Nature use in the green fund of urban and rural settlements...

Nature use in the green fund of urban and rural settlements

Suburban green areas, including forest park protective belts as territories that perform environmental protection (environment-forming, ecological), sanitary-hygienic and recreational functions are allocated around cities, industrial settlements, other urban and rural settlements.

Green areas of settlements can be adjoined or included in green areas of suburban areas of settlements.

As a part of suburban zones of the lands of settlements, green zones can be allocated that perform sanitary, sanitary and recreational functions and within the boundaries of which economic and other activities that have a negative (harmful) impact on the environment are prohibited.

Thus, in the green zones, economic activities that negatively affect the performance of ecological, sanitary and recreational functions are prohibited.

The boundaries and legal regime of suburban areas are determined by the laws of the US subjects, the borders and the legal regime of the suburban zones of the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are approved and amended by federal laws. Dimensions of green zones depend on the size of the cities for which they are created.

The lands within the green zones of cities are not withdrawn from the land of the main landowners, and the restriction of the regime can be reduced to prohibiting economic activities that negatively affect the performance of ecological, sanitary and recreational functions.

Forests of suburban green areas belong to the protective group of forests, in connection with which clear cuttings are prohibited on these lands and only sanitary cuttings or cuttings are allowed. Construction on these lands is carried out in coordination with the city's environmental authorities.

The zones with a special legal regime include sanitary protection, environmental protection, noise and other areas of discomfort.

Legislation on state regulation in the field of protection of the green fund of urban and rural settlements is represented by the laws of the United States.

Legislative regulation of nature use in forest-park and green areas

The authorities of the US state authorities in the field of forestry relations include the establishment of the procedure for determining the functional zones in forest park areas, the area of ​​forest park and green areas, and the establishment and modification of their boundaries.

The authorities of the state bodies of the US subjects in the field of forest relations include the definition of these functional zones in forest park areas, forest and park areas, the establishment and change of their boundaries.

In forest-park areas are forbidden:

1) use of toxic chemicals for the protection and protection of forests, including for scientific purposes;

2) management of hunting and agriculture;

3) development of mineral deposits;

4) the placement of capital construction objects, with the exception of hydraulic structures.

For the protection of forest park zones, fencing in their territory is allowed.

According to US law, green areas are prohibited:

1) continuous and selective cutting of forest plantations, except for cases specifically provided for by law;

2) farming, with the exception of haymaking and beekeeping, and the erection of hedges for haymaking and beekeeping;

3) the placement of capital construction facilities, except for hydraulic structures, communication lines, power lines, underground pipelines.

Do not change the boundaries of forest and green areas, which can lead to a decrease in their area.

Specific features of use, protection, protection, reproduction of forests performing the functions of protecting natural and other objects are established by the authorized federal executive body.

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