The importance of maintaining confidentiality


Confidentiality is a cover and confidence of the to level of privacy to the fullest magnitude. This report discusses the results of my research into the importance of keeping confidentiality. I investigated the situations where disclosure of confidentiality is appropriate in today's workplaces. The transmission of data and handling of patient's medical details and private information is still a huge area of issue. When handled incorrectly the penalties that may be enforced are very stiff. Information dealt with in an incorrect way can be detrimental and costly. Costly to the company, according to cost of litigation, and costly to the client due to personal information being distributed to the unethical people! This statement will attempt to discover some conditions of laws related to the work environment, I will take a look at some of the examples of when confidentiality is not retained, and check out what big businesses are doing to train their workers on the importance of maintaining honest standards which contain guidelines for confidentiality at work.

Keywords: Confidentiality, work environment, Research, Importance, Medical, Privateness.

Maintaining confidentiality in the work place is a large deal for corporations, major amounts of time and expense is devoted to training and records. All major businesses implement "Codes of Ethical Conduct" in to the employment agreement for everyone that works for the company. Failure to keep up the coverage could result in termination for the staff, and legal repercussions for the company.

Confidentiality is based on four basic principles:

  • Respect for a person's right to privacy
  • Respect for individual relationship in which personal information is shared
  • Appreciation of the value of confidentiality to both individuals and society
  • Expectations that those who pledge to safeguard confidential information will do so

Confidential information may contain, but is not limited by, address, contact number, names of members of the family, medical information, etc. Confidentiality is vital in retaining trust and creating a strong employee romance.

This type of ethical action spans the world, and is not just an American ideology. Here is an example from an Institution of higher learning at the College or university of South Australia, http://www. unisa. edu. au/hrm/forms/workplace. asp these types of insurance policies are being put in place surrounding the world. Information is ability, and when not guarded, can be abused. (College or university of South Australia accessed 11. 24. 09)

Present situations where disclosure of information confidentiality is well mentioned is the medical field, the federal government has enacted MEDICAL Insurance Portability and Accountability Take action of 1996 (HIPPA). Under these suggestions that they have named, last privacy rules, "covered entities must keep independently identifiable health information against deliberate or inadvertent misuse or disclosure. As a result, health strategies and providers must maintain administrative and physical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of health information as well as drive back unauthorized access. These entities must advise individuals about how exactly their health information is employed and disclosed and ensure them usage of their information. Written authorization from patients for the use and disclosure of health information for most purposes is also required apart from health care treatment, repayment and businesses. "(http://www. hhs. gov reached 11. 24. 09)

Those entities that misuse personal health information can be penalized. Under final HIPAA guidelines, the HHS Office for Civil Rights, which is in charge of implementing the Level of privacy rules can impose civil economic penalties and unlawful penalties for several wrongful disclosures of covered information. Civil fines can be enforced up to $25, 000 per calendar year and criminal fines can range between $50, 000 and twelve months in jail to $250, 000 and a decade in jail. (HHS. gov utilized 11. 24. 09)

The HEALTHCARE Industry had been lobbying the former administration to change or dismantle HIPAA legislation, while consumer level of privacy advocates view the rules as a discovery that provides thorough federal standards, alternatively than conflicting point out criteria for patient medical personal privacy. At this time, it is unclear whether or not the current supervision will fully put into action HIPAA and exactly how these final rules will impact everything over the future.

Keeping customer and worker information confidential is an important duty of most professionals. Employee data like the information obtained and store to hire, pay, and manage is naturally sensitive. Keeping information that is uncovered at work confidential is also very very sensitive, whether it's company related or customer based.


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