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How to organize work

Introductory remarks

How to organize a job is a question that only you can answer. At the same time, there are recommendations that will help make the work process more economical and enjoyable, and its result is better.

So, a legal letter should be clear, understandable and effective. Behind these seemingly simple words lies a lot of work to determine the structure of the document, the logic and tonality of the presentation, to find convincing reasoning, the right words, not to mention work on studying the essence of the legal problem and finding its solution, which usually precedes the process of creating a document . The process of legal writing is intellectual activity. The complexity of this activity depends on the complexity of the document.

It may seem that in the process of creating a legal text, the actual work on writing the text takes the most time. Indeed, writing is a laborious process. However, one should be aware of the importance of the preparatory stage preceding the writing process, a stage in which we think and plan our future document. One of the main reasons for poor quality legal writing is that we start writing too early, when our thoughts are not yet put in order, our position is not yet definitively defined, we do not know exactly what we will write and in what order.

The vagueness of a word is an invariable sign of the vagueness of a thought.

L. N. Tolstoy

Without having wetted the tongue in your mind, you sinned a lot in the word.

United States proverb

Therefore, before you start writing the text, you need to be sure that the research work done by us is sufficient and that we are well aware of the substance of the matter. At the same time, the amount of preparatory work and the time we spend on it often do not directly depend on the size of the document itself. It happens that in order to prepare a brief summary of the substance of the problem on one page, it is necessary to do a job comparable to the effort spent writing a voluminous text. Knowledge of the issue greatly facilitates the process of writing. This is a truism, but it is often neglected.

"And the moral from here is this: think about the meaning, and the words will come themselves!" - said the Duchess, referring to Alice in L. Carroll's book "Alice in Wonderland."

Despite the fact that words, in fact, sometimes "come themselves", writing is difficult, and writing simply is even more difficult. In this case, write "simply" sometimes is much harder than difficult. "

To write "just", like Pushkin, is not at all easy. And Pushkin, by his own admission, this simplicity was not easy.

F. O. Vinokur

It's easy - it's hard to write and talk, but it's easy to write and talk - it's a hard thing, no one does it by itself, physically.

Q. O. Klyuchevsky

My father, who wrote for his life not one book and many articles, although not in the field of law, but medicine - but from this writing process did not become easier - he told me that he always had to perebaryvat himself, to force, overcome initial resistance before sitting down at the table and starting to write. Therefore, it is important not to make big breaks in work. Experience shows that the more you write, the easier it is for you. If you did not undertake to work on the document for several days, most likely, you will need some time (sometimes a long one) to get back into the topic. Therefore, try to follow the principle formulated in the title of the book by Yu. Olesha: "No day without a line."

It is very important that what you do, you like. This is one of the keys to success.

No less important is the final stage - the editing process, when we are working with the first version of the text that we have already prepared (for details, see below). Often the preparatory and final stages separately take up no less time than creating the first version of the text. Neglect or underestimation by lawyers of the importance of these two stages of work, as a rule, are fraught with negative consequences. We either fail to complete the work on time, or our final result is far from perfect.

In this sense, the difficulties that we encounter when writing a legal document are mostly organizational in nature and are mainly due to the fact that we can not properly plan our time and our work.

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