Culturology Essays

Existential needs - Culturology

Existential needs the needs of man - one of the cross-cutting themes in public thought since antiquity. thinkers of different times tried to give their.

Fine Arts, Theater, Art Criticism - 20th Century Art Culture

Visual arts unlike literature in the field of fine arts, naturalism has not developed into a holistic direction. however, the principles of naturalism.

Pattern and habitus - Intercultural communication

Pattern and habit pattern (english, pattern from lat. patronus - model, pattern, pattern, style, pattern, pattern) - a steady, context-driven repetition.

Peoples of Southeast Asia - Ethnology

Peoples of southeast asia this is an island and peninsular world on the sea routes from europe and the middle east to the countries of east asia,.

Analysis of culture in the works of T. Adorno, Cultural...

21.3. analysis of culture in the work of t. adorno in addition to m. horkheimer's written dialectics of enlightenment , theodor adorno (1903-1969) is the.

Mental field of culture, the concept of mentality (mentality) - Culturology

7.3. mental field of culture the notion of mentality (mentality) in any case, a person needs to be aware of what, how and for what he does. what - this.

Democratic Satire, Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin (1745-1792) - History of US Culture

Democratic satire this genre comes from a folk humorous culture, is closely associated with folklore and anonymous. the most famous monument of this kind.

Sociodynamics of Culture - Culturology

2.15. socionodynamics of culture by sociodynamic culture understand those changes that occur in culture and man under the influence of external and.

Variety of forms and types, Relationships with other...

Variety of shapes and types works of conceptualism are diverse: photos, photocopies from texts, telegrams, reproductions, graphics, columns of figures,.

Installations. Figurative (Fine) Arts, Literature...

Installation. figurative (fine) arts the installation of tracey emin my bed quot ;, which reproduces in its natural form the unmade bed, was bought by.

Conclusion - History of Western European art from Antiquity to the present day

Conclusion beginning with ancient descriptions (historical, like the works of strabo and plutarch, or descriptions of the monuments of art of pliny the.

To the problem of self-determination of cultural discourse...

1.3. to the problem of self-determination of culturological discourse why did culturology, as a science, not occur before? after all, culture as a.

Typology of cultures F. Northrop, Typology of cultures...

4.2.6. typology of f. northrop's cultures for the american researcher filmer northrop (1893-1975) the methods of cognitive activity serve as the basis.

The state of the world and sources of evil, Experimental circumstances...

The state of the world and the sources of evil in the bright intellectual play friedrich dürrenmatt (1921 - 1990) physicists (1962) a humanistic artistic.

External appearance as an ethnic feature, Culture and ethnicity - Ethnology

External appearance as an ethnic sign he too, it would seem, can act as a criterion of ethnicity. such it is represented at the everyday level: when.

Theory and History of Foreign Literature, Theoretical...

Section 3. theory and history of foreign literature chapter 1. theoretical foundations of the history of literature literature has always been.

Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko (1814-1861), Afanasy Afanasyevich...

Taras grigorievich shevchenko (1814-1861) he wrote in ukrainian. his attraction to folk poetry is expressed in the title of a collection of poems -.

Modernism of the XX century, its features and features - The History of Art

Modernism of the 20th century, its features and characteristics modernism is the second, along with realism, a direction in the literature and art of the.

Receptive-aesthetic principles, Method and its features...

Receptive-aesthetic principles mathematician charles henry considered it necessary to create an exact universal, mathematical key to both perception and.

"The Tale of Peter and Fevronia"; (circa 1547) - History of US Culture

The story of peter and fevronia (about 1547) the story is composed by a writer and publicist of the 16th century. ermolai-erasmus on the basis of the.

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