arts focuses on because the guests want to be treated just like a ruler because they are used to a certain luxury standard. They state in their mission statement that the genuine care and comfort of these guest is their highest objective and they pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities, and those things are just what the "luxury guest" wants.

When I started with working they let me walk with a colleague who proved me everything in my own section. The first day was just looking, I didn't do anything but observing my acquaintances. In my division we didn't have SOP's because the section itself was new. We does have standard techniques of working but it wasn't on paper on paper. Whenever a guest arrived we'd a certain operating process. The cab with the friends came driven to your main door. One of my colleagues opened up the trunk and required the luggage out. He explained trough just a little microphone the name that was on the label of the luggage and I opened up the door of the cab and greeted the visitor with the name that was given if you ask me trough my earpiece. We first asked how their trip was to Hotel Arts and after that we asked if the guest wanted us to manage the luggage. If yes we gave the guest half of your orange ticket with a number onto it and the other half we put on the luggage. It was an incredible system and it provided the visitor more than simply a warm welcome. We exceeded the goals of the guest from the beginning by expressing their name when opening the door of the cab.

My managers were kind and open-minded, one originated from Brazil and the other one from Belgium. They were natural leaders because they never acted like these were the manager or the manager nevertheless, you always recognized that you didn't want to disappoint them. That they had a great deal of conversations with the employees. If they had the feeling that there was a challenge they always invited you for dialog. They asked a whole lot about how exactly things where heading personally and that really was nice. Because its good that your administrator supports you and cares about you. We always acquired a group meeting 10 minutes prior to starting the change and we always experienced a evaluation about your day after the change. They also provide you with the room to improve yourself giving you several obligations. For example following the first month I acquired the responsibility of welcoming the and taking care of the baggage of the music group Coldplay. It got me a great deal of planning and off course just a little stress but it was nice to know that my administrator had trust in me. One thing which i very much treasured was the actual fact that my supervisor possessed set up a Spanish school for me personally and several my other foreign colleagues. I don't possess the feeling that there are a great deal of thing to boost for my managers. They were very talented as a matter of fact when I kept the hotel they received a advertising as Rooms Department managers

3. 1. 4 Visitor Satisfaction

When guests tested they were asked to complete an questionnaire with a few question about every team. Sometimes people got a telephone call after there stay. On a monthly basis we got a written report back about the answers which were given by the guests; this is called: the Gallup Report.

Customer feedback is actually an important part of the improvement process. Simon Cooper, president and chief working officer, states, "With regards to customers, feelings are facts. " The Ritz-Carlton deploys multiple methods to capture the customer experience, such as comment cards and a follow-up review call from Gallup to guests after their stay. Furthermore, the staff discreetly look, pay attention, and have for opinions during trades and occasions of truth to make upon the Ritz-Carlton knowledge-management system. In addition, there are a follow-up study conducted by Gallup, which provides third-party validation. Finally, secret shoppers circulate though the various properties to critique the processes.

3. 1. 5 Problems, issues and solutions

We were required to care for that the baggage went into the right room, that was sometimes a lot of work as a result of arrivals of big groupings (100 people at exactly the same time). We made a sheet with all of the guests brands and room statistics and after that we tagged all the baggage and made sure it was raised. We had to look after the parking as well, sometimes it was a problem for all of us because we'd to park guests their autos but at the same time other guests required us to retrieve their cars. What we should did to be sure it wouldn't be to occupied with the auto parking we always asked if the friends were using their car throughout their stay. If not, we put them down in the top car port, if yes, we parked the vehicles in front of the hotel. Barcelona has a big problem with find pocketing, because we where the first employees to come across when guests returned to the hotel, we were the first ever to listen to the challenge. We'd to send the guests to the concierge because he handled these problems but we always experienced the responsibility to follow along with up on the visitor if we'd come across him/her.

We didn't have a spot of sales system in my team because were weren't selling anything, we were just providing service. I know from the changing times that I helped as a bartender we'd Micros that was linked to the Opera system of the complete hotel. On Opera you could find everything of the guests. You can see what their preferences are in conditions of their coffee, their newspaper and so forth. With this knowledge we created something that was called Mystique. That is accomplished by having the empathy to really know what thrills guests and how the personnel can make the visit memorable. That is accomplished in discussions with friends and by retaining a knowledge-management system that reports the preferences of every guest. These choices were all preserved on Opera and it is accessible for Ritz Carlton employees all around the world. Maybe it's a favorite journal or wines, or dessert, or cappuccino. In any case, employees know how to surprise the friends, which leads to strengthening the connections with them.

I have to make sure that the employees are good ambassadors of the hotel, we should give arriving guests a warm welcome and a fond farewell. We can either make or break any occasion right away and by the end. For instance if people leave the hotel and nobody can order a taxi cab for the coffee lover or help them with the luggage they will leave with a terrible feeling. My responsibility is also to provide my employees, like you for example, a warm welcome as well also to help you with problems.

Welcoming the friends is an extremely strong point. We use a particular system for this. The cab with the guests comes driven to your main door. One of my employees opens the trunk and requires the luggage away. He explains to the doorman trough a little mike the name that is on the tag of the suitcases and the doorman starts the entranceway of the cab and greets the visitor with the name that was presented with to him trough his earpiece. We first ask how their trip was to Hotel Arts and after that we ask if the visitor wants us to take care of the luggage. It is an amazing system and it offers the guest more than only a warm welcome.

Simon Cooper, leader and chief operating officer, areas, "With regards to customers, emotions are facts. " The Ritz-Carlton deploys multiple methods to capture the customer experience, such as comment cards and a follow-up survey call from Gallup to friends after their stay. Furthermore, the personnel discreetly look, pay attention, and have for responses during trades and moments of truth to build after the Ritz-Carlton knowledge-management system. In addition, which follow-up survey conducted by Gallup, which gives third-party validation. Finally, puzzle shoppers circulate though the various properties to critique the techniques.

I think these are good performance indications because if they say that they got discovered and helped immediately when they showed up it says a lot about presenting a warm welcome. When they say enough time of waiting for a taxi it says a great deal about how precisely fast people were getting helped. If their named was used when they remaining you can say that they acquired a fond farewell.

Because every division provides it's own specific service, and ours is welcoming guests, assume on needs of guests and giving guest a farewell, it's good to be judged on specific signals about our very own office. If we score high and suits with our mission statement of presenting the best possible service to our guests.

Because the hotel was located in a a location where a great deal of restaurants and nightclubs are, there have been always people round the hotel. We always experienced a type of taxi's right next to the hotel who had been especially for our guests. If people from a restaurant from near by came to your entrance and called for a taxi cab we weren't allowed to help him. We had to cope with that a lot. 1 day I started out at seven each day and ten minutes after I started a man came if you ask me. He got choose pocketed by a criminal gang, he lost his mobile phone and his budget. He asked me to let him call with the hotels mobile phone at the entry but he was not a guest. If you look at this trough the JUSTICE way I couldn't let him utilize the telephone because he had not been a visitor. Above that, the son looked like he had drank to much. But if you look at this trough the CARE way, even though the guy had drank some alcoholic beverages he really was calm and friendly. On the other hand he was also really desperate because he couldn't call for help. I could see the sadness in his sight and because he asked me this in such a friendly way I decided to help him and let him make one quick call with the phone of the hotel.

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