Ecology Essays

Atmospheric. Effects that lead to environmental disasters, the...

Atmospheric. effects that lead to environmental disasters various changes in the composition, structure and properties of the atmosphere inevitably lead.


Hydrologic indicators - Environmental mapping

Hydraulic indicators a large amount of information on the hydrological regime of the territory, fresh water reserves gives maps of the vegetation of.


Natural resources, their exhaustibility. Principles...

Natural resources, their exhaustibility. principles of sustainable development in general, resource is a stock that you use when you need it. a special.


Assessment of the effectiveness of the environmental program...

Assessing the effectiveness of the environmental program to assess the effectiveness of the environmental program, use the formulas in paragraph 9.2..



Chapter 13 biochemical wastewater treatment biochemical (biological) methods are used for cleaning domestic and industrial wastewater from many dissolved.


Ion exchange in wastewater solutions - Theoretical...

11.4. ion exchange in wastewater solutions ion-exchange purification is used to extract and dispose of heavy metals (zinc, copper, chromium, nickel,.


Legal forms of forest use, Compensated and gratuitous use of...

Legal forms of forest use compensated and free use of forest areas along with the right of ownership, the right of permanent (unlimited) use of forest.


Resource cycle as anthropogenic cycle of matter - Economics of nature management

Resource cycle as anthropogenic cycle of matter factors of economic growth are labor resources, man-made means of production (tools, labor,.


Ecological audit. Types and objectives of environmental auditing...

Environmental auditing. types and objectives of environmental auditing. stages of conducting environmental auditing is the entrepreneurial activity of.


Electrochemical Wastewater Treatment - Theoretical...

11.7. electrochemical wastewater treatment to process waste water from various soluble and dispersed impurities, anodic oxidation and cathodic reduction,.


Assessment of the market value of land, Features of land as...

Estimation of the market value of land the market value is the most probable price at which the given valuation object can be alienated in the open.



Phytoecological cartography the display of the vegetation cover due to the peculiarities of the habitat conditions is one of the basic provisions of the.


Classification of forecasting methods - Economics of nature management

Classification of prediction methods differences in the nature of the forecasted objects, as well as in the timing of forecasting, the degree of.


Suspension of the enterprise and restoration of a natural object...

Suspension of the enterprise and restoration of a natural object in kind in accordance with art. 80 of the federal law on environmental protection ; the.


The natural environment as a benefit of common use...

The natural environment as a common good analyzing the state of the environment as a consumer good, it must be borne in mind that society is satisfied.


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