Futurism. The militant personality in the urbanized organized...

Futurism. The militant personality in the urbanized organized chaos of the world

What is futurism.

The emergence. The first manifesto The term futurism appeared when the Spaniard Gabriel Alomar published in

The magazine L'Avens article El Futurismo (1905). Futurism as an artistic direction originated in Italy in the early XX century. It was an artistic reaction to stagnation in cultural, economic and political life. Futurists idealized urbanization, development of industry, material values. Personality, heroized by Futurism, was active until aggression, and for Marinetti, "war is the only hygiene of humanity". Futurism rejected the "deadened canons of the classical heritage" and mystical ideals & quot ;.

Young Italian poet, editor of the Milan magazine "Roe-sia" Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in the pages of the Paris newspaper "Figaro" (February 20, 1909) published the First Manifesto of Futurism, referring to "all living people on earth". The manifesto said:

1. We want to sing love for danger, a habit of energy and courage.

2. The main elements of our poetry will be: courage, insolence and rebellion.

3. Until now, literature has sung pensive immobility, ecstasy and sleep, we want to praise offensive movement, feverish insomnia, a gymnastic step, a dangerous leap, a slap and a fist blow.

4. We declare that the magnificence of the world was enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. A racing car with its body decorated with huge tubes with explosive breathing ... a growling car, seemingly running on a grab, is more beautiful than the Samothrace victory.

5. We want to glorify a man holding a flywheel, whose ideal stalk passes through the earth, which is thrown to the circumference of its orbit.

6. It is necessary that the poet be consumed with heat, brilliance and extravagance, let them increase the enthusiastic zeal of the original elements.

7. There is no beauty beyond the struggle. There are no masterpieces without aggression. Poetry must be a brutal attack against unknown forces in order to require them to worship man.

8. We are at the extreme point of the centuries! .. Why look back, if we need to break the mysterious door of the impossible. Time and space died yesterday. We are already in absolute, since we have already created eternal ubiquitous speed.

9. We want to glorify war - the only hygiene of the world - militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of anarchists, beautiful ideas that doom to death, and contempt for a woman.

10. We want to destroy museums, libraries, fight with moralism, feminism and all kinds of baseness opportunistic and utilitarian.

11. We will sing the crowds, driven by work, pleasure or rebellion, multicolored and polyphonic surfs of revolutions in modern capitals, nightly vibrations of arsenals and shipyards under their strong electric moons, gluttonous stations. The swallowing snake-snakes factories brought to the clouds on the ropes of their smoke, the bridges leaping to the diabolical knife factory of the solar rivers, the adventurous packets, the sniffing horizon, the locomotives with a broad chest that trample on the rails, like huge steel horses bridled with long pipes, sliding years of airplanes, the screw of which is twisted, like the flapping of flags and the applause of a crowd of enthusiasts.

Standing on top of the world, we once again challenge the stars!

Artistic concept.

Features Futurism is an artistic trend of the modern era, carrying an artistic concept that affirms an aggressively warlike personality in the urbanized organized chaos of the world.

Defining the artistic factor of futurism - dynamics. Futurists carried out the principle of boundless experimentation and achieved innovative solutions in literature, painting, music, theater.

Futurism is the artistic direction of people fascinated by technology and trying to create something in the art that corresponds to the era of machines.

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