Issues And Advice For Export Strategy Economics Essay

For the business it is very important to concentrate on the low labour costing country like India.

Consistency of export strategy with other goals of the company

Demand of management personals, creation capacity and finance.

Establishing a development unit to produce shoes in the country itself rather than importing in the country.

Logistic services and available modes of transport

Importing materials related to manufacture shoes like leather and other necessary materials.

Government policies regarding export and imports of materials from natural material providing countries of its to calculate cost of productions.

Indian market is having a rapid growth in the sales of such fashion oriented and foreign brands nowadays, so it is a considerable point to look forward for the development of the business enterprise.

Issues to establish local developing facilities and getting support from local regulators.

EXPECTED Dividends are well worth spending such amount in the united states we are preparing to develop new business.


Company has to allocate and disperse resources according to need of export while establishing the business. It is strongly recommended to export materials to India alternatively than exporting done goods and just to sell them. Labour is the must to decide whether to export basic materials to produce goods or to export the majority of the materials needed in the development process. Needs of management personalities and experienced employees to handle business properly, by appointing highly skilled people in the company it can be resolved from the neighborhood country. Company has to maintain its brand value in conditions of achieving desired goal by keeping quality. It's important to focus on travel facilities.


As one of the leading sneaker maker on earth ECCO has made its reputation and fame in the industry of shoe processing. Karl Toosbuy founded company in 1963 in Denmark. It really is a business controlled by the family. The business has first extended its international business in Brazil in 1974 by starting top development. ECCO has centered mainly on the marketplace presence and flexibility in cost to be successful in globalisation of its business (Global Value Chain Management, 2008). In Portugal company was featuring its major section of development in 1984 but further extension led the creation to other established facilities in Thailand and Indonesia in 1993 and 1991 (Global Value String Management, 2008). Some problems related to decrease transport in Indonesia they have started other facilities in countries like Slovakia and China. The primary problem experienced by the company in Asia was poor travelling and therefor it made company to look for another site to start out production in Europe with lower labour cost because in Portugal labour cost was increasing. Politically unrest environment of Indonesia in addition has effected creation in the united states. The very best step considered by ECCO was the establishment of its production service in China. China has recognized ECCO very well. The neighborhood community of the Xiamen province was liable and workaholic. Local authorities were also aiding very much to establish the facilities and that made the introduction of business in China an easy-going step. ECCO' collaboration with Aibu the famous local shoemaker helped to broaden its business. Aibu was popular and reputed firm in China and ECCO was having its brand value with it and the collaboration made a huge impact on the business of ECCO in China.

Company has also suffered from financial meltdown. Investment done in expansion and inventories led them towards debt of DKK 2 billion from DKK 1 billion in 2000. Following the willpower of issues, which brought on such huge debts, company retrieved in 2004 and made DKK 150 million and the operation income margin raised 8% (Global Value String Management, 2008) by that calendar year. Then company has place a target to achieve revenue of DKK 8 billion to DKK 9 billion by 2013 and established a target to sell roughly 24 million pairs of shoes.

Research on the Diagnosis Topic

To expand and develop the business enterprise company must get employed in international trade or business with other firms or by starting its business in other countries. By retailing its product in other by exporting it from the home country or by producing the product in the international country company begins international trade. As per the investment done by the business in different sites of development to produce the full product or producing different materials required finishing the product it can be said the company has done a good improvement in terms of expanding the business. The company has divided the development of different materials to its different facilities surrounding the world. The benefit from the section of development facilities was some relief from taxes and other regulations of federal regarding cost and labour. The reduced labour cost and low taxes plan led ECCO to establish production product in China. The federal government take action liberally and ECCO get much needed help in conditions of keeping the production cost low. Federal government guidelines for cheaper transport rate and option of modes of transportation like huge rail network and good air transport facility helped growing the business. Considering Indian market additionally it is a liberal market to establish home based business. The guidelines of import about the business of sneaker manufacturing are appreciable to start manufacturing in India. Exporting required materials from other countries to India is beneficial at some level. As India is the second largest shoe developing country after China, many of the required materials to create shoes can be obtained from the Indian market rather than exporting them from the other countries. India is also having one of the world's most significant rail networks. Availability of other materials necessary to make shoes is also high in India so that it is also necessary to give attention to the utilisation of available resources somewhat than exporting from other producing facilities.

Arguments contrary to the Recommendation(s)

It is recommended to establish creation device in India. Regarding government procedures for the importing materials required for production might cost greater than getting the same thing from the country. Because of underdeveloped infrastructure company is going to require more investment in response to make a better center for production. It is recommended to get certain materials required for creation from the country's local resources somewhat than exporting it from the home country. Due to a expanding country it is difficult to get highly skilled management personalities from India. It will be easy for the company to export cheaply but importing in India the plastic made items are costing more than buying it from the local market at the import rate priced at around 15%. While deciding modes of transport underdeveloped road travel its worst to face. Streets and the polices controlling road travel aren't favourable to utilize for the transport though local companies are using it too much.

Arguments in support of the Recommendation(s)

Resources can be purchased in great conditions to utilise because India is a developing country and the resources are not fully utilised in the country. It isn't avoidable that India is a growing country but one positive thing about it that it makes availability of labour high at a cheaper cost. Because of company is finding a location with cheap labour cost India is a good destination to have business in terms of processing. The modes of transportation are also a positive factor, which works in favour of India. They have one of the world's major rails network and widely available ports that can be beneficial to export products ready to use. As sea travel is widely used in Asian market it is a useful mode of transport, which can be used broadly with good availability.

Implementation of Recommendations

As the company wants to have success in global market starting business can be handy to it. India is the world's second major shoe manufacturer which makes opportunity of improvement by general market trends. By considering company's goal to maintain quality it is attainable in Indian market as it continues to be developing so that it provides company more opportunity to develop. Indian authorities is also making its international trade regulations more liberal and it gives the business more space to extend and develop its business.

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