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Basic concepts of electronic office work

The transition to electronic workflow led to the expansion of its terminological apparatus and required clarification of the content of new concepts that were disseminated both in normative documents and in administrative practice: electronic document, electronic office work, electronic document management, digitization, electronic document image. The multifunctionality of the document explains the existence of a large number of definitions of this concept, in each of which the particular characteristics and functions of the document are at the forefront.

Electronic document - documented information presented in electronic form, i.e. in a form suitable for human perception using electronic computers, as well as for transmission through information telecommunications networks or processing in information systems.

From this definition, the function of the electronic document as a means of recording information is highlighted.

GOST R 52292-2004 Information technology. Electronic information exchange. Terms and Definitions defines the electronic document as the "object of information interaction in the social environment, intended for the formal expression of social relations between other objects of this environment," focusing on the communicative function of the document. At the same time, the requirements to the document are to the fore: fixity, accessibility, integrity, legitimacy.

GOST R ISO 15489-1-2007 defines electronic document as identifiable information recorded on a tangible medium created, received and stored by an organization or an individual as evidence upon confirmation legal obligations or business activities. The legal aspect of the document is put forward here.

The rules of office work in federal executive bodies define an electronic document as equivalent to a document on paper, subject to the established procedure for its execution, which gives the electronic document an official status.

In the most general form, the concept of "electronic document" was defined in the Federal Law of 10.01.2002 No. 1-FZ "On Electronic Digital Signature", as well as in GOST R 7.0.8-2013.

An electronic document is a document in which information is presented in digital form.

Thus, the basis of the concept of "electronic document" constitute three main components: information, material carrier of information and information recording with the possibility of its identification through requisites.

Recently there is a transfer of the semantic load in the definition of the document from the material component to the information component, which is reflected in the appearance of the synonym for the concept of "clerical work" - management documentation & quot ;. Introduction to the legislative practice of the concept of "documented information (document) approved the concept of the document as a two-unit information (information) and a material carrier (in the form of symbols, signs, letters, waves, etc.), resulting in materialization and materialization of information.

By scanning a document that was originally produced on paper, an electronic copy is created, called the electronic document image.

• Electronic clerical work - clerical work, where the electronic document is the main information carrier, paper is an auxiliary medium, and the executors of the prescribed instructions are a person, a computer and a computer network.

This definition of electronic records management makes it possible to isolate two important components in it - the creation of an electronic document in the process of its documentation using information technology (electronic documentation) and the organization of work with an electronic document in the process of electronic document management and electronic archiving.

Electronic document management as an integral part of electronic document management is a document management system in which the whole array of created, transmitted and stored documents is supported by information and communication technologies on computers, united in a network structure.

Electronic document management should be a holistic, integrated management technology that provides the basic processes of working with electronic management documents (incoming, outgoing and internal), as well as their metadata, in compliance with the requirements for the issuance and certification of documents.

Due to the disorder of documentary terminology, not only in printed publications, but also in official documents, and behind them and in practice there appeared incorrect use or substitution of two concepts: "electronic office work" and electronic workflow & quot ;. The Rules of Clerical Work in the Federal Executive Bodies say that "electronic documents are created, processed and stored in the electronic document management system of the federal executive authority", but electronic documents are not created in the electronic document management system . They are created in the electronic document management system at the stage of their documentation, and only then, at the second stage of the recordkeeping process, i.e. in the process of workflow, their processing takes place.

The procedure for storing electronic documents is also not included in the document circulation process, starting already outside of it, namely where the fulfillment of basic functions by electronic documents has been completed and the question of their future fate is being decided.

It seems also incorrect to use these terms in the order of enumeration, as one-order, since electronic document circulation is only a part of the organization of work with electronic documents, which, in turn, is one of the parts of the entire workflow. Also incorrectly the academic discipline "Office work (management documentation") is called the "Documentation management and records management".

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