Data on scientific research in a particular area...

Data on scientific research in a certain direction

Research work is carried out by nature users (business entities), research institutes and laboratories and other interested entities.

Initiative for such works may belong to any of the above subjects. When deciding on the performance of such work, it is also necessary to determine the source and amount of funding.

Such work is carried out to develop and apply new high-performance technologies, reduce costs, minimize waste, reduce noise, emissions and discharges, improve the quality of products, etc.

In achieving such results of extraction, processing and organization of production with natural components, the state is also interested. Therefore, through its authorized bodies, it carries out an order for the execution of these works.

As an example, we can cite Rosprirodnadzor.

Such an order is carried out by announcing a competition, as a result of which the winner is selected, who has proved his personnel, technical, material and other readiness to perform such works.

When announcing the competition, the organizer informs those who wish to participate in it: the period of the competition, the conditions for participation in it, the procedure for submitting documents for the contest, the topics of research, the amount and source of funding and other information.

So, in 2013, Rosprirodnadzor announced a competition for scientific research on the most relevant topics, which are reflected in Fig. 9.2.

For these programs, it was offered to all interested parties to submit proposals on the order of work execution and the formation of the initial price of each topic within a specified time.

Themes of competitive scientific research

Fig. 9.2. Competitive research topics

Research work is carried out constantly with the involvement of research institutions. Rosprirodnadzor created a register of research institutes and higher educational institutions that are involved in assessing the compliance of existing and implemented technologies with the best available technologies.

Similar competitions can be announced by state authorities of the US subjects, local self-government bodies, as well as by other persons.

For example, the state enterprise of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra "Center for Legal Problems of the Northern Territories" In 2011, the customer of the project "Scientific and methodological materials for the development of proposals for the integrated optimization of control and supervision and permitting activities in the field of nature management."

As a result of the study, we prepared:

- a list of subject areas (sub-sets) that require, as a matter of priority, measures aimed at improving the state management system in the field of nature management;

- a list of problems associated with the implementation in the sphere of nature management control and surveillance and licensing activities, the provision of public services;

- proposals to optimize the implementation of control and supervision and licensing activities, the provision of public services in the field of nature use;

- proposals to amend the regulatory legal acts aimed at implementing initiatives to optimize the implementation of control and surveillance and licensing activities, the provision of public services in the field of nature management.

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