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The question of the essence, the status of a complex syntactic whole is controversial. One can even find the statement that a complex syntactic whole is a unit of language (although this is not seriously argued, and it is hardly possible to find weighty arguments). A complex syntactic whole has neither its own grammatical meaning nor a clearly expressed grammatical form. It is extracted from the text.

A complex syntactic whole is a component of a text that is a series of utterances that are united by a common theme and have structural communication indicators:

Olenin seemed to be a completely different person. Instead of shaved cheekbones, he had a young mustache and beard. Instead of the yellowish face, worn by the night life, there was a red, healthy tan on the cheeks, on the forehead, behind the ears. Instead of a clean, new black frock-coat, there was a white , dirty, with wide folds of Circassian and weapons. Instead of the fresh starched collars, the red collar of the Canouach beshmet , which pulled together a tanned neck. He was dressed in the Circassian way, but it was bad: everyone would recognize in him a United States , and not a jigit. Everything was so, but not so. Despite this, his whole appearance breathed health, cheerfulness and self-satisfaction. (L.T.)

Undoubted features of a complex syntactic whole are the thematic unity, and the expression of the equipoise/unequal relations in their particular varieties between sentences, and the availability of means of communication. In the complex syntactic whole, elements of the composition of meaning, such as initiation and development, are more or less clearly distinguished to the climax (or contradiction) and to ovits. So, in the resulted text the theme is "change of appearance Olenin in a page"; the beginning is represented by the first sentence, in relation to which the subsequent statements are explanatory. Components of the description (development of the topic) are clear details, framed by sentences of the same type of structure with similarity relations. The culmination (contradiction) is represented by the key utterance Everything was so, yes not so. The ending - the last statement - is a conclusion (including self-esteem: complacency). The structure of this complex syntactic whole is created elements of parallel and chain (serial) communication. The indicators of the chain link are: lexical duplication ( Olenin - it), generic and species lexical relations (type - cheekbones, whiskers, beard, cheeks, forehead, ears fractions - cherkeska), generalizing words (all, everyone, then, all), auxiliary words (instead of, despite).

The complex syntactic integer has a certain quantitative characteristic (size, number of sentences, etc.), its clear boundaries can always be set in the text.

The indicators of communication and, at the same time, the indicators of the development of events are the verbal view-time forms. Together with lexical means of communication and unions they form the unity of a complex syntactic whole:

So , Mary Andreevna was sitting by the window and looking at the street. It would have been difficult to say what she was thinking about and whether she was in a position to think about anything at all. However, nobody was interested in this. She rose before everyone in the house and this annoyed the servants. Then she went to matins - annoyed the janitor; Then she came straight from the church to tea and vexed everyone decisively, because to everyone, to herself, but this old woman only interferes. In a word , she did not have a place in a rich house, and she felt it. Hardly anyone will come up - it will immediately rise and move to another place. (M.-C.)

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