A focus on the Isolation of North Korea

North Korea is one of the few countries that still hold on to communist ideologies in the 21st century. Political analysts are of the common agreement that the isolation of North Korea was self enforced. It dates back almost five years during the reign of Kim Il-Sung who was focused on do it yourself reliance. Kim refused to open up North Korea to international investment when the market started declining in the 1980's. On top of that, North Korea defaulted on the vast majority of its outstanding lending options. This action would not match the international community and resulted in the imposition of several sanctions. Leadership changes in the country has not influenced any changes as the current Kim Jong-Il program has not exhibited any respect to the viewpoints of the international community and instead choosing to operate on its own actions (Cornell, 2002). A politics writer has identified the united states as,

"A nuclear equipped state being run by an unpredictable dictator. " (McCormack, 1993).

The region has received a whole lot of criticism from the international community. The united states has been accused of advertising nuclear weapons and forearms to other terrorist countries such as Libya and the recent missile checks have angered all of those other world with most countries choosing to have nothing in connection with North Korea (Roudiger, 2006).

The fact that Kim jong-il has also receded into isolation from the international lime light implies that the country is still bent on holding onto the state governments ideology which a copy writer has interpreted as,

"Trusting in its own strengths and impartial capacities in financial, military and political affairs. " (McCormack, 1993).

I consider the isolation of North Korea has adversely influenced international trade, culture exchange and progress literacy.


The isolation of North Korea has negatively influenced international trade. The only real reason behind this can be attribute to the areas "juche ideology" (self reliance) meaning the state adjustments international trade and is also very reluctant to permit foreigners to invest in the united states. North Korea has always relied seriously on its two neighbours' when it come to trade which are the past Soviet Union and china. These trade relations were affected adversely by the collapse of the Soviet Union and also the fact that china made some new trade procedures (Kirk, 2006).

North Korea hasn't made many friends as it pertains to the international trade relationships. The fact they have continuously dismissed the requests of other nations and the UN Security Council's mandate to abandon their nuclear programs hasn't helped the problem of trade relationships. Actually North Korea has earned itself even more sanctions from the time they tested some of their missiles (Kirk, 2006). These sanctions have been enforced as a type of strategy to induce North Korea to depart these programs. Countries like the united states and Japan that are one of the world leading trade nations have all enforced sanctions that have reduced the trade between them and North Korea. North Korea has attracted sanctions on financial transactions, commodity transactions, sales of flames forearms, bans on travel to the country.

The US has made it clear that you won't condone the techniques of the nation and has instituted procedures that prevent businesses to make any financial ventures with North Korea. THE UNITED STATES treasury has also elucidated support from other countries by alleging that the country is involved with counterfeiting and laundering money thus tainting its image in the international community. This triggered some countries to freeze North Korean loan company accounts. North Korea is therefore facing the challenge of taking care of its financial orders in a fashion that cannot be afflicted by the international community (Perry, 2006).

All these factors have adversely afflicted international trade as North Korea has seen an enormous decline in the exportation of electronic appliances and textiles. The country imports food, raw materials and technology in large amounts hence it struggles to balance its imports and exports thus demanding the country to source for other means of forex like the sale of small forearms to terrorist countries. The trade sanctions also have obligated North Korea to dispatch a few of its unfinished goods to countries like china for final assemblage and inspection before they can be traded thus elevating the price of conducting business.

With all these problems no wander North Korea is having a hard amount of time in getting trade associates. I believe the fact that North Korea is isolating itself has required them to rub shoulders in a poor manner with other countries that are not inclined to condone such behaviours. In retaliation they try to crumble the nation into submission by firmly taking options that will injure their current economic climate.

The isolation of North Korea has also negatively affected ethnical exchange. With such a tainted image it almost impossible to create a good mutual understanding between North Korea and another region. Researchers define ethnic exchange as,

"The exchange of students, painters, sports athletes and other elements between two countries to promote mutual understanding" (Cho, 2005).

Cultural exchanges are being used to market international goodwill and a friendly relationship. North Korea has rubbed shoulders in a negative way with almost all of the countries hence most countries are not willing to activate in any sort of ethnical exchange program. No country wants to be associated with a region that does things just how they need without considering the repercussions (Babason, 2009).

North Korea can be an industrialized nation hence this will depend seriously on technology. Having an exchange program with other industrialized nation will ensure the simplicity in trade of new technology. Countries such as Japan, US and china that happen to be industrialized areas have all cut down on the exchange of technology to North Korea which has led to the reduced outcome. The reduction of output has adversely affected the current economic climate of North Korea because the old technology impacts the quality of output (Cho, 2005).

Another negative effect on the ethnic exchange is the travel bans that have been enforced on North Korea. North Korea is pegged as a descent vacationer destination with a great deal of attractions that cannot be found anywhere else on the globe. With the imposition of the travel ban, this means that North Korea is getting rid of revenue that will attended from the tourists. Also, the travelers would have received an opportunity to embrace the terms and culture of North Korea. The advantage of this exchange could have been two parts as also North Korea would have had the chance to portray themselves in another way in front of the international community (Nanto & Chanlett, 2005).

The ethnic ties between your Asian countries of South Korea, China and Japan also have declined for this reason isolation of North Korea. The countries have always depended on each other especially in the areas of health and education. The ethnic exchange programs could have benefited these areas very much as the area has a few of the world's renowned universities and health. North Korea is thus shedding more by participating in hardball (Cho, 2005).

The isolation of North Korea has adversely affected growth literacy. The isolation of North Korea has pressured a downward tendency of progress in literacy. What this means is that whenever the rates are compared with those of the fellow Asian countries such as South Korea, china and Japan, North Korea appears to be lagging behind. This is attributed to the actual fact the leadership program is concentrating a whole lot on instilling the juche ideology that it can take a look at what it does to all or any these other areas. Political analysts have said that North Korea gets the capability of coming to the same level as other Asian and also some European nations. The reason for this reduced growth literacy has brought on numerous problems for the country most of them being purely social and impacting on the people of the country. The sectors damaged by this are health, education and the population itself. The actual fact that North Korea is not in good tidings with other countries means that it is unable to reap the benefits of programs that can help them in the areas they lack. For example, the united states is confronted with a serious food shortage but due to position of their state several countries are not willing to use their resources hence the nation and the people of North Korea loose more and all of this ultimately gives onto the negative influences affecting the development literacy (Nanto & Chanlett, 2005).

The ramifications of development literacy are thought up to the overall economy and GDP of the united states. Currently, North Korea is facing a significant decline in its economy. Experts have said that with no intervention of the UN council, the country could be going to a situation similar compared to that of Cuba (Babson, 2009).


The 21st century does not have any place for countries that remain securing to communism. Within this modern day, a person cannot survive on his own let alone a country will try to take action by itself. The "juche ideology" being practiced in North Korea is consequently of generations of personality established leaderships. The Kims regimes have been bent on ensuring that the authority of the united states is a family affair without room for change (McCormack, 1993).

The newspaper has discussed the way the "juche ideology" happened and how it includes negatively affected the country. The paper has taken three perspectives covering the areas of expansion literacy, international trade and ethnic exchange. Through the discussion they have come out that there surely is indeed a space that needs to be filled.

The paper has also shown how the international community treats those nations that not need to accept their ideologies. North Korea is blessed to still involve some nations that are willing to relate with them despite their continued rebelliousness. This goes to show that the nations on the globe are not inclined to just let the relations between them and North Korea to go down the drain completely because each of them need the other person to survive. The united states has a lot to offer and researchers have predicted that it'll someday position itself as a huge in the Asian continent. Nevertheless, at this time the problem in North Korea is seeking and more must be done because those that suffer the the majority are the folks.

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