An Environmental Analysis Of Russia Economics Essay

In Russia by 2010 Despite a projected drop in population of 10 million. Middle income is increasing and it come to 4 million adult and children. . this society influenced by traditional western flavour therefore their demand is top quality, higher quality and increased convenience from the retail sector. therefore food industry has storng need to fullfill this demand by adding veriety of higher quality impressive products(such as healthy treats and healthy drink drinks)


It is approximated that Russian grocery market will reach $186 Billion USD by 2010 which will be good for WBD's future in the drink and dairy market. In city centres especially, supermarkets are also advertising foods. So that by 2010, 45% of it'll be sold there as compared to 28% in 2006. Relating to these characters the continuing future of totally depends after supermarkets and strategic customers


Now a day's entire world is globle community. With a rise in globalisation, there exists reduction in unemployment and resultly boosts in disposable income; the Russian consumer market is very attractive for global players. In recent years, Wal-Mart, Markings and Spencer, and other Global retail chains have started out their businesses in Russia, however, only 6 are International food merchants and 25 are currently.


If we look at future there are a variety of areas of matter for WBD. Politically, Russia continues to be uncertain, volatile and governmentally restrictive. Corruption is also an ongoing restriction for organisations. Matching to SWOT examination present threat for WBD is the fact that if it expend widely, then it will be more chances to corruption and political influence.

External Factors


In recent years, Russia has been considering a substantial political transformation from communist get together guideline and a centrally manipulated economy to a pluralist democracy and market oriented current economic climate.

The Russian political system is susceptible to the population's dissatisfaction with reform, as well as to social and ethnic unrest.

Russian politics will see increasing authoritarianism and statism in economical policy.

Corruption whatsoever levels of world will present significant constraints to economical development.

Increasing statism in monetary insurance plan is hindering development.

The slow tempo of institutional change (and other factors) will lead to reducing of growth market.

Over regulation, uncertainty and corruption continue to be serious problems.

War with Chechnya; bomb episodes from Chechen militants in Moscow and other cities


Despite the politics influences the Russian current economic climate will continue to stabilise, and the GDP is likely to rise yearly.

Steady growth in house hold income and the increase in spending electricity of middle income will have an optimistic impact on the current economic climate.

Western companies are investing in the market segments like Russia will raise the economical conditions.

Russian consumer market continues to grow, helped by lowering inflation and consistent growth in GDP, as well as growing personal and disposable income levels, declining unemployment and expanding european life-styles.

Russia has experienced serious financial and economic distress.

The Russian economy has been seen as a declining industrial creation, significant inflation, growing unemployment, and an unpredictable currency,

Economic factors likewise incorporate high government debt in accordance with gross domestic product, high degrees of inter-company credit debt and high degrees of corporate insolvency.

Driving from resource-driven export economy towards home demand for goods and services.


The populace of the Russia is lowering day - by - day because of the increase in range of diseases and action of violence's in the united states.

The authorities has set stringent the rules & restrictions for the immigration.

The politics and financial changes in Russia in recent years have resulted in substantial interpersonal issues, including criminal offenses, labour and communal unrest, and claims of official corruption.

This segment has a style for westernised affluence, so is requiring higher quality, top quality, healthy products and increased convenience from the retail sector.

There is a strong need for organisations to handle this demand by delivering more innovative products of top quality to the market (such as premium-range yogurts and healthy appetizers).

Russia is an enormous consumer market with a populace of 142 million. Urban Russia makes up about 73% of the total population, filled with 85% of all purchasing ability.

The Russian grocery store market is highly fragmented and there is no store covering or dominating the whole country. The very best 25 sellers, out of which there are only 6 international players reached a mixed market talk about in a people that is now more affluent and a middle income that keeps growing gradually, consumers will ever more equate high prices with high quality


The Russian legal system is characterized by

Inconsistencies between and among regulations, Presidential decrees, and Russian governmental, ministerial and local purchases, decisions, and resolutions and other serves;

Conflicting local, local and federal rules and regulations.

The lack of judicial and administrative help with interpreting legislation.

The comparative inexperience of judges and courts in interpreting legislation.

A high degree of discretion.

Land in Russia is also taxed by the neighborhood authorities, and prices have increased dramatically over the last couple of years.


Main marketing communications across Russia are by air and rail. Highway system not well toned.

Nearly 1Mn km of roadways.

Retail market is rolling out faster than the infrastructure needed to support it, meaning that delivery dependability is poor.

Low level of technology and time-worn functional methods.


Wide natural tool base - oil, gas, coal

Agricultural pollution, land contaminants from chemicals, radioactive contaminants, groundwater contamination from toxic waste material, abandoned shares of obsolete pesticides.

Much of country lacks proper soils and climates (either too chilly or too dry out) for agriculture.

Government has illicit crop eradication programme.

Growth in Bio-fuel vegetation is putting pressure on arable land for food development.

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