Effects of Legalization of weed in the Economy of California


Cannabis sativa L. is a seed that appears naturally in most of the state governments and all around the globe. The seed has been associated with a great deal of benefits and other uses by people from all strolls of life. Medically, the place has been proven to have got a lot of medical benefits as possible used in production of drugs with curative dynamics and also offers many other medical benefits. Cannabis is the name directed at the plant and everything its components and products including its leaves, stem, roots, seeds and the rest of the products extracted from it, both when it is growing and even though it's been cut and dried. On the other side, pot has been utilized by individuals in various ways, specifically for cultural uses such as entertainment, lowering stress and other uses (Pacula 2009).

The medication has been outlawed in all the states in america. However, there remains a large percentage of the populace that still depends on the drug for his or her daily living, either by engaging in its use or by engaging in its business. The Pot business has been operating underground and unlawfully. However, studies show that the business has been in a constant state of a growth and has been projected to amount to huge amount of money. In this manner, those operating the business have been able to make great earnings especially since there are cost-free implications on them in conditions of taxes and other legal requirements (RAND 2010).

Legalization of Marijuana

It has been a common debate in the majority of the states concerning whether Marijuana should be legalized and inscribed in the state of hawaii laws hence allowing it to be used widely, just like any item in the market. In this manner, the law will give a provision for legality of the pot market and also for all your undertakings concerned with the drug, including subscription and taxation of all businesses, protection of these using the drugs in the right way in addition to a way to cope with all the crimes from the drugs. Furthermore, the states can lay constraints on the medicine, hence guaranteeing the residents use the drugs more responsible and in a humane way (RAND 2010).

The California express is one of the expresses which may have embraced the idea of legalizing the drug and even inscribing it in the set of the allowed cultural drugs as well as alcohol and cigarette smoking. In this way, it has been believed that the drug will act as a way to obtain revenue for the federal government in conditions of the fees collected and a source of career and income for many. The step will also ensure citizens who follow the law to the notice and do not cause trouble to others are secured even if they use the medicine. Moreover, people will embrace the use of the drug more responsibly staying away from any circumstances that may necessitate jailing, probation and medical expenditures for treatment of abuse of the medicine (Pacula 2009).

Hence, there is a need for the talk about of California, as well as the other claims in the USA, to embrace legalization of Cannabis since this will have greater benefits both to the citizens and to the state of hawaii in the long-run instead of use of the medication illegally which results to serious and undeserved penalties to those trapped and also contributes to loss of vast amounts of dollars per yr I n federal revenue that would have been accumulated from the pot business.

Effect of the Legalization on Demand

It has been predicted that if the government legalizes the drug, you will see a great deal of changes pertaining to the demand for the medication in the market and as a result, there will be a great deal of restructuring in the marijuana market. Currently, due to the prohibition of the use of the medicine as well as the strictness from rules enforcers which includes heavy penalties and possible imprisonment of these involved in ownership, deal or use of the medication, a lot of men and women who wish to use the medicine in an acceptable way have evaded its use. These limitations from the federal government have acted as a motivation to the utilization of the medicine and hence many either just avoid its use or carry out illegal activities associated to the medication. In fact, there have been a lot of underground undertakings in the market resulting in large illegal underground markets for the drug. In these markets, there are tons of people mixed up in sale and buy of the drug, though usually in disguise to be able to avoid detection by the law enforcers. However, most of the citizens are not able to respond on the platform of the underground undertakings since they are involve a whole lot of risk and therefore are very dangerous. It has left the whole business in the hands of very cunning and dangerous gangs that undertake the sales and syndication of the medication and actually are armed in a manner to face any opposition from the law enforcers, posing a great deal of risk and un leftovers to regulations enforcers and their state at large (Deist, 2010).

However, it's been discovered that with legalization of the medicine, you will see a great deal of sanity in the market and elimination of against the law gangs that are involved in the marketplace hence allowing the medicine to be sold freely and in a safer way. This will likely enhance the image of the marijuana market and appeal to more clients who'll in return choose to use the medication more sensible and without undertaking any illegal undertakings (Whitcomb 2010).

The demand for the drug is hence bound to upsurge in a great way as many will never be afraid of getting involved with its sale. This ay, you will see a more substantial market for the sales, even as the already existing market gets boosted due to its legalization.

There are numerous factors that are related to an increase in the demand for weed. First, the increased demand will raise the prices for the drug creating more people to be engaged in growing and supplying the product, a factor that is bound to result in an eventual lowering of the purchase price for the drugs and therefore stableness in the market. On the other side, the market will have a greater base because of its returns and can also result to increased revenues for the government. In addition, the market will drive a competition between traders resulting to an improvement of the quality offered and the way it is sent. In this way, the drug will be utilized more responsibly and can hence have more advantages to the entire contemporary society (Robak 2010).

Effect on supply

The legalization of marijuana in the talk about of California will have a sizable influence on the way to obtain the product in the market. The main result is that it'll result to more people wishing to project in to the trade since it is associated with a lot of cash move as well as high earnings gotten from sales of the obviously according drug. In this manner, even farmers will wish to plant more crops and therefore increase their harvests because the plant life require less inputs and less attention but have a great deal of returns, nor require any more handling, except in the medical cases. In the standard circumstances, the plant life are gathered and then dried out before being packed and supplied to the market. The high prices on the market places will hence entice many farmers who will wish to be involved in the creation of the medicine and then source it to the marketplace (Preston and Tracy 2006).

In addition, legalization of the medication will lead to more folks getting mixed up in sale and syndication of the medicine on the market in a legal and right way. This may lead to a high competition on the list of suppliers bringing on increased resource and consecutively a lowered price for the drugs. This will also ensure the traders in the weed industry stick to the law and steer clear of evasion of taxes, a factor that will lead to collection of more income for the federal government (Whitcomb 2010).

Elasticity of demand and supply

The increased demand and increased source will have a standard effect of starting oscillations of a rise and a semester in the costs of marijuana. The forex market will hence be demand and offer powered, where prices will be fully reliant on the demand and the way to obtain the medicine as well as the competition between retailers.

Therefore, due to a competitive market, the demand and supply will become more elastic bringing on a more steady market that'll be more reliable by those undertaking the trade, the customers who choose the product and even to the federal government especially in terms of collection of taxes and tasks associated to the trade.

Other factors

There are many other factors that will change due the legalization of the trade and use of weed. In the starting point, there will be less involvement of illegal gangs being associated to the trade and use of the drug. This will lead to an improved security to all or any mixed up in marijuana use and trade, regulations enforcers and even the citizens most importantly.

Also, there will be less spending by the government on police as it is definitely the truth before, therefore, less people will be imprisoned as associated to the medication and therefore the authorities can divert the funds to more constructive ways.

On the other area, there will be a great deal of registration of these mixed up in trade of the drugs as well as taxation on such a trade. This will likely lead to increased resources of revenue for the government resulting in more development throughout the market (Deist, 2010).

Finally, citizens will be able to embrace the utilization of the drug and hence use it more dependable in the sociable, recreational and even medical aspects.


The express of California has many reasons to consider the legalization of weed in the state of hawaii. In the long-run, their state will be able to save a great deal on its budget as well as earn much more income from the trade. In addition, the state helps you to save its residents a lot of problems as it also allows them a chance to venture into the business and to exercise the trade and use of the medicine in a more in charge and beneficial way.

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