Impact Of HIV/Products In Lower Developed Countries

The area which I will research on, for my dissertation will be how HIV/Supports has affected the economy. The main focus would be on Africa, which includes experienced the largest impact in their economies credited to HIV/AIDS. I am going to also be taking a look at other lower developed countries and exactly how HIV/Helps has affected them straight and also indirectly. This subject is very important because it has impacted the folks of lower developed countries, as well as the economies. I will also be considering what you can do to enhance the state of the economies and can take a look at what the future contains for these countries.

HIV/AIDS impacts quite simply everything in the lower developed countries; it has effected what guidelines have been used to the GDP per capita. Exactly why I have chosen this topic is because it impacts everything in the country. HIV/Supports has been one of the biggest issues on earth. The research of this area is important since it has been a huge issue in the 20th century and the there is no cure to this problem, there are ways to slow down the condition but there is no get rid of or vaccine. Assists is considered to be a pandemic, it's been estimated in 2007 that 33. 2 million people are living with this issue. AIDS has wiped out around 2. 1 million people and sub Saharan Africa accounts to two thirds of this. This has a direct effect on economic growth and has killed human being capital.

Research question or main hypotheses - what's the specific question you seek to answer? [100 words]

The research question for my proposal that i will be discussing will be

The financial impact of HIV/AIDS in lower developed countries

The main hypothesis can be divided into several questions

What are the results on GDP?

What will be the results on inflation?

What has been done to help lessen the impact?

What has been the result on poverty?

What impact has it got on economic expansion?

Are there any signals of economic expansion?

Theoretical Books - what economical theory/ideas form the foundation to your research topic? [300 words]

Macroeconomic ideas will be the key theory which will relate with my subject. Macroeconomic is very important and substantive to regions which have been heavily influenced by HIV/AIDS like sub-Saharan Africa. The regulations are controversial for example whether costly antiretroviral drugs should be geared to people of economically productive communities.

HIV/AIDS has turned into a pandemic which includes had an impact on labour source because of a climb in morbidity and mortality. It has caused loss of skills in important areas of the labour market.

Long periods of absence anticipated to HIV/Assists reduce labour efficiency. One such review has shown that the gross annual cost relating with this disease and reduced output anticipated to HIV/AIDS ranged from $17 per employee to $300. These costs have a large impact and reduce earnings and competitiveness. Others affected would be the federal government which its income would be reduced, as taxes revenue falls, the federal government is then pressured to improve their spending to take on the increasing prevalence of products, this would potentially cause fiscal problems.

Termed computable general equilibrium models have helped calculate the consequences of the pandemic across areas. This has been found more useful than regression analysis when predicting greater economic effects. This has also helped find significant versions across industrial industries.

Empirical & Contextual Literature - an overview and evaluation of 3-4 important academically-credible resources relating to your research area (e. g. refereed journal articles, research-based books, departmental working papers, government/NGO studies etc. ) which demonstrate the argument/issue of your subject matter. Only use appropriate academic options. Make sure you show how their methodology, results or conclusions relate with your issue area; do not only describe them. [1000 words]

The impact of HIV and Products on Africa's monetary development

In this journal, it discusses the impact HIV/Helps has had on Africa's monetary development. This can help me in my own dissertation because it talks about the relevant areas. It talks about what economic ideas it affects and how it affects the task place and looks at the bigger impact of the throughout the market. HIV/Products has reduced the common national economic expansion rate of Africa by 2-4% a year.

The journal begins discussing macroeconomics and how policies can affect HIV/AIDS in Africa. Expensive antiretroviral drugs are discussed whether or not it ought to be targeted to 'economically productive groups of people'. It talks about the economic have an effect on in the labour market and talks about the impact it has in the industries of the current economic climate. Economic theory predicts that the pandemic HIV/Helps has an effect on the labour markets; it reduces labour resource and productivity, enhances imports and reduces exports.

Quantifying the impact to see the economic performance, to simplify these economists looks at either average income or GDP per capita. The books found in this journal show 11 studies that try to quantify the effect of HIV/Helps on GDP per capita. These studies have shown a general take on regression examination to calculate the impact on 'prevalence' of HIV, on the rate of development of GDP whilst they might control the progress from other factors for example diet levels. The results of the show that the expansion for GDP per capita will be negative

The monetary models in this journal show that the HIV/AIDS pandemic will have a huge impact throughout the market in sub-Saharan Africa and will need international financial assistance. To limit the monetary impact of the pandemic countries that are affected would have to develop tailored plans to the needs of their own country. The regulations would include protection and treatment programs, also could include financial steps such as targeted training skills for a particular area in the industry. The section talks about how the education sector has an effect on HIV/AIDS on the grade of education, which is strategy by student-teacher ratios.

The economic results of HIV/Products in Southern Africa

The book looks at the economic outcome of Southern Africa. It talks about financial as well as cultural disruptions. The e book looks into fine detail about the fiscal implications and the consequences on economic growth. The book would help me consider private sectors and the public sectors throughout the market of Africa and look at the effects and the near future targets that the economies should strive for.

Section 3 area of the book talks about the impact the implications of HIV/Products has on the general public sector, focusing on the areas of the educational sector, personal costs, general government income and focuses thoroughly on the health sector. In medical sector, as health service raises, the health employees are also damaged by the epidemic as well. Section 3 in the booklet also talks about improving access to HAARTs (highly effective antiretroviral treatments).

Section 4 and 5 of the book talks about the impact HIV/Assists is wearing the private sector as well as the supply of labour. HIV/AIDS has an impact on size, the working-age people and also the age structure. Owing to a growth in mortality rates, experienced worker become scarce, and the earnings to training decrease. Fatalities and sickness of workers may cause disruption to the development process which would bring about reduced productivity. In this particular section it's said that the formal sector, the expenses of death and medical related benefits would increase.

The publication discusses in section 6 a brief summary on issues covered in previous section, in this section it addresses the overall impact of HIV/Products has on per capita income and financial growth. This is based on neoclassical growth construction, and also targets parameters such as personal savings, human capital, inhabitants growth and efficiency. The primary factor of the impact of HIV/Products on per capita income will be the fall in human being capital which is procedures as individuals' experience, and the reply from investors to a land in the go back to capital.

HIV/AIDS, real human capital, and financial growth potential customers for Mozambique

This journal talks about the implications loss of life from HIV/Supports has on financial growth potential clients. It looks at the country Mozambique more in detail and gives a brief overview on when HIV/Products had become a problem. It gives proof on why it has stagnated the current economic climate and what guidelines have been integrated to slow down the effects.

The paper starts of with talking about the economic progress potential clients of Mozambique and how it is planning on boosting the current economic climate. Human capital accumulation is looked at completely and through education it receives special attention. Education and human capital changeover matrices are predicted through a 'least cross entropy way'. HIV/Products is thought to slower the pace of human being capital deposition. By looking at the 'vibrant computable standard equilibrium approach', a reduced rate of physical and real human capital build up are proven to heavily web page link with changes that is biased towards human being and physical approach. Even though this journal discusses only Mozambique this might help me see what improvements other countries could do with guidelines and use Mozambique for example of a nation with growth potential clients.

Method and data to be utilized - what method(s) are appropriate to responding to your question/hypotheses? What data will you use? Where is it from? How do you want to analyse it? [250 words]

I will be looking to break down the primary question into smaller questions and make sure I've answered it very extensively. I will be looking at various angles and use several little bit of data to help make the judgement about how HIV/AID has impacted the overall economy.

I will be looking to get stats on HIV/Products deaths and how many people are currently living with it. I will be then using these details showing what impact it has done to the population and what have been the effects as a result of this. Life expectancy is vital so it will make a difference to see what effects life expectancy is wearing the overall economy and whether life span has been affected by HIV/Products.

GDP data will be utilized to check out the low developed countries GDP and discover if there is a web link on whether countries which have been damaged by HIV/Assists have low GDP. This will help me see if there's been a big effect on the economy.

Proposed chapter composition - a rational report on the chapter headings and simple information of likely details to demonstrate the company of your dissertation. [100 words]


In this section I will be discussing the backdrop record of HIV/Products; other things that'll be one of them chapter would be the hypothesis and the relevance of the topic.


This chapter will include the stats for poverty and how it has damaged people's lives. I'll also look at what's being done for the people that are affected and exactly how much it is charging every year to help the people damaged.


The discourse of GDP will be very important in this section and will include all the stats for the countries damaged by HIV/Helps. I am going to also be looking at what other impacts there's been on the market and what it means for the countries engaged.


Sub-Saharan Africa has been afflicted the most by HIV/Assists and I'll discuss what has took place in your community and what have been the effects.


I will be looking at how much school funding is given and what is being done for the countries included to recover their economies. I will also be looking at what goals have they place.


This chapter includes what is the likelihood for the nations involved to attain their goals. I'll also discuss if you will see a total restoration or a recovery by any means in the economies. I will also discuss if there is sufficient help for these countries and whether there should be more help in fighting poverty that is influenced by HIV/Products.

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