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When setting up an internal document management system, the most important part is the organization of work with documents of direct executors at workplaces in structural subdivisions.

The contractors receive the documents not only in accordance with the resolutions of the heads of the organization, but also in accordance with the instructions of the immediate heads of the structural units, taking into account the functional duties, qualifications and uniformity of the staff load. Therefore, it is not recommended to transfer documents to executors without the knowledge of the head of the structural unit.

With optimally adjusted work, employees should get acquainted with the documents on the day they are received. For documents with long terms of execution (not less than 6 months), the stages of execution are indicated, the dates of the intermediate control (if they are not typical), notify their control service or independently enter information into the automated performance control system.

If the execution of the document is entrusted to several persons, the responsible executor, identified in the item of the administrative document or resolution (underlined, is listed first in the resolution), has the right to convene the remaining performers. All executors are equally responsible for the timely and high-quality execution of the document and the presentation to the responsible performer within the deadlines set by him for the necessary materials: projects, references, information.

In cases where the executable document can not be simultaneously placed at the disposal of all executors, copies of the registration and control card of the document are sent to it in paper or electronic form for preliminary notification of the assignment or received order.

In the process of executing documents, employees conduct their own workflow. They use the organization's document and archive funds, instructions and departmental directories (telephone, paperwork, etc.), nomenclature of cases, documentation standards, all-Union classifiers technical and economic information, as well as technical means: lodgment for papers, means for creating documents, copying equipment, etc. When connected to the general computer information bases of the organization, the performer receives the information requested by him in accordance with the available access right, is responsible for the completeness, timeliness, reliability and confidentiality of the information used.

The employee must be informed of the following:

- whether he has the right to make copies of the documents necessary for him to execute the order or not;

- whether he has the right to make notes on the time of his actual receipt for execution, on the progress of intermediate performance, sent telephone and written requests, etc., about the date and the result of the final performance on the document.

Contractors should be obliged to create folders for documents with their own last name, for example: urgently , on execution. " The manager's secretary usually labels the folders by tasks , for example: to report & quot ;, for signature & quot ;, to send and others, based on the specifics of the activity.

In the case of sending, leaving, sickness, dismissal of an employee, the documents executed by him at the direction of the head of the structural unit should be transferred to other performers with the mandatory entry of their names into the registration and control system.

Organization of motion of initiative documents and their projects

If the response to the initiative document or instruction is documented, the contractor prepares the draft (reciprocal or proactive) of the document. A significant part of the organization's information flows are draft documents that require coordination, signing or approval.

At the present time it has become a common practice to prepare, format and design documents using computer facilities by the performer himself. The draft document, printed and issued in accordance with the current rules for its execution, is agreed by the executor with the head, interested structural subdivisions and organizations.

The reconciliation of projects and the signing of the final options is carried out in an increasing hierarchical sequence. Traditionally, it is accepted that when coordinating projects, they are often passed through secretaries, and when signing it they are presented by the author personally.

After agreement, the draft document is submitted for signing or approval. The right to sign is governed by internal organizational and administrative documents. When preparing a document for the head of the signature for him should attach the materials on the basis of which he was preparing. Usually one copy of the document is subscribed, the rest are certified by the office work at registration.

In conclusion, the performer will send the document for registration and sending. In the process of registration of signed documents must be checked:

- the correctness of registration details, especially giving the document legal effect;

- conformity of the signature to the official specified in the document;

- the required number of copies;

- the identity of all copies of the signed script.

All missing or incorrectly executed details are corrected, if this does not lead to a change in the contents of the document, the presence of the author's note about the exact address of the direction of the document or its copy in the case is checked. A copy of the document with the authorization stamp is marked with a note about the destruction of drafts and options.

Although all these stages of processing documents must be fixed in the report card, they are usually carried out by the employees of the unit preparing the document, and the DOS service only controls the timing and correctness of their execution.

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