Transfer of documents to structural units, Processing...

Transfer of documents to structural units

Several technologies are implemented for this, sometimes in parallel. For regular correspondence in the Dow service, sorting cells similar to the postal ones are used, where each unit has its own labeled cell. Documents from the cells at a certain time, in accordance with the schedule of the Dow service, are taken by the employees of the units independently.

More important documents, documents with limited access, are disseminated in accordance with the exact schedule of the Dow service staff (Figure 10.2). At the same time, they also take away the documents intended for dispatch in subdivisions.

In the case of great urgency or confidentiality, one-time delivery of documents to a specific performer (the Dow service, the department secretary, is called to the executor to receive the document). As a rule, documents are transferred within the organization without a receipt, but for confidential documents, urgent, especially important documents, it is mandatory. To do this, use different books of simplified counting or second copies of registration cards (Figure 10.3). When using the system of computer registration of documents and automated document circulation in normative methodological documents (instructions), a method of transferring information to the executor must be stipulated: an electronic copy of the document through a computer network or directly the executable document itself.

Sample document delivery schedule

Fig. 10.2. Sample document delivery schedule

The sample of county book counting

Fig. 10.3. A sample of county book counting

The processing of incoming documents can be considered optimal if the document reaches the final contractor within the next day after its receipt by the organization.

Processing correspondence sent

Telephonograms, faxes, electronic documents are usually sent on their own, directly from the workplace, if the management of the organization does not take a decision on the centralized dispatch of all outgoing documents about the out-of-control document.

Paper documents, including telegrams, are sent, as a rule, centrally through the expedition. Sending documents by mail or sending them through couriers (employees) is decided on the basis of a specific situation. When sending for expedition processing, only fully executed, signed and registered documents must be accepted.

On the document sent to more than four addresses, the performer prepares a list for the newsletter. After the registration of the document by the services of the DOW or the performer (this should be specified in the instructions for the DOW), its reproduction is organized in the number of copies providing for sending to all specified mailing addresses and storing the required copy.

The executor determines the index of the case, in which a control copy of the document containing the approval marks should be filed, and marks on it a note on the direction to the case; if the document is the answer, the request document is submitted at registration together with the response document.

When resolving operational issues by phone or personally on an executed document and in a registration-check form, the executor makes a note containing exhaustive information about the performance, for example:

Unformed, incorrectly executed and incomplete documents by the service of the DOW must be returned to the executors.

Documents to be sent must be processed on the day they are received by the POC. In addition, it is checked:

- the availability of mailing addresses on the document itself or on a separate sheet

- the required number of copies, not counting the copy remaining in the office;

- the form of sending correspondence is specified: courier, telegraph, electronic, electrographic (fax), postal. In the latter case, the type of postal item is important: a parcel, a simple, customized, valuable letter.

The employee sending the correspondence usually forms a single postal item if several authors send the documents to the same addressee.

Expedition processing of sent documents includes:

- sorting mail by correspondents;

- packing and handling of the mail;

- transfer of correspondence to the post office.

Sending of documents on machine carriers, parcels and parcels must be made in a package that meets the technical requirements and the safety of the media and the information recorded on them. Responsibility for the packaging of documents must be borne by the document executor in conjunction with the DOW service. Obligatory accompanying documentation for documents on machine carriers, parcels and parcels is expedited on a general basis.

Packaging and processing of correspondence is carried out in accordance with the current postal rules and must be carried out on the same day or not later than the first half of the next business day.

Registration and sending of service telegrams must be carried out within an hour after they are registered with the Dow.

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