Culturology Essays

VANGUARDISM, The world is hostile to the individual. The search...

Vanguardism the world is hostile to the individual. the search for the meaning of being predmodernism. freedom and pleasure features of pre-modernism as.

IG Herder - exposer of some educational trends - The history of cultural studies

5.4. ig herder - exposer of some educational trends and. g . herder sees the uniqueness of europe in that it extols knowledge too much, and describes it.

The theory of cultural measurements G. Hofstede - Intercultural Communication

The theory of cultural measurements g. hofstede in his theory of cultural dimensions, the dutch sociologist, expert in management theory, gert (gerard.

Contents of music: historical models of perception - History of art

Music content: historical perception models the pivotal aspect of the scientific interpretation of musical content is that we finally realize the need.

Features, Theoretical Ideas - 20th Century Art Culture

Features in british cultural studies in the middle of the xix century. an anthropological school was formed that explained the similarity of the folklore.

The Art of Homeric Greece (11th-8th centuries BC) - History of Art

The art of homeric greece (11th-8th centuries bc) the trojan war (1200 bc) marked the beginning of the collapse of the achaean power. there were new.

Realism - History of Art

Realism realism - in literature and art - a direction that seeks to depict reality in the forms of reality itself. in this definition, a contradiction is.

Northern Renaissance - Art History

Chapter 8. the northern renaissance the original character of the northern renaissance (around 1500-1540/80) was manifested primarily in the culture of.

Dialogic and polyphonic, Other features, Changes in the nature...

Dialog and polyphony tolstoy and dostoevsky are profoundly different in their unity, in their general continuity from pushkin, in their adherence to him..

Vainakh peoples. Chechens and Ingush - Ethnology

Vainakh peoples. chechens and ingushs vainakhs (from a combination of our people ) - an ethnolinguistic community, which includes ingush, chechens and.

Excavations of burial mounds - Archeology

19.3. excavations of burial mounds the burial mound is a burial structure, which necessarily has two parts: an outer one, visible on the surface, and an.

The main interpretations of postmodernity, Postmodernist views...

Section xi. basic interpretations of the postmodern chapter 25. postmodern views and attempts to classify them 25.1. the time of the emergence of.

IG Herder: The Illuminator or Counter-Enlightenment ?, The Peculiarity...

Chapter 5. ig herder: the enlightener or counterexpector? the german philosopher of culture johann gottfried herder (1744-1803) is estimated by.

Musical Impressionism and Expressionism; a new Viennese school - Art History

Musical impressionism and expressionism; new viennese school the phenomena of the musical life of the turn of the century, deeply rooted in the romantic.

Rites of Initiation and Potemporary Relations - Ethnology

Initiation rites and potemporary relations the concept of initiation in the ethnographic literature is used in two ways: 1) the fixation of the.

Daniel Zatocnik (XII or XIII c.), "The Word of Igor's...

Daniel the sharpener (xii or xiii c.) there is nothing known about the identity of daniel zatochnik, from whom the only work has reached us. his nickname.

Artistic achievements, Hero, Philosophical and political basis...

Artistic achievements village prose had an important social result. even before the food store shelves were empty, before the party built the next.

Kafka's Novel & "Transformation - Art culture of the XX century

Kafka's novel transformation in the transformation kafka tells an unusual and strange story. after waking up in the morning, a young man, gregor zamza,.

Clothes - Ethnology

Clothing as with any united states people, clothing and its decoration, apart from purely practical, had other functions: sign, magic - protective and.

Psychoanalytic concepts of culture, Z. Freud's Psychoanalysis...

Section ix. psychoanalytic concepts of culture chapter 22. psychoanalysis of z. freud sigmund freud (1856-1939) - austrian psychiatrist,.

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