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Drawing up and registration of inventories of cases...

Drawing up and writing out case files in order to ensure the completion of the archive in the organization, archival records are compiled for all cases.

Terms of construction of word combinations - Modern US language

Matching rules the construction of the phrase, the choice of the form of the dependent word are due to various factors: the grammatical properties of the.

Scientific style references - Stylistics of modern US language

Scientific style references an important construction material of the scientific text and a style marker of scientific speech is the phrase as a.

US morphemography (morphemic lexicography) - Modern US language

United states morphemography (morphemic lexicography) morphemography is a relatively new section of lexicography, within the framework of which morphemic.

Registration of documents and files for long-term...

Execution of documents and files for long-term and permanent storage for documents of long and permanent storage, it is more expedient to use folders.

Execution of the cover of the case, Identification of documents...

Case cover design on the cover of permanent and long-term storage in accordance with the state standard should be indicated: - the name of the.

Contract documentation, Directive documentation...

Contractual documentation the complex of contractual documentation for personnel regulates the legal relationship between employees and the employer in.

Methods of studying phonetics, Sound division of speech - Modern US language

Methods of studying phonetics the sound structure of a language can be studied in many ways. you can listen to your speech and the speech of others,.

LEXICOLOGY, LEXICO - Modern US language

Lexicology after studying the material of the section lexicology , students should: know • the main characteristics of the lexical meaning of the word; •.

Organization of office work in 1917-1941, Office work...

Organization of office work in 1917-1941 the october revolution of 1917 was aimed at the radical demolition of the old state apparatus and the.

Stylistics of text categories, Concept of the text...

Stylistics of text categories the concept of the text category the development of linguistics and text stylistics has caused a research interest not only.

Classification of management documents and documentation...

Classification of management documents and documentation systems classification of documents - the process of ordering or distributing documents by class.

One-sentence sentences, Verbal single-sentence sentences - Modern US language

Single-sentence sentences the specificity of a single-sentence proposition is that its predicative basis is represented by a single main member. the main.

Structure of the meaning of phraseology, Form, structural type...

The structure of the meaning of phraseology in the evening karabanov was fooling around and turning between beds like a demon (mak.); 5) 'delaying time':.

ORPHOGRAPHY, Orthogramme - Modern US language

Orphography literally spelling ( lt; gr. o /?/yy $ - correct + pound; garish - write) means 'spelling', i.e. the correct letter that corresponds to the.

Slovoizmenenie verbs - Modern US language

Slovoemenie verbs the system of verb inflection is characterized by greater complexity in comparison with the word change of names. for each united.

Syllable - Modern US language

Syllable our speech is divided into words, and words - into syllables. a syllable can consist of one or more sounds. one sound in the syllable syllable.

Formation of cases - Documentation support of personnel management

Forming cases generating cases - is the grouping of executed documents into cases in accordance with the nomenclature of cases. cases in the organization.

Time category - Modern US language

Time category the inflectional category of time expresses in relation to the forms of the present, past and future time the relation of the process.

Foreword, PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF EDITING - Stylistics and literary editing

Preface this publication is addressed to undergraduate students in the direction of advertising and public relations , journalism , undergraduates in the.

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