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Groups of correspondence

Preparing Initiative Business Letters

Before you start preparing an enterprising business letter, you should make sure that it's absolutely necessary to write such a letter.

This may be due to the following circumstances:

1) the question (group of questions) that you intend to cover in a business letter can not at the moment be resolved either in person, on the phone, or in any other way due to temporary inaccessibility (lack of place) of the addressee;

2) you intend to fix (for yourself and for the addressee) certain information on paper in order to subsequently have the opportunity - if necessary - to refer to it;

3) you intend to appropriately shape your thoughts in order to give them a more orderly appearance and thus make them more clear, understandable and convincing to the addressee;

4) you intend to preliminarily devote to the course of the matter, which seems to you quite complex (or is for the addressee something completely unknown to this day) of a person, on which, in the final analysis, its outcome will depend; in order to provide it with relevant information, you use a business letter;

5) you intend to inform the addressee something confidential.

Pay attention also to who exactly is the addressee in this case, what will be his most likely reaction to the business letter and how much this reaction will correspond to the goal that you intend to achieve with your message.

If, after analyzing the situation, you are firmly established in your intention to prepare and send a business letter, then, without delay, go to work.

To this end:

a) plan the time necessary (and at the same time sufficient) for productive work on business letters;

b) Determine exactly where you will be engaged in this work: in the office, at home or elsewhere;

c) prepare everything you need for a business letter: paper or appropriate forms, a computer, a printer, a floppy disk to save a file with a text, a pen, a pencil (in order to make notes and corrections in a draft), perhaps erasers an elastic, "bar", an envelope and stamps to it, a business card or other material that you intend to attach to the message (the applications are prepared separately);

d) also select all the information-reference material you need to work on the text: correspondence on the essence of the matter raised in the business letter, reports, memos, references, summaries, acts, reports, contracts, etc .;

e) just in case, please stock up on literature, in particular, with dictionaries (spelling, synonyms, foreign words, etc.) or an encyclopaedic dictionary, as well as any other specialized literature (including periodicals), for example, .

Next, proceed to prepare a business letter plan. As a rule, this procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

a) specify the purpose (functional purpose) of the business letter (for example, you intend to ask the business partner for certain information pertaining to the draft cooperation agreement);

b) the type of the business letter is determined (in this case it is a request letter);

c) the general structure of the business letter is defined (the first paragraph is to describe the situation around the draft contract, the second paragraph is to state the essence of the request, the third paragraph is to justify the need to obtain the requested information, the fourth paragraph is to thank for cooperation, and also to ask as soon as possible and etc.);

d) the basic speech tools for achieving this goal are defined (standard formulations for the formation of the "framework" content, text feeds for linking between paragraphs);

e) the most important facts and events are identified, the reference to which must be made in the letter (for example, as a justification for the motives of their actions);

e) determine the form of treatment, the final formula of courtesy, the form of the signature, the need to prepare attachments to business letters is specified.

After the business letter plan is compiled, it should be carefully reviewed and clarified. Based on the final version of the plan, you can start preparing a draft of the main content (text) of the business letter.

Work on a draft assumes:

a) formulating key thoughts reflecting the essence of the business letter (in the form of separate proposals);

b) interconnection of individual sentences in paragraphs (successively for all paragraphs);

c) the formulation of textual links between paragraphs, as well as, if necessary, the initial and final text lines.

Once the business letter has been captured by you on paper or on a computer screen, you should:

a) edit the project, making for this purpose additional text structuring, as well as its stylistic processing;

b) correct the project, i.e. find, mark and correct the spelling, punctuation, etc. errors contained in the text;

c) re-write the draft business letter on the new medium, using for this purpose another sheet of paper and the corresponding computer file.

Revised draft:

a) reread;

b) re-edited and adjusted;

c) made out in the amended version.

To this end, the text of the business letter connect pre-thought out:

- greeting (sometimes in combination with treatment);

- the final formula of politeness;

is the signature.

Completely arranged (compiled) working variant of a business letter is finally viewed by the author (developer) for the purpose of revealing hidden in the text errors and inaccuracies.

Finally, the final phase of working on a business letter assumes:

a) agreement of the text (in cases where it is necessary);

b) registration of a business letter on a letterhead or a sheet of writing paper in compliance with the rules in force on this account;

c) the design of applications (if any);

d) signing the letter;

e) the conversion of the letter and its registration (the latter is not necessary for private business letters);

e) sending to the address indicated on the envelope. Examples of the most common initiative business letters:

a) sample request letter

The general manager of the public company "AAA

And. A. Surname

Dear Sir ...!

The commercial department of our company is extremely interested in the supply of some of your company's products and, in particular, ... (please specify).

In connection with the above, please send to the company a catalog (price list, draft agreement, etc.) of the products of interest to us.

The desired date for obtaining directories is ... (specify). Sincerely.

Deputy General Director for Marketing


And. A. Surname

b) sample message-message

Executive Director

ZAO BBB & gt; & gt; IO Surname

Dear First Name! I am glad to inform you that at present the company's management is considering the possibility of opening a new branch in ... (specify) in order to increase sales of products. The expected date of commencement of the branch operation is ... (specify). The number of staff is ... (specify). This information is being sent to you for information.

With reverence,

Commercial Director of OJSC "GGG" IO Surname

c) sample request letter

The Rector of the State Educational Institution ...

And. A. Surname

Director of FGUP DDD IO Surname

Dear First Name Last Name

I am sending you a request for documentary proof of the length of service of an employee of our company ... (specify), who lost his work book due to ... (specify). Information about the work ... on the enterprise entrusted to you please inform me on the form:

1 .....

The above information is necessary for issuing ... a duplicate of the work record book.

Sincerely, Director of MGUP "NOT" IO Surname

Deputy Director for Human Resources IO Surname

d) example of a letter of intent (about intentions)

Dear First Name!

With this statement, I have the honor to declare our agency's intention to continue fruitful cooperation with your entrusted ... (institute, university, academy). The last academic year clearly demonstrated the presence of our organizations significant potential for effective and mutually beneficial interaction.

I wish you and the teaching staff ... creative success and prosperity.

With reverence,

Head of the Research Institute ... IO Surname

e) sample order letter

Head of sales department of ZAO ZHZHZH IO Surname

Dear Madam ...!

We ask that you take into consideration the purchase order from CJSC "ZHZHZH" (specify the name of the product) in the amount of ... (specify). We draw your attention to the fact that the most preferred for realization are products having ... (specify the characteristics that contribute to the improvement of sales of products).

I ask you also to find an opportunity to complete an order with approximately the same number of products with the listed characteristics. Sending the order please make ... (specify the number) in equal lots - to ......

and ... (specify dates).

Yours faithfully. Director of the Trading House I.O. Surname

e) Example congratulation letter (option 1)

Name. Middle name. Surname (in the dative case)

Dear (First Name, Middle Name)!

Allow on behalf of ... (please specify) and congratulate Vasya on his birthday on his own! Already ... (specify) years You work fruitfully for the benefit of our enterprise, giving your professional knowledge and experience. Your work experience is a rare example of professional success, an example worthy of respect and imitation.

In this joyful day, we wholeheartedly wish you, dear Name Patronymic, good health, success in all endeavors, prosperity and prosperity, peace and happiness!


Initials (Name) Surname

g) Example congratulation letter (option 2)

To the members of the Board of AKB Bank Eldorado

Dear Sirs!

I have the honor to congratulate you on the exceptionally successful completion of the investment project on financing ... (specify).

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that, but preliminary estimates, the bank's profit in connection with the completion of this project will exceed the planned indicators. I am also very pleased with the fact that the timely and highly successful completion of this project creates more than favorable conditions for the implementation of other, no less significant investment programs, namely ... (specify).

Let, gentlemen, express confidence that the activities of our bank will continue to be equally successful and noble. I wish you all the best.

With perfect respect,

(IO Surname), General Manager

h) sample invitation letter

Dear Sirs!

Regional Exhibition Center New Hermitage has the honor to invite you to participate in the exhibition-fair ... (please specify). The exhibition-fair will be held in ... (specify) from ... to ... (specify).

The program of the exhibition-fair provides for the deployment of the following topics:

1 .....

The annual exhibitions-fairs ... are the largest similar events held in the ... region. Every year more than ... exhibitors take part in the work of these exhibitions.

Thus, the participants of the exhibition-fair ... have excellent opportunities both for demonstrating their achievements in the field .. and for a productive exchange of experience, including for establishing new partnerships.

In connection with the above, the organizing committee of the exhibition-fair ... invites your organization to take part in its work. We are ready to assist you in every way in preparation for participation and direct participation in this significant event.

For more information, please contact: ....

Address of the website of the organizing committee of the exhibition-fair -....

Request documentation for the application for participation you can have ... (specify) by e-mail ...

We will be glad to see your organization among the participants of the exhibition-fair ....


Chairman of the Organizing Committee ... IO Surname Secretary of the Organizing Committee ... IO Surname

i) an example of an apology letter

Director General of ZAO "KKK IO Surname

Dear First Name,

... (indicate the full name of the enterprise) brings you our apologies in connection with the improper performance of the obligations under the contract from ... No. .... Let me also inform you that what happened was, unfortunately, possible, independent of the activities of our company.

However, the distinguished name of the patronymic, we express our deep sorrow at this unpleasant fact. At the same time, we would like to hope that this deplorable case will not affect the prospects for our business cooperation. We would also like to assure you that the management of the enterprise will make vigorous efforts to prevent the recurrence of such cases.

We sincerely wish you prosperity and prosperity.

I remain sincerely yours. Managing Director of CJSC "LLL"; IO Surname

j) An example of a letter with an expression of sympathy

Executive Director of ZAO "INN" IO Surname

Dear First Name,

Allow me to express my sympathy in connection with the misfortune that befell your enterprise - a production accident that entailed significant material damage.

We share your disappointment and at this difficult hour we intend to give you our support and sympathy with this letter. At the same time, we offer you our assistance in resolving issues related to the restoration and repair of a damaged building, equipment and property.

Sincerely we hope that soon the consequences of the accident will be successfully overcome. In this regard, we reaffirm our intention to maintain and develop in every possible way business cooperation with your enterprise and yourself.

Taking this opportunity, we wish you, Name Patronymic, persistence of spirit, energy and perseverance, good luck in the implementation of your difficult mission, the fastest and most complete restoration of the Company, health and well-being.

With deep sympathy and unfailing respect, IO Surname

(If necessary, the name of the post is indicated after the name by comma.) h) an example of the image letter

Editor-in-chief of ZAO Telekanal IO Surname

Dear First Name!

I am glad to send you a short message.

I believe that you did not forget about our agreement on .., achieved last week. Let me know with an opportunity how this implementation will affect the long-term plans of our cooperation.

I was also extremely interested in hearing your opinion on .., whose candidacy was offered to you the other day by my colleague and a longtime friend of Naim Family. In any case, I will be happy to receive an early reply from you.

I hope you are doing well?

I remain sincerely Yours, Name Surname, Producer

m) an example of a thank you letter

Director General of ZAO "PPP" IO Surname

Dear First Name,

I express to you on behalf of the labor collective of OJSC "PPP" heartfelt thanks in connection with the congratulations sent to our company on the occasion of ... (please specify).

Sincerely we hope that the strong mutually beneficial business relationships that have developed between our Enterprises will receive their further fruitful development. I take this opportunity to convey to you and your colleagues the wishes of success in work, prosperity, peace and happiness.

With constant respect, the General Director of OJSC "PPP" IO Surname

n) example letter of recommendation

Head of Human Resources Department of CJSC "SSS IO Surname"

Dear Sir ..! By this letter I am pleased to recommend to you Naim Seneim Family, whom I have the honor to know as a conscientious, decent worker and promising specialist. You, of course, can trust him with any business, without fear of adversity.

I also testify that during the internship in the company entrusted to me, Mr. II. S. Family show.! exceptional abilities in the field of information technology. I believe, it will be very useful to your firm as a specialist.

Appendix: the review of the head of the department about the work of N. S. Family during the internship ...

With utmost respect, IO Surname,

Vice President of Human Resources

o) example of a negative content letter (option 1)

The name of the post of the employee IO Surname

Dear Sir ..! We regret to inform you that you have been dismissed from our company with ... (please specify). We sincerely regret that, despite the previous ones ... (indicate how many) disciplinary sanctions, you have not managed to change your work for the better.

Despite the incident, we remember with gratitude the work that was performed by you with proper responsibility and proper service zeal.

You can get an extract from the dismissal order, calculation and work book ... during the whole working day. Necessary instructions to this account will be given to the appropriate officials.

We wish you all the best.

On behalf of the CEO of TTT & gt; & gt ;, IO Surname, Manager

n) an example of a negative content letter (option 2)

And. A. Surname

Dear gosnozh ..! Competition for filling the vacant position of the sales manager.

Thank you for your interest in our job announcement, and the detailed CV (s) you received in this connection.

The information that you kindly provided to us at our disposal has been studied with due attention. However, to my great regret, I have to inform you that your name was not included in the final list (shortlist) of applicants for their vacancies.

I am sincerely disappointed that I have to write to you about this. I take this opportunity to express my hope that Vata will make the next attempt more successful.


On behalf of the general manager but to the company's personnel

And. A. Surname, office assistant p) example of letter of rejection

Chief Manager for the supply of OJSC "FFF & gt; IO Surname

Dear Sir ..! By this letter, we are deeply distressed to inform you of your refusal to transfer to your organization the surcharge for the ... (specify, when) the supplies ... (specify). Our decision is dictated by the following circumstances:

1. Your organization has not notified us of ... (please specify), which contradicts .... (specify concretely) the agreements on supplies and the procedure for mutual settlements for the current year.

2. Your organization has made a delivery ... (please specify) with a delay against the deadlines stipulated in the agreement. This is also a violation of the current agreement (sub .... p .... (specify specifically)).

You also did not bother giving us any explanations on this score.

As a result of these violations by your party, contractual obligations were the direct and indirect costs incurred by our company in connection with ... (specify).

In connection with the above, we consider it absolutely unjustified your demand for ... (please specify). For our part, we must warn that in case of repeated inappropriate delivery of components, we, apparently, will have to take care of finding a more reliable business partner.

We hope that our arguments will be convincing. Your next request for a surcharge will force us to refer the case to an arbitration court.


CT. Manager for work with suppliers


And. A. Surname

Legal Adviser

And. A. Surname c) example of a deployed resume letter

For the information of the company's management CHCHCH when considering job applicants:


Applicant: Name Patronymic Last name, age ... years (years), education ... (indicate specifically), work experience in the specialty - ... years (years). Contact information: telephones: ... (work), (home).:

Dear Sirs!

I address you in connection with the announcement on the website of your company about the invitation to work for the HR manager. Let me offer you my services.

In ... he graduated ... in the specialty "Management". From ... to ... yy. worked for ... in office ... In the period from ... but ... a year of permanent work did not have - worked on a temporary basis in ...

From ... to the present time I work as a HR manager for the company ... My job responsibilities include:

a) ...;

b) ...

According to colleagues, I have sufficient knowledge of US law and relevant practical skills to fulfill the duties of a human resources manager.

I have a high working capacity, a broad outlook. I have good computer skills


By nature is calm, friendly. I'm fond of ... (please specify). I attach the recommendations from previous jobs.

Sincerely, IO Surname

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