Globalization Description Purpose Impact And Benefits Economics Essay

Globalization is a multi dimensional term. It may be defined as a process interconnectedness of the economies motivated by investment and capital moves, change in technology and trade liberization.

Globalization is the interconnectedness of the world economies through different guidelines establish by the international establishments i-e, WTO, EEC, NATO etc. It really is one of the major issues encountered by many developing international organizations. It is important for organizations to collaborate internationally in the context of globalization of the economies as to reduce the incongruity of multinational businesses.

With the increased demand for globalization, many colleges are now incorporating globalization related studies as part of education as to increase intercultural understanding through operations of organizational change and innovations. (wikipdeia, accesed on 2nd july, 2010)

Critics view globalization as a worldwide drive towards globalized economy with dominated by financial institutions etc not responsible to democratic functions, a capitalist (reserve)

Globalization is the new jargon that has come to dominate the world because the 90's. Now the procedure has already reached its height. While using increased dependency on the market overall economy and renewed beliefs in private capital and resources, led to many international organizations working in the producing countries. Till the 90's the Indians were facing problems credited to barriers to operate but the circumstance had changed due to the increased investment and financial flows which resulted in improving globalization.


Globalization has turned into a necessity in today's world due to its impact on the growing/developed countries. There is much access to developed countries resulting in easy technology copy leading to higher productivity and has raised the living benchmarks of people. It offers greater opportunities for individuals who have to gain access to larger markets round the world. Cheap imports, more technology is offered and increased capital moves are experienced by the countries mixed up in global markets. They have to handle certain plans created by the international policy makers like WTO, EEC etc.


Positive Impact: Globalization is the new catchphrase in the world economy, dominating the globe since the 90's of the last century. With all the increased reliance of folks on the private capital and resources, international organizations are participating in an important role in the development of growing countries. Globalization has taken up many opportunities resulting in increased productivity and increased flow of capital within the overall economy. It has also led to increased investment providing increased job opportunities which has improved expectations of living for individuals.

Negative Impact: Globalization has also thrown open various troubles such as inequality of buying across and within different countries resulting in a widening distance between abundant and poor, exploitation of labor in the name of cheap labor, environmental deregulation, lack of democratic accountability and environmental deregulation has spurt open up worsening in the financial situation. Another negative aspect of globalization was a majority of under-developed countries stayed from the entire limelight.


The benefits from globalization can be cited in the framework of monetary globalization

Trade in Goods and Services - International trade ensures the allocation of resources leading to increased production. As the problem of truth, the trade barriers in producing economies only hinder expansion. The developing economies will benefit if all the resources are used efficiently. That's where the value of lowering the tariff and non-tariff barriers crop up.

Movement of Capital - creation of the developing current economic climate is increased scheduled to movement of capital over the countries. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) performs an important role in the introduction of an economy. With an increase of FDI, there would become more investment and even more cutting down of the people of developing country getting FDI leading to over all benefit for the society by means of enhanced requirements of living and high output.

Financial Moves - The capital market development is one of the major top features of the procedure of globalization. The movement of capital ensures technology transfer, creation of locations acquiring a comparative advantage and by large the global foreign exchange markets are improved. The movement of capital and proper allocation of resources across countries rises financial stability around the world.

Other Benefits- Globalization is beneficial for the expanding/developed nations. Due to globalization business market segments boundaries on the planet have ended; one can make his product available in any corner of the world. Countries select for globalization due to reason which include increased competition, comparative benefit, economies of scale and usage of a greater range of products and services (kilgour, 2000). globalization ends up with lower inflation rate which is advantageous because with the upsurge in competition", the prices fall season. Another possible advantage is faster technical and, productivity progress because increased international competition has obliged business generally to innovate quicker since the '70s. (kilgour, 2000)


In today's world, no country may survive without globalization especially the developing countries. Organizations need to use globally due to increased competition. Without international procedures, the organizations cannot support searching for a longer time. In the producing countries, globalization can be an important process due to the tremendous benefits provided. It helps in the over all economic growth of the country by the foreign investment triggering keeping within the country which could be utilized in the other investment. Other benefits are also an integral part of globalization which vitalizes it role even more. So, globalization is a step for growing countries in the set you back become developed.


Greater investment in education, health and open public infrastructure is a assured win-win.

Restarting the truly multilateral liberalization of the global trading system, that ought to address the main element issues of the critics, including food trade, labor agreements and the environment (kilgour, 2000)

The creating a good investing local climate based on rule framework that will increase job opportunites and reduce poverty. It entails more than simply a crave for high levels of external investment. It really is about promoting an environment to find the entrepreneurial probable of the home private sector, especially small and medium level enterprises. It really is about broadening nationwide poverty reduction ways of enable trade and investment and induce the private sector, and to create employment which the indegent depend.

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