Impact of Inflation on Economic Growth

Research Type

In order to understand the impact of inflation on the monetary progress of Pakistan, quantitative research is transported down.

Data Type

Secondary data is accumulated from various websites and data bases.

Source of Data

In order to acquire the supplementary data, websites are consulted.


Regression examination will be used as the statistical approach in this research after gathering extra data. Once the data have been collected results will be examined through regression analysis.


Data is accumulated from 1997 -2007 for all your parameters from the WDI website.

Theoretical Framework

Interest rate




Economic Growth




%Growth in money supply


Definitions and connection of factors.

Economic Development

Economic growth is the increase of per capita gross home product (GDP), referred to as the gross annual rate of change in real GDP. Financial growth is motivated by the change in efficiency, which involves producing more goods and services with the same inputs of labour, capital, energy and materials. Economists say that there lays a difference between short-term economical stabilization and long-term economical growth. However the topic of economic growth is mostly concerned with the long run.


It is an increase in the cost of commodities that are necessary for humans to live, such as bakery, milk, cheese, essential oil, shelter, clothing, medical services, cotton, consumer electronics, etc or a decrease in the worthiness of money so that it takes more money to choose the same goods and services it performed before.

Higher rates of inflation are going to have adverse effects on the financial growth. There exists less economic progress when there may be high inflation usually.

Interest rates

It is an interest rate which is recharged for the utilization of money or the price for borrowing money. Mortgage loan is indicated as an total annual percentage of the principal. Interest rates often change because of this of inflation and Government Reserve policies. Interest rates may vary leading to a big change in other factors. Investors want to preserve the "purchasing ability" of the money. If inflation is higher it will cause higher risk and buyers will be considering higher interest rate to lend their money. Therefore, when the interest rates will probably rise, it gives a rise to inflation resulting in less economic growth. People helps you to save more and commit less as they are likely to earn much more profit on their savings.


Investment is the utilization of profit a way that this earns you additional money. Or it can be termed as the process of investing funds in an asset that is likely to earn you great profit the future. Benefits that might come from the asset invested in could be in the shape appealing, income or gratitude in the worthiness of the asset. Foreign direct investment is thought as a small business or a concern from one country making a physical investment into another country. The immediate investment in structures, machinery and equipment with making a stock portfolio investment, which is known as an indirect investment. Overseas direct investment plays a positive role along the way of economic expansion. FDI assists with developing new products and solutions faster than local firms. That is one of the causes why expanding countries are keen to entice FDI.

Broad money

Broad money is a measure of the money supply which includes more than simply physical money such as currency and coins. It offers demand deposits at commercial finance institutions, and any dues organised in easily reachable accounts. Components of broad money remain very liquid, and can usually be converted into cash quickly.

The most commonly used measure of wide-ranging money is M2, which include currency and coins, and deposits in looking at accounts, savings accounts, right away repos, and non-institutional money market accounts. This is the major way of measuring the money resource, which is the economic indicator usually used to determine the quantity of liquidity in the economy. Along with the loosening of money supply by the Government Bank, there's going to be always a rise in inflation leading to slow economic expansion in most of the cases. If the money resource is loosened for a shorter time frame, there is a likelihood that economical growth would raise.

Research Hypothesis

The objective of the review is to gauge the impact of inflation on the economical growth

H0: Inflation doesn't have an effect on Economic growth

H1: Inflation does have an effect on economical growth

The objective of the study is to measure the impact of wide money on economical growth

H0: Wide money has insignificant romantic relationship with financial growth

HA: Wide money has significant romantic relationship with economic growth.

H0: B1 = 0

HA: B1 =/= 0

The objective of this analysis is to measure the impact of interest rates on economic growth.

H0: Interest rates have insignificant romance with monetary growth

HA: Interest levels have significant romance with economical growth

H0: B2 = 0

HA: B2 =/= 0

The objective of the review is to gauge the impact of investment funds on monetary growth

H0: Investment has insignificant relationship with economical growth

HA: Investment has significant relationship with financial growth

H0: B3 = 0

HA: B3 =/= 0

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