Execution of the cover of the case, Identification of documents...

Case Cover Design

On the cover of permanent and long-term storage in accordance with the state standard should be indicated:

- the name of the organization and its direct subordination for the period of creation of documents included in the case;

- the name of the structural unit or line of business, depending on the structure of the inventory of cases;

- a business records index for the nomenclature of cases;

- case number for the annual section of the case record;

- the title of the case;

- the date or the last date of the first and last by the date of the case documents;

- the number of sheets in the file;

- the period of storage of the case or the record "save permanently";

- the archive code of the case (first with a pencil, and after the inventories are approved in ink).

When depositing documents for storage in the state archive on the cover at the top, there should be a place for the name of the state archive, state archive codes and the organization of the fund-raising agent.

Selecting documents for destruction and removing them from the account

Simultaneously with the preparation of inventories on the basis of accounting documents are also drawn up documents documenting various situations when documents are taken off the register:

- about the allocation to destruction of documents that can not be stored;

- about the cancellation of a machine-readable document;

- about irreparable damage to cases.

The main of these acts is the Act on the allocation to destruction of documents not subject to (further) storage . The act includes all cases that have expired in the previous year, regardless of these terms.

In organizations that do not create documents to be included in the Archive Fund of the United States, acts on the allocation of documents for destruction are approved by their leaders only after (at the same time) drawing up and approving the annual sections of the lists of cases of permanent storage and personnel for the same years as the destroyed documents.

The act allowed not list the headlines of each case, and to formulate and specify their generalized (group) titles, for example, copies of personnel orders & quot ;, correspondence on economic questions etc. But it is necessary to list the numbers of the inventories (column 4) or indices for the nomenclatures of cases (column 5), separated by commas. For each group of cases, the date of the first and the date of the last documents (deadlines) and the total number of cases must be indicated. For each group of cases or individual cases included in the act, the grounds for their destruction - the period of storage and the article (s) under the list should be indicated once more. At the end of the act in the final record contains not only the total amount allocated to the destruction of documents, but also information (with a number and protocol date) that the inventory of cases on the staff and on the core business over the years, the documents of which are supposed to destroy, in whole decorated.

The act coordinated with the EC is approved by the director and only after that the organization can proceed to the physical destruction of cases. After the destruction, an entry is made in the act about the date and form of disposal of cases, but only one way of disposal is provided on the standard form - delivery to the recycling center. If other methods of disposal are used, an entry is made to the act, for example:

At the last stage, one more entry is made in all the acts, indicating that the necessary correction has been made to the case record system, with the date and decrypted signature of the official responsible for it: Changes to accounting documents are entered. Foreign companies operating in the domestic market for outsourcing documents when destroying drafts, copies and originals of documents with expired periods of storage give organizations that used their services a certificate of destruction, compiled on the basis of Peninsula's own internal rules for its completion. Such a certificate does not replace the execution of the act, but should be formalized as an annex to it.

Since the physical destruction of electronic documents can be carried out not only by destroying the carrier, but also by erasing only a group of documents, reformatting the media, it is more appropriate to issue an act on the cancellation of machine-readable documents.

In case of physical impossibility of further storage and use of documents due to natural disasters or negligence, their removal from the register should be made out by the archival service for these cases by an act of irreparable damage to cases.

Both types of acts must undergo a mandatory procedure for their approval with the expert commission and subsequent approval by the head of the organization. If the organization is the source of acquisition of the state or higher departmental archive, then all acts must be coordinated with these archives.

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