Conducting Business in the UAE


The market of UAE is one of the growing current economic climate on the globe. Today the GDP growth rate of UAE is 4. 4%. AND corresponding to expert the UAE is toady one of the suitable place for foreign as well as local people to start a small business. The proposal is good for the report that will at length discuss the why UAE is well suited for doing business. The proposal begins with providing history to this issue. Moreover, it will discuss the research methodology and approach I am going to use for the project as well as the timeline of my project. In previous the proposal will examine the data evaluation method and the range for the job.


The business sector toady has added a lot to the economy of UAE. And there are lot of opportunities provided by the sector to the people for starting up their business. Following the global financial as well as the UAE debts crisis, the current economic climate of UAE has shown tremendous development. And with oil and gas sector one of the major sector which may have contributed to the economic growth are small and medium size enterprises. According to an article by Wilma Gervacio the Dubai as well as the whole UAE has started out attracting the eyes of investors immediately after it economic steadiness. Today in UAE there whole lot of opportunities in travel and leisure industry, education industry, oil and gas sector, transportation industry, and in travel industry for staring up a new business (Ravindr Deshpande, 2014).


In this program we have to do a research about any theme that related to business. I have chosen first "business in the UAE" but it is too general so I narrowed it.

"How come UAE a good destination to start a business?" It can help us as business students because we have to have enough understanding of the economical situation in the UAE. I believe that this topic is valuable because it provides anyone and specifically the business people who are planning to setup a small business in the UAE a general idea to truly have a legal authorization.

After I have chosen the research matter I brainstormed to find small ideas that will assist me to determine some important key words. Actually more than ten key words came up in my brain such as: businessman, economic growth, UAE business eye-sight, establishing business in the UAE and much more.

I start looking for reliable sources and personal references to get information. To answer my research questions, firstly I must get a general idea about the overall economy in the UAE. While I'm looking I found a huge selection of links, online newspaper publishers, and books discusses the economic situation in the UAE. Regarding to my subject matter all what I'm looking for is business in the UAE and here are some of combination of words I've used to get the resources

The UAE financial situation, UAE financial eyesight 2030, UAE financially, UAE 2021 perspective, Funding and support resources for internet marketers in the UAE, work at home opportunities in the UAE, steps of establishing a business in the UAE, UAE as a potential vacation spot for entrepreneurs, known reasons for doing business in the UAE, business methods in the UAE and much more. Scholar Google is my internet search engine because I used to use it to find reliable options. Finally, I accumulate around 8 reliable websites and 2 catalogs from HCT resources.

Research Techniques:

The research I'll use for the job, is qualitative in characteristics. The project is about economical condition of UAE for performing a business. Therefore I take advantage of the qualitative approach and conduct in-depth interview from related industry personal 'i. e. ' successful and medium size entrepreneur. The goal of interview is to get the detail about how a successful startup can be initiated and the opportunities designed for starting up a new business. In-depth interview is the useful qualitative data gathering technique. The technique is useful in evaluating things. Additionally, the strategy help interviewee in getting exporter opinion regarding particular issues. The outcome of interview provided us with detail insight to the problems. Current issues about I wish to get detail insight is that "why UAE is best place or we say a god place for conducting business?" For your purpose we must get expert judgment from economistic financial environment and just why that is suited to business. I will also take view from the business owner.

Scope & constraints:

The purpose of the job is to figure out the opportunities that people have for setting up an enterprise in UAE. Every research has its own importance and range following research provides us with information regarding kind of business that people can do in UAE and we'll able to find the answer to the question that why UAE is the best place for businesses. Following are the restriction I can face within my project firstly when i am using qualitative techniques and doing interview therefore, I have to keep in mind that interview is the time consuming activity and I have limited time therefore, I have to ensure that I can get details information in this limited time. One more thing that I have to be sure that the person who is providing interview be comfortable as well as comfortable in providing all the related information.

Time required for the job:

The task will minimum required three week in conclusion. As we are performing in-depth where we must contact related personals interview therefore, I have to take session form them for doing interview. Inside our first week I will look for detail background information I'll use some useful website link for finding the monetary condition of UAE in earlier years. I will use sites like www. economictradinc. com to get detail economical development in UAE in prior years. After completing search for extra data, in second week I conduct the interview and examine the gather data in detail. The last week will be of survey completion.

Data Evaluation:


The main aim of the project is providing its reader, that happen to be student and instructor about the aspect of why UAE is the favorable place for great deal of international and local investors in term of executing business. And just why express of UAE like Dubai is recognized as hub of doing small businesses.


Firstly I will do the detail secondary data research. Where I will collect data business sector expansion, and GDP development over enough time and reason behind the growth. Moreover, I will carry out in detail in-depth interview and get expert's judgment regarding the suitability of the UAE environment for setting up a company.


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