Nature And Range Of Economics Economics Essay

Economics is a branch of technology which studies the monetary activities of the people within the country or worldwide. It quite simply shows the ways that people use the scarce resources in order to fulfil their infinite wants through successful resources like land, labour and capital etc. There are different classes of thoughts in which various definitions of economics those are

Classical Institution of Thought

Classical approach refers to the procedure that is employed by Adam Smith who is also known as the father of economics. He wrote a booklet in 1776 called Nature and Factors behind Wealth of Countries. Corresponding to him economics is a science of wealth. Where wealth refers to goods and services leads to achieve the welfare of the nation. This concept also shows the four aspects of wealth describe as why and exactly how prosperity is produced, exchanged, distributed as well as consumed.

Neoclassical College of Thought

Neoclassical approach identifies the well known economist Alfred Marshall who composed a reserve in 1890 called as Key points of Economics. He identified that, "A report of mankind in common business of life, it examines that part of individual and social activities that are directly related with attainment and use of materials requisites". So this meaning shows three different things.

Economics is a sociable science because it studies the individuals in their common business of life.

Economics studies those activities related to the attainment and use of materials requisites or production and usage of riches which is related to the Adam Smith's perspective.

The objective of the analysis of economics is to give attention to the welfare of the world.

Modern University of Economics

Modern approach identifies the Lionel Robbins. He identifies economics as "Economics is the science which studies human behavior as a romance between (multiple) ends and scarce means that have different uses. " This meaning will depend on three things.

Multiple ends make reference to the unlimited wishes of individual whose are increasing day by day and having no end. So a person has a decision between more urgent and less urgent wants.

A individuals has scarce tool or limited ways to gratify their needs.

This point relates to the ways of using the resources by the person. It fundamentally depends after the main concern of wants by humans.

Basic Economic Problems

Due to scarcity of resource and unlimited desires there occur various sorts of monetary problems.

What to create for the country?

A society has to decide just how much consumer and capital goods are to be made to satisfy the wishes of the nation.

2- How to produce?

The second financial problem relates to resource, inputs and strategy of productions. A culture has to determine how much amount of goods and capital is taking place for the specific good creation.

For whom to create?

A society has to do something that how much each sector will take from the full total creation of goods and services. This identifies the distribution process.

How to spread resources?

A society must determine in what areas of the country the development of goods and services is necessary and whose are deserving people of this good depend after the different job of individuals.

These will be the point's helps in deciding which economic system is suitable for each and every country.

Economic System

Some of the financial systems are talked about below


This is the free market economy showing freedom of earning goods and services. The people are allowed to begin their business activities according to their choice and personal preferences. So in this technique all the financial problems are resolved by people without the government intervention.


In this system mostly all the financial activities have taken place under the state of hawaii guidance. All of the major industries held by governments who decide how and what things to produce for the nation. There is no freedom of preference for the people they need to consume mainly those goods made by central government bodies.

Mixed Economy

Under the combined economic system private and open public sectors works together. Public sector typically owns industrial sector it also consists of in applying insurance policies and placing goals and targets of the nation. Central authorities be a part of optimize the welfare of the country. There's also some privatize areas those working for the sake of income.

Factor of Production

There are 4 different factors of production those assist in producing goods and services in the nation that are further talked about below.


Land means all the natural source use for the profitable point of view as well as enable you to deliver income like garden soil, mountains and forest etc. It is essentially God gifted character and mostly well suited for the creation of goods. Its resource always remains preset either price level boosts or decreases sharply. The income that generates through this factor of production is called rent.


Labour is someone who performs mental and physical works for the sake of reward in the form of income and produce goods and services for the country. The movement of labours in one location to another is called flexibility of labour, so they are simply mobile in character. Their motion is physical, horizontal and in vertical manner. Their resource can be changed credited to changes in populace level. Also, they are unidentical in characteristics because every labour has different career that also identifies their physical and mental capabilities.


Capital basically divided into two categories like machinery, building and different technology used for the development of goods and the other one is money which is the part of income. The income that generates on the capital is called rent. There is also a different type of capital called human being capital which includes human skill training and knowledge for the production of goods and services. Capital is the foundation to create the revenue for the nation as well as it stimulates the amount of employment for people in the nation, so it is beneficial for the country progress and development.


It is the key factor of production in initiating the task. A business owner is someone who has all the control of working process done by other factor of production. First he/she plans the business then selected the suitable factor of production for particular creation process. Within the last provide the benefits or rewards to the factors of development in the form of rent, wages, interest and income. He is only who faces the uncertainties of future like earnings and reduction.

Task 2

Production Possibility Curve (PPC)

Production possibility curve or development likelihood frontier is a collection which ultimately shows the creation of two different goods by fully utilization of scarce resources in the nation. This concept refers to the chance cost which means the expense of one opportunity must forgo when a person avail the advantages of another opportunity. You will discover three different types of PPC but only PPC which is concave to the foundation indicates the true life situation because this shows the opportunity cost increases scheduled to travelling cost and training cost. The other two situations are convex condition and straight range shape which point out the imaginary situations.

Illustration of Development Possibility Curve

Production Possibilities

Wheat (in thousand kg)

Cloth (in thousand meters)



















So the PPC and the data in the table showing the production level of whole wheat and fabric on different levels, taking different values of wheat on x-axis and the beliefs of towel on y-axis. This indicates the real life situation because PPC is concave in form and displaying full employment of resources.

Points on PPC

The curve presents different things from A to F those are representing the increasing style of opportunity cost. Point A demonstrates there is no production of whole wheat only the development of material is occurring. On point B the ability cost arises by means of units of cloth forgone for the creation of one unit of whole wheat. So, this process is certainly going on till the point F.

Movement From One INDICATE Another Either Within Or AROUND THE PPF

Movement from one point to another on the PPF like from the idea B to C demonstrating the increment in opportunity cost and exhibiting that the ability cost that arises by means of three devices of material forgone for the production of one more product of wheat. However the movement in one point to another within the PPF like from point Z to C which ultimately shows that the overall economy is growing by firmly taking useful solution from the federal government side and overcoming the unemployment problem and no opportunity cost is involved with this circumstance as production of both goods concurrently.

Movement To Extend The PPF Outwards

With the passage of time development and new technology occurring as well as discovery of natural resources, rise in labour source, growth in inhabitants and new skill and techniques of production process coming out. All these varieties of factors affect the progress of creation of both goods whole wheat and cloth in this case and anticipated to which market expands and PPF steps outwards. In this case no opportunity is engaged because the current economic climate is not needed to produce the one good on the behalf of other. So, managers introduced different technology for the creation, provide trainings related to the new accessories to the personnel and appointed skilled and professional employees for the working. Through these actions a supervisor can expend the PPF outside which is the symbol of development of the country.

Causes Of Inward Shifting Of PPF

PPF always shifts inwards anticipated to inefficient reference allocation or when resources aren't fully employed in the economy this means unemployment of resources. These badly affect the financial situation.

Task 3

Law of Diminishing Return

Classical economist including Marshall, present this legislation and relate this with agriculture sector but modern economist relates this with agriculture as well as other domains because in this rules only 1 factor of production is set, others are varying.

This law state governments that:" If the quantity of one factor of creation is fixed and other adjustable in aspect so total creation will be increased at diminishing rate it brings about the declining of the marginal development when there is absolutely no change in production technology. "

Illustration of Law

Fixed Factor (land)

Variable Factor (labour, capital)

Total Product (Kg)

Marginal Product (Kg)





















From the desk and graph we can conclude that from another labour or capital, marginal product declines which show that the variable factors are inefficient and the full total production boosts at a diminishing rate. In this graph x- axis shows the prices of varying factors for example labour or capital whereas the y-axis shows the beliefs of marginal development level.

Theoretical Exemplory case of Legislation of Diminishing Return

Malthusian Theory of Population

This theory implies that the world population always heightens in a far more swift way than the meals supply between your people so, this legislation based on the law of diminishing results because the growth level is not enough for the complete society or food supply is not showing the linear way to beat the growth of people.

Real World Exemplory case of Rules of Diminishing Return

This theory is basically applied in the agricultural sector because it is a far more hypersensitive area. This rules is also applicable in commercial sector or business areas. For example for the creation of wheat if the person used increasingly more chemical fertilizer on this land so this can be influenced terribly to the whole wheat growing land therefore the marginal end result level will reduce after some time. It comes to the example of capital intensive establishments so well appear that the increased use of capital can decrease the marginal output level of commercial products if maintenance of machineries is not taking place after some days.

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