Calculation of the unit cost of the basic option...

Calculation of the unit cost of the basic variant

Economic damage from atmospheric pollution

Specific economic damage from atmospheric pollution by fluorine gas emissions is calculated by the generalized formula (3.2):

Thus it is necessary to take into account that the reduced mass of the annual release of fluoride compounds

where - the annual amount of fluoride compounds entering the atmosphere, t/year.


where f - correction for the character of dispersion of impurities in the atmosphere; - the conditional mass of the emission of gaseous fluorine compounds per 1 ton of phosphoric acid; = 100 mg/m3 is the concentration of fluoride compounds in 1 m3 of gas emission.

The index of relative aggressiveness is determined by the formula from [7]:

where - an indicator of the relative risk of fluoride compounds for humans,

- the average daily maximum permissible concentration of fluorine ( = 0,005 mg/m3); the maximum permissible concentration of fluorine in the work area ( = 0,05 mg/m3); - corrections for determining the index of relative aggressiveness of gaseous fluoride compounds ( = 1; = 1; = 1); - correction for harmful effects on other recipients ( = 2).

Thus, the indicator of relative aggressiveness (the coefficient of reduction to the "mono pollutant") = 490 • 2 = 980 conv. t/t.

Emission weight per 1 ton of phosphoric acid

= 100 • 2000 • 10-9 • 980 = 0.196 conv. t/t.

Correction of the rise of the ejection flare at a temperature difference Δ T = 120 ° C

The zone of active contamination (ZAZ) for a pipe of height h = 80 m is a ring with an internal radius = 2 • 2.6 • 80 = 416 m and outer radius = 20 • 2,6 • 80 = 4160 m.

Area of ​​active contamination zone

About 60% of this area is occupied by enterprises and industrial facilities (including sanitary protection zone), ie = 0.6 • 530 = = 3230 ha, and about 40 % - a settlement, that is,

= 0,4-5380 = 2150 hectares.

For the territory occupied by enterprises, the relative risk of atmospheric air pollution = 4, for settlements with a population density n = 50 people/ha < img src="images/image500.jpg"> = 5 and for the active contamination zone

The gaseous character of the substances emitted into the atmosphere requires the introduction of an impurity dispersion correction

where h ' is the height of the mouth of the emission source; F is the wind speed at the level of the weather vane.

Since the wind speed at the level of the weather vane is unknown, then in accordance with the recommendations in [4] we take φ = 3 m/s. In a flat area, the height of the source's mouth relative to the average level of the ZAZ is equal to the height of the pipe, i.e. h = h ' = 80 m. Then

The amount of specific damage from air pollution per 1 ton of products

= 2400 -4.4 -0.325 0.196 = 6726 rubles/t.

Economic damage from landfilling

In determining the economic damage from the disposal of waste produced simultaneously with the release of 1 ton of phosphoric acid, take into account the amount of buried waste = 2,3 t/t.

Distance to the polygon l = 10 km; tariffs for road transport = 700 rubles/ton-km; tariffs for the performance of loading and unloading operations = 568 rubles/t; capital costs per unit of mass of stored waste for the entire period of operation of the test site = 250 rubles/t; corresponding costs = 500 rubles/t; the norm of exclusion of land per 1 ton of waste = 0,1 m2/t and the economic valuation of land in the Moscow Region = 32,500,000 rubles/ha.

Determine the damage per 1 ton of products

Specific reduced costs of the base case

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