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The concept of "opinion", as can be seen from the above examples and tasks, requires proof by facts, but does not always entail the need for argumentation that involves complex procedures or methods. To the category of opinions it is possible to refer both the phrase "Unfortunately, in our city there is only one cinema" and the statement "Architecture management needs to urgently develop a program for the development of the city's infrastructure," but if the former expresses a subjective thought that can be verified by a fact The second requires writing a text with a comprehensive and convincing justification. In this case, the statement will serve as the thesis of the text.

Thesis is an assertion , in which the central idea of ​​the whole text is formulated. Correctly formulated thesis allows you to withstand the focus of the text from the introduction to the conclusion.

That's why the thesis is in the introduction. There the reader is looking for him, and if he does not find it on the first page, then the reader's interest in the text may be endangered, but also the reader's understanding of the text. The main part of the research will be subordinated to the opening of the thesis, and in conclusion the thesis will be presented to the reader already in the form of the main conclusion. From the formulation of the thesis, therefore, literally everything depends: the theme and attitude of the writer to it, the procedure to be used, the organization of the text and, finally, the achievement of the public purpose of the text.

The location of the thesis in the introduction does not mean that it is formulated while working on it (as we recall, the introduction is written after the main part). In fact, the thesis is formulated even before the beginning of work on the text and is repeatedly adjusted in the process of work, until finally it takes its place at the beginning of the finished text, like the emblem on the spire of the building on which the building is recognized (for example, the Admiralty or Spassky Tower). That is why in all the textbooks of the academic letter the work on the thesis precedes the work on the remaining parts of the text.

When you do not have a thesis, you do not have a central idea or idea of ​​what, how and why you will write, as a result of which the letter turns into an uncontrollable, complex and rather meaningless process. If the thesis is formulated boringly, the text will be boring to write and boring to read. If he does not express your thought, then at best you will write an essay, and at worst - again plagiarism.

Let's see how do not have to write a thesis.

• The thesis can not be expressed in the form of fact, because it belongs to the category of opinions.

Bad thesis: The state structure on the basis of federation presupposes the existence of several entities that have a certain political independence.

• The thesis should not contain too narrow a thought, which can be opened with one paragraph.

Bad thesis: Requirements , applied to MSU students on admission, include not only the USE.

• The thesis should not be too general: it narrows and limits a more general theme.

Bad thesis: Information technology development is necessary in all industries.

• Opposing ideas should not be expressed in the same way: the thesis should reflect the position of the author and focus on evidence.

Bad thesis: Labor migration has both a positive , and a negative impact on the economy of the country.

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