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Correspondence transmitted by telecommunication channels telegrams telegram is a short text message sent by means of telegraph communication. the generic.

Strong and weak positions - Modern US language

Strong and weak positions phonological positions are conditions of use, realization of a phoneme in speech: in different positions the same phoneme.


Rules for preparing background information documents as a result of studying this chapter, the student must: - know types of reference and information.

The structure of the meaning of the word - Modern US language

The structure of the meaning of a word a word has a form (an expression plan, or a signifier) ​​and a meaning (content plan, or signified). the form of.


Graphics. orphography having studied the materials of the graphics section. orthography quot ;, students must: graphics know • the modern alphabet; •.

Grammatical classes of adjectives, Morphological categories...

Grammatical classes of adjectives the grammatical properties of adjectives are divided into declined and indeclinable. most adjectives are declined. in.

Proposals complicated by homogeneous terms, Homogeneity...

Sentences complicated by homogeneous terms a simple sentence, both common and unadulterated, can be complicated by homogeneous members. syntactic.

Decoration of cases - Basics of office work. Language of the service document

Making cases making a case is preparing the case for storage in accordance with established rules. it includes a set of works on the preparation of the.

Uncertainly-personal offers, Generalized personal offers - Modern US language

Uncertain-personal sentences in single-component vague-personal proposals, an independent action (an attribute) is expressed. the agent (the bearer of.

A little about grammar - The art of legal writing

A little about grammar this book is not intended to set forth the rules of the united states language. there are textbooks and reference books, which.

Religious style in the aspect of text categories...

Religious style in the aspect of text categories the textual specifics of religious speech produced is revealed on the general background of the laws of.

HOW TO SPEAK AND WRITE CORRECTLY, Norms of the literary...

How to speak and write correctly as a result of studying the material in this chapter, the student must: know • rules of orthoepia, spelling and.

Organization of presentation, The order of presentation...

Organization of presentation above we considered the basic compositional characteristics of the text: the theme, the idea, the plot, the beginning and.

Collegiality, Precise targeting - The basics of record...

Collegiality it is considered that the determining factor in explaining the style features of the text of the document is the author's status. there is a.

Grammar text and editing problems - Stylistics and literary editing

Text grammar and editing problems the problems of creating and editing text are not limited solely to knowing the meanings of words and phraseological.

Formative nest, US word-building lexicography - Modern US language

Formative socket the complex unit of the word-formation system - the word-formation nest, which is an ordered set of all single-root derivatives,.

Category of predicativity-attribution - Modern US language

Category of predicativity/attribution in contrasting the conjugated and attributive forms of the same verb, there is an expression of the inflectional.

Designation on the letter of hardness-softness of consonants...

Designation on a letter of hardness/softness of consonants paired solid and soft consonant phonemes, except for/x /,/y '/,/q /, are transmitted on the.

Word formation in action, The difficulties of US inflection...

Word formation in action when forming words, significant parts of the word are used - morphemes (for example, consoles: paint; suffixes: leather;.


Institutional and international correspondence service letters appointment and classification of service letters service letters - is the generic name of.

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