College period - The basics of office work. Language of the service document

College period

A new stage in the development of the document is connected with the administrative reform of Peter I, during which the system of central administration was restructured and orders were replaced by colleges. The replacement of the form of administration of colleges changed the organizational background for the creation of documents: an institutional division of affairs was introduced, the scope of the institutions was changed, and the order of business.

The grandiose transformations of Peter I had definite linguistic consequences. First of all, Peter I issued decrees on the abolition of the column form of the document and the general transition to the tetrad form.

In addition, during this period, with the further development of the document management system, further officialization of the language takes place.

During this period a special style of the book language is formed - the business language of the orders. This language in Moscow Rus is used in written speech as actively as Church Slavonic.

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By the end of the XVII - beginning of the XVIII century. the nation-wide mandarin language becomes the common language of writing in Moscow Rus.

So by the middle of the XVIII century. the foundations of the United States national literary language developed. And the business language has played a huge role in this multifaceted process.

A large number of new types of documents arise in collegiate office work. In the "General Rules of Colleges (1720) - a set of rules containing an integral system of standards of documentation, presents the structure and forms of traditional and new types of documents.

The improvement of technology associated with the strengthening of ties with Western Europe, reflected on the ways of preparing texts, on their processing and linguistic content.

Linguistics of the text in this period is characterized by the formation of the terminology of documentary practice. Official and business writing is supplemented with a significant number of new words and terms of foreign origin. During this period, words such as document, president, administrator, governor, minister, inspector, accountant , etc. were included in the circulation. Latin origin word "document" ( documentum ) in the era of Peter I gained its main significance.

Documents began to be called business papers that had legal significance.

Many documents of mandative records management received new names borrowed in Western office work: memorial (summary of the case), report, protocol, regulations, journal, instruction. Many of these names have survived until now.

In business correspondence, a great deal of attention is paid to etiquette, in particular to various kinds of appeals. New etiquette norms of addressing the addressee with indication of rank, title and title were introduced.

There are, for example, the following types of hits:

"Your Imperial Highness" - to members of the Imperial Family;

Your Highness - to members of the Imperial House;

Your Excellency - to princes and counts;

"Your Excellency - to the Chancellor (corresponds to the Prime Minister) and to the real secret adviser;

"Your Excellency" - to the secret counselor and the actual state councilor;

Your Highness - to the State Councilor

Your Honor - to the officers.

Significantly changes the form of the document. The document date is selected from the text, becomes an independent element and is written under the text on the left side of the sheet:

October 17 day 1723

The name of the document becomes an independent element of the form. In some cases, it is adjoined with a brief description of the document, for example, Report on the receipt of the decree. " A number of details appear reflecting the different stages of work on the document: signature, agreement mark, registration number, control mark , a note on the direction of the case, etc.


During the college period, the records management system continues to improve, the document becomes more uniform, and the official-business language is enriched and replenished with new borrowed terminology. Prikaznoy (business) language becomes a nation-wide written language.

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