Four Pillars Of Competition Policy in EU

Perfect completion is the category where in fact the most of the firms are placed. The number of companies is very big since there are no constraints for entering this market structure. Moreover, the type of the products are homogeneous, and therefore they are pretty much the same type. A good example of the products could be fruit and vegetables. Last but not least, the demand curve horizontal where firm is a cost taker.

Monopolistic Competition

This market composition range from several volume of firms. In comparison to an ideal Competition there is not a restriction for getting into but, however, in that one the types of the merchandise can be completely different to one another. Builders, restaurants, hotels and pubs are some examples because of this market structure. In this case the demand curve is downward sloping but relatively stretchy.


In the Oligopoly market structure there are just a few companies. The reason could possibly be the restricted quantity of entries and also the fact that the type of products is not specific. It can be products of the same type but also with different. For example we can provide car companies, concrete companies, gas stations and electrical equipment. For Oligopoly, the demand curve is downward sloping but relatively inelastic with the form depending on reactions of the competitors.


In the Monopoly market framework there is only one firm. This means that the amount of entries is fixed or sometimes completely blocked. The type of products in this case is unique interpretation of an area water company or an area electricity company (‹". ‹. ‹-. for Greece) as examples. The demand curve for Monopoly is downward sloping but more inelastic than in oligopoly. Furthermore in cases like this the firm has appreciable control over price.

Question 2)

An example for perfect competition is the free software. Everyone without the limitations or costs provides this product in the market at any time and sell it in the costs that wishes. For monopolistic competition, we can give for example a shower gel. There are a lot of companies that produce bathtub gels but however each company runs on the different packaging to be able to seem more appealing or different or even says to be similar with the merchandise that Spa centers use. For oligopoly for example we can say about the airline companies. For every country there are particular ones and also in a little number. Which means that whenever a person wants to travel with an airplane, they have the ability to choose the business but however there would be several. Last but not least, the monopoly that has as an example the electricity provider companies. For each country there is merely one and a person doesnt have other available option to decide for these kind of products.

Question 3)

The Westin Athens Hotel

The Westin Athens, as a hotel, belongs to the perfect competition market framework. The supplies of this hotel are variable. Which means that for regular products (such as food and drink materials) the hotel cooperates with companies that are placed in the perfect competition composition. Moreover, for equipment, furniture, cleaning chemicals, clothes, gadgets the hotel cooperates with monopolistic competition companies. For gas, we have oligopoly companies, and at last for electricity and water equipment monopoly companies. For every different kind of suppliers (indicating the difference in the market structure) there will vary prices. This means that in perfect and monopolistic competition is possible to find a low priced product on the other hand with oligopoly and monopoly were the suppliers are specific.

Question 4)

The competition coverage addresses every different way in which the competition authorities of national governments and the European Union seek to make market segments are better and achieve a higher level of economical efficiency and economical welfare. Furthermore the competition policy aspires to ensure factors that will assist it to boost. Primarily is the achievement of the wider Consumer choice in market segments for goods and services. Second of all the improvement of the know-how which promotes benefits in strong efficiency. Thirdly achieve an efficient price competition between suppliers and finally the exploration of allegations of anti-competitive behavior within markets which can have a negative influence on consumer welfare. In addition, the European fee is helped by all EU member states have the energy to enforce EU competition rules, the European Payment and the nationwide competition authorities notify one another about new conditions to avoid multiple investigations and lastly they inform the other person before going for a decision to ensure that the law is applied consistently.

The European Fee and the countrywide competition regulators in the European union member areas cooperate with one another through the European Competition Network. Additionally, The main goal of the ECN is to ensure consistency across the EU through informing one another of new situations and decisions, coordinating investigations when necessary, supporting each other with investigations and by exchanging information. Eventually, this creates a powerful mechanism to counter companies which take part in cross-border practices restricting competition.

The Four Pillars of Competition Insurance plan in the European union

Antitrust & Cartels: This calls for elimination of contracts which seek to limit competition and abuses by companies who carry a dominant position in a market.

Market Liberalisation: Adding fresh competition in recently monopolistic sectors.

State help control: Analyses types of state aid options by Member Point out government authorities to ensure that such methods do not artificially distort competition in the Sole Market

Merger Control: The analysis of mergers and take-overs between firms which may result in their dominating the market.

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