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Hidden author tasks

Experts in the field of media and advertising know that in addition to texts where the purpose of communication is obvious, there are cases when the author's intention is concealed, disguised as something innocent. For example, the advertising text may not contain appeals to buy something and vote for someone, but it is to this behavior that the author seeks to induce the readers. The text in the media has a profound task, which is especially characteristic for journalism. So, after describing some unpleasant event, say, late students, the author "in the forehead" or hints to avoid such violations. Even more profound task is the author of the artistic text, but this is already the subject of literary research.

Such a hidden task of the author is sometimes called message , or message . with the text, although the embodiment of this supertask is a much more complicated thing than the proof of the main thesis of the text.

Recommendation to the author

Formulate and write out in advance you need not only a topic, but also a hidden message. Since the topic is related to the thesis, the proof of which is the message as a whole, then it is also useful to formulate the overriding task of the text in an explicit form.

ISDOROR DUNCAN AS A DID OF THE DUNCAN MACLAUD, or What is the new generation carrying?

Before answering this fundamental question, we will determine who we consider as the new generation. Ten years ago, a representative of this would confidently call me. But three days ago I found myself sitting in a tavern with a friend and girlfriend, scrubbing my beard with a clever air, and with my tongue - about the current (and even the "non-existing") youth. " So from the category of animals, I eventually moved to the category of zoologists. And even the livestock keepers (my last girl was 17 years old) ...

Traditionally it is believed that generations succeed each other every 20-25 years. Why did I suddenly start talking about 10 years? I fell into senile senility and finally stopped distinguishing the numbers from each other? I do not think so. I have a whole concept. As the pace of life in the modern world is accelerating, the differences between people of different ages are accumulating faster. That's why I started talking about the accelerated change of generations. And I do not mean a biological change - but a moral, spiritual and psychological.

Under the new generation, I understand those who are now 18 years old. This unafraid generation never saw the Soviet Union. This generation is interesting in that it consists of natural people left to themselves, abandoned in the world, where there is a mass of opportunities and almost no landmarks.

How to evaluate people who, after hearing the name of Isadora Duncan (Yesenin's wife) at the lesson of literature, shout at the whole class cheerfully: Oh! Sister Duncan MacLeod, or what? How to unite people who do not like to concentrate for a long time on one thing and go deep into it, but prefer bright flashing and frequent change of images? (But is not society living on this principle as well?) How to evaluate people who read mainly fantasy and magazines about computer games and fashionable clothes? I would evaluate carefully and carefully. Not embellishing, but not blackening.

Were Soviet people such "good"? Or were they simply growing up in other conditions, in another world? In a world where real life was so dull and monotonous, that willy-nilly had to read good books to live in them for real. The present life is so pied, bright and diverse, which, in the opinion of many, is already somehow unnecessary to read. And so much fun.

The new generation is blamed and its excessive pragmatism - life on the principle: if it is paid for, it rolls. Well, if, accordingly, do not pay, then does not roll. But is not the society itself imposing such an attitude on youth? In the early stages of capitalism, such a deformation, perhaps, is inevitable. When the main, if not the only, measure of personal and public success is money, how do you begin to strive for them beyond any measure?

However, I would not say that our youth is completely obsessed with zabibanii dough and fashionable beer parties. To study the mass consciousness it is useful to consider its culture. Popular youth musical team

Disco Accident sings different songs: from frankly senseless and crazy like "Drink beer!" to beautiful and lyrical like "If you want - stay". (No, no, it's not about Putin's third term.) From which we can conclude: subtle movements of the soul are also sometimes alien to our youth.

Let's see, however, and on the other side of the coin - the current young people in the majority are quite independent and self-confident. Many know what they want. They can be called punched and insolent in both a bad and a good sense of the word. My girlfriend Lyubov Malinovskaya called our youth a generation of managers (she long and tediously asked me to refer to her). The manager is apolitical and without malice. Most often it can not be called a deep, highly cultured, erudite person, but it is aimed at a practical result, fast, energetic, efficient. In other words, he is the son of his era.

There is an opinion (I do not know, however, how fair) that the shortage of what is commonly called spirituality in the broad sense, this generation will be reimbursed later. When (and if) it will. And in the form that he considers most appropriate, modern, acceptable for himself.

It will not read "Quiet Don" and Anna Karenina (to be honest, I myself have not mastered these books: it's boring). Maybe it will read and appreciate Kundera and Dovlatov, my favorite writers, with pleasure. And maybe someone else, whose names we do not know yet ...

Vadim Chernovetsky (newspaper Moscow student )

Assignment 164. Compose an information note on the topic "Initiation into Freshmen". What will you make the main thesis and what is the hidden message?

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