Influences on Labour Production in Processing Sector


The research problem performs an essential role in the study paper since it shows to the people the significance of the field being studies, applies this issue issues into an absolute situation, and outlines a framework of how the issue will be fathomed (Sekaran, 2003). It has been clearly described in this journal. The author has raised concern and clarified significantly about the populace size, the unemployment rate and labor force issues, which were halved within the last three decades. In any case, population growth is dependent relied on after rate of natural increase and online migration. In congruence, the aim of the research paper has been specifically stated. It's been offered in chronological order. Notwithstanding having less hypotheses, in this research paper the research question has been plainly identified, that was to regulate how foreign workers impact on labor output in Malaysia especially in making sector. Furthermore to whether the domestic and international workers are suits or substitute to one another. Unemployment rate, human population growth, and work force participation rate, that have been the research variables, were concerned with the key concern. Attention to the explanation of the way the immigrant development in facilitating the small labor conditions mostly in the creation sector has been lay down emphasis on as it is crucial to grasp the role of the three variables as it influences the scarcity of labor. However, the happening, the three factors, and other special terminology in the article were not usefully defined. The author should have examined the multi-dimensional meanings of productivity. For the reason that various creators have explained output in different concepts. In some principles, productivity sometimes appears in the aspects of openness to the market, development and technology, rather than only the expansion of GDP. In this article, after all, the author has provided an satisfactory and clear literature review. Corresponding to Sekaran and Bougie (2009), excellent literature review must comprise of the elucidation of historical and present information. The historical pattern for the both, labor force development, as well as the GDP expansion and the current situation, have been proven. Furthermore, the GDP development was showed based on economy areas. The literature review, which has been exhibited, has assisted the author to explore the pattern of work force and immigration of foreign workers. Moreover, it correctly highlights how foreign personnel have an impact on economic issues, interpersonal aspects, labor production or total factor productivity (TPF).


The research strategy has been clearly distinguished. As mentioned by Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill (2009), convincing research methodology ought to comprise of an benefits to the whole methodological methodology for determining the study problem, the format of how well it suits the research design and the portrayal of the info collection method and how it'll be investigated. Evidently, inductive approach was utilized in this article. Other than that, it concentrated on the quantitative research whereby the data were gathered from the Division of Information of Malaysia. Sekaran and Bougie (2009) outlined that the quantitative analysis techniques support the research workers to investigate, summarize, demonstrate, and determine the human relationships and tendencies of the info. In this way, it increases the followers' understanding. There is only one constraint has been recognized, which was lacking data. In congruence, the info of developing sector review was derived from the Division of Reports of Malaysia. This research promises that the data source collection is reliable and accurate. Three methods have been utilized in this study, that have been Unit Main Test, Multivariate Cointegration Test, and Granger Causality Test. Every method has been legitimately regressed and correctly described. Based on the methodology, ethical concern has been mulled over. For instance, the research matter has been significant thought, and the data has been collected from a secondary data source, which is easily access source. Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill (2009) emphasized ethical issue in the research framework alludes to the suitability of the researchers' habit toward the rights of those who are inspired by the study paper.


The author's major results have been carefully aligned. This analysis has concluded the result precisely for the two type of labor which was domestic workers and foreign personnel as well as capital and intermediate type contribution regarding to each equation, which includes been evaluated. It has been critically investigated. This research argued that the local labor, overseas labor and material yield positive effect on the labor production of the manufacturing industries. Evidently, overseas labor has a substantial and positive effect on labor efficiency in Malaysia processing sector. The writer advised the most efficient way to reduce the dependency on overseas labor based on the assistance of government. On the other hand, the increase of capital-labor proportion causes a decrease in labor productivity. Within this research, the tables and graphs were significantly included and coordinated with the context. The author has provided the figures accordingly. It's been divided according to the variables over the time. Concomitantly, there is an issue to be concerned. The numeral data havent been applied to the estimated formula. The author has made a situation founded assumption on the sign of the intercept and slope coefficients. Therefore, the interpretation of the estimated formula is appeared to be somewhat bias. On the other hand, the finding has undoubtedly illustrated the study objective. Moreover, it includes provided a secure approach to achieving the target. Be that as it may, it comprised of just on the floor of the bring about the research newspaper. The author must have critically evaluated the production of different aspects, which have been conducted by other analysts.


The research results validated the author's conclusion. It verified the finding whereby increasing the domestic labor, overseas labor, and materials will yield positive influence on the labor output of the manufacturing establishments. However, the capital-labor ratio will show the negative romantic relationship on the labor efficiency. Furthermore, the writer has provided a limitation of the research. Relating to Bryman and Bell (2007), study boundary has impact in a research paper. At the outset, it gives ideas and recommendations for even more research. Also, it proves how well the analysts analytically concern the study problem and significantly assessed the relevant books review. Simultaneously, there was a confab of the variance between the author's research and the previous analysis. Cooper and Schindler (2001) asserted that a reliable and validity research paper consists of a correlation with the prior research finding or make use of the accessible studies to support a case. Whereas, Bryman (2007) asserted that the conversation about the existent research highlights the the way the current research varies from and increase the existent knowledge. In such a research paper, the writer has stated that the finding is consistent with the existent review, which was done by Zaleha, Noraini, Rusmawati and Suhaila (2011). The direction for further research has been given in this article. The writer has centered on the suggestion of insurance plan and investigates data from each sub-industry in the creation sector. Besides that, the theoretical significance of the research has been emphasized. It really is stated that the situation should be tackled at the main especially to handle the occurrence and accessibility of illegal employees. Despite stressing the theoretical significant, some recommendation on the revision of the practicing in this field in addition has been included. The writer has advised utilizing plans such as bare minimum wage that subsequently discourage employers from employing foreigners, as the will be no wage dissimilarities between local and overseas workers. Tests by Meier (2004) and Shimada (2004) have decided with the same referrals.


For an average journal reader, this research newspaper would work and adequate. It really is open to the people of how international staff related to the labor production in Malaysian processing sector. It illustrated the craze by make the the majority of the data, which have been collected, to perform a test. This research paper appears to be simple for non-typical reader. For the reason that the specific terminologies were fundamentally characterized. Alternately, information was not encumbered for non-specialized visitors. Because of this, it may lead to doubt. When it's all said and done, the overall quality of the research study is adequate in light of the effect tended to the research target and information given was clear. Nonetheless, some specific factors have to be enhanced, for occasion, the definition of specific terminology should be explained. Linked to the valid or reliable issue in the study paper, an error has been discovered. Data collection had not been completed because of the missing data. Therefore, the trend and area has not been significantly recognized. Whatever the lost data, the result that has been formed in this article was original and meaningfully identified. On this journal, the writer has provided stimulate need debate. It is mentioned that, this research newspaper is another version of a youthful studies posted to the International Journal of Economics and Management. Overall, the study newspaper is decently arranged. The subheading for every section was mentioned. Besides, furniture were mounted on the take note and properly tagged despite the improper agreement of the desks. A number of the relevant tables should have been presented along with the context. Despite the informative article, the space of this newspaper is appropriate. On the other hand, the conclusion section should be drawn out to be able to improve people' understanding. The author's style and terminology were attractive as the presentation of this research paper was very rational because it is based on the result. Concurrently, the author has shown acknowledgment and respect toward the other research workers' work whereby proper citation has been symbolized. The research is timely and worthwhile because it demonstrated the labor decrease. It proved how labor development rate and productivity of every sector related to GDP development of the united states. Likewise, it gave a ground for policymakers to point out on minimum pay as it'll reduce the dependency on overseas worker.

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