Opening a real real estate company Advantages and disadvantages

While thinking about the future of rates for the organizations you'll find a whole lot of factors to be considered, like the local and world overall economy as well as both the local and the entire world Markets. Furthermore, the current political situation should be also regarded. Nevertheless, wanting to predict the future rates is nearly exactly like trying to forecast the place a helium balloon can fall if you let it go.

If you realize what is designed and in addition, you are considering it, it is very likely that you have previously thought about opening a real property company.

Of course, it features both benefits and drawbacks as it results in that you don't work for somebody but for yourself, but nevertheless you need to be an integral part of the brokerage, and therefore you don't feature a boss and you do not have the set hours.

Nevertheless, almost all of world's real real estate agencies work in line with the basis of the 100% commission rate. Besides, all the expenses are also paid by them. But if you want to open up such a genuine estate company, the very first thing you should do is to make sure that you have the required temperament for running it as being the "boss" can be somewhat exhausting and nerve-racking.

Anyway, it is just a well-known simple fact that the long-term success features a whole lot of aspects, but the most important thing is actually a reasonable business plan how to start out your real estate affair. Let's look at it!

The real estate company will be named the Gomos real estate Inc. and it will be considered a new firm located in London, capitalized by two stockholders and two primary investors, Timothy Belij and Dimitrij Black colored (the licensed broker agents and the firm's sponsors). So, both of these licensed brokers are anticipated to sponsor all the impartial contractors of the true auctions in the area.

Only the brokerages of the company have the only possible specialist that allows sponsoring the oncoming qualified real estate agents based on the corporate broker certificate.

In addition, when becoming a member of the Gomos real house Inc all the real estate agents are to get a complete training curriculum.

The Gomos real house Inc. begins employed in May 2012. The office will maintain the Western End, London, near to the tube and other general population transport.


The goal of the Gomos real property Inc is to provide people with a straightforward, quick and comfortable search of homes, flats and other organizations both for buying and letting. It is expected that the firm can be successful within its first time as according to the research it completely satisfies the demands of the market for such institutions in the region. Besides, the long-term credit debt will be paid within three years of its procedure as the short-term borrowings are to be paid within the first 50 % of the entire year.


The business plan gets the following targets to be achieved.

To become a successful company with the free choice of benefiting the investment opportunities of the other real property as such can happen.

To employ the professional staff, including motivated sales agents and a good office manager

To keep carefully the office of 20 sales people featuring the prior aspects. Besides, it is presumed that from 75 to 100 square feet of work place is needed for each agent.

To find the office furnishings including furniture, chairs and other furniture as well as pcs and phone system. Besides, it's important to choose a good internet company and the Wi-Fi. The user-friendly software as well as the disease protection programs is also needed.

To create a fruitful co-operation with the clients, workers.

To become among the best brokerage companies in the area by the second year of procedure and maybe even before.

To realize a revenue within the first year.

To become a member of the local National Association of Real estate agents.

These aspects are anticipated to be accessible because of the staff professionalism and the demands of the marketplace. Besides, there will be various every week training for the personnel, like the improve skills training as well as the marketing plan the way the clients can be gained.

Every agent is expected to obtain at least one vendor and one buyer (the bargain about 90, 000), on a monthly basis, so he or she will earn 4, 500 monthly and 54, 000 per season.

The company, it its convert will return 2, 000 monthly and 24, 000 for the entire year from one agent. Displaying 20 real estate agents, the earnings will be 480, 000 per year. In addition, the energetic broker sales are expected to be at least 3, 500 fee from each side to total 8, 000 (100%) that will belong to the company and in its change, the company will pay the broker.

The company will be growing and consequently it will utilize the additional staff and provide them with the needed trainings. And besides, the Gomos real house Inc is likely to are the additional marketing ways to meet the high requirements of service.

Start up Expenses

The start-up bills of the Gomos real house Inc costs contain the following:

fees for the beginning a real property company (10, 000)

Office equipment, furniture and hi-techniques ( 10, 000)

rent of the office ( 1, 000)

insurance ( 2, 000)

fixed wage of the personnel ( 10, 000)

cleaning and the maintain of any office (1, 000)

advertising advertising campaign ( 15, 000)

extra bills (10, 000)

So, it can be seen that the total amount that you need while opening a real estate company is approximately 60, 000.

In addition, every two or three years there must be the licenses renewed; and as typical, there's no examination to be studied. But prospective brokers and brokerages should contact the London's real estate licensing commission so that they could check the thorough licensing requirements.

It should be kept in mind that the true real estate business is slower in winter, so the start up day must maintain spring so that the company may gain some income and reputation.

Besides, it is important that your hire could cover your security of the month.

Job Outlook

It is believed that the true estate agents and sales agencies' employment increase in the year 2014. That will happen because we see that the housing needs of an evergrowing human population are also increasing, and in addition, now increasing numbers of people are starting convinced that the real real estate is actually a good investment.

It is also expected that not high interest levels would continue steadily to stimulate real estate sales, and that will naturally result in the lack of agents and broker agents.

Moreover, each year there will be a huge amount of job openings because they will require replacing employees that would go to the other occupations and undoubtedly we should not forget that many people will leave the work force.

However, it is likely that the work growth will hold the limit due to increasing consumption of technology that will definitely make the real estate agents and brokers productivity better.

The sellers and the brokers of the Gomos real estate Inc to discover the following services:

Best commissions.

24/7 hour office gain access to.

24- hour call service.

Marketing and sales recommendations that should be implemented every day.

Broker support.

Web site.

Various trainings


Comfortable sitting down and office

Great located area of the office

Dining options

Free CMA (Comparative Market Research).

Photos with the panoramic view positioned on MLS (Multiple Listing System)

The potential buyers of the Gomos real estate Inc will discover the next services:

The potential buyers are matched up to homes. In addition, for the purchasers there's a special considerable questionnaire to satisfy their requirements and wishes. After that this questionnaire is used and the pursuing information is put into the Passport program so that all the potential buyers could be matched up to the homes corresponding to their standards. By the way, the passport is the up-to-date software that is available to licensed real estate agents and agents.

The buyers are gone on-site. So, then, the homes they have chosen are been to and there the in and out panoramic images are taken so that they could analyze the views. After that all the photographs can be e-mailed or may be shown in person. The customer doesn't need to get into the website unless they choose to. The home is brought to them.

Analyses of the market

It should be centered on such aspects as providing the homebuyers and homesellers with the needed skills and professionalism and reliability and achieving a great deal as well as the purchase in the needs of the real estate. Furthermore, the in-house realtors are also deemed. Because of this every support program that may be needed will be at their disposal.

By just how, the economy in your community is developing alternatively fast nowadays and for that reason, more and more homebuyers would like where and how to purchase the buildings. By the way, this year there's been a 71 % increase regarding the sales of properties costed more than 1 million and this past year it was about 30%.

In addition, it is also known that the amount of the foreign purchasers in the house market of London has increased a great deal. That is certainly a positive signal. Besides, the prices are continuing to rise, encouraging the customers to do something.

The cash clients are also increasing and that means that they would prefer to invest the amount of money in the house within the area.

However, the international customers remain at the marketplace top. Despite the fact there has been the political turmoil in the Middle East and the natural disaster in Japan, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that you will see an influx of foreign buyers.

. These changes must not be omitted by the Gomos real property Inc.

Moreover, it is expected that the Gomos real real estate Inc can be a well-known name and an effective company in the true house market of London.

The Gomos real real estate Inc will be positioned in the region that is recommended to have the main revenue probable. Besides, according to the latest analyses, this market area gets the growth and stableness.

The office where in fact the real real estate will be located is comfortable, alluring and fully prepared, presenting the reputable design. It is believed that the positioning is perfect as it'll permit the sales associates to work in the region, permitting them to gain more profit within a short period of your time.

Besides, regarding to Forbes (http://www. forbes. com/2007/07/11/real-estate-hearst-ent-manage-cx_bn_0711fundrealestate_land. html), there is the entrepreneur debating of starting a genuine estate firm that presented eight main systems that needs to be definitely researched when opening. Here are those aspects: Legal Structure, External Risks, Marketing Techniques, Must-Have Technology, Important Performance Metrics, Start-Up and Ongoing Bills, Permits

and Sourcing Supply.

The Segmentation of the market

Homeseller is known as to be the key market segment. It really is expected that the Homeseller would sell various homes and complexes and besides, will provide the company with the main profit.

Secondly, it'll be the homebuyer who'll buy different housings and will gain the profit as well.

Individuals who want to rent would be guided as well in order to rent properties.

Private people desiring to buy or sell some thing.

The in-house providers' corporation is undoubtedly the fifth aspect of the market segmentation. . That is why various direction and training, strategies and marketing techniques will be organised. Furthermore, every agent will be able to be helped in creating a schedule featuring the style of the task, hence that will end result it the increase of the output. In addition, every agent could have the on-site instruction in all areas that he / she may require.

The Gomos real real estate Inc. 's advertising campaign

The budget of the advertising campaign is 15, 000 and it will consist of the next aspects:

Billboards nearby informing the real property is available and features the real professional services and a wide collection of items (5, 000)

Website ( 3, 500) with a typical "brochure-style" presentation including the details on the positioning and the assortment of the institutions as well as the available services.

Advertising activities( posters and flyers in the region (2, 500))

Some extra bills. (5, 000)


Obviously, real estate is a hard and unstable industry that is why it is really wise of anyone to get mistakes and omissions insurance so that you could protect your assets. It really is well-known that no one can say what will happen in future but if you need to open a real estate company, it is obviously that he or she should look over all possible dangers. That is why, we need to analyze them.

The first and the key risk is the possible accident regarding the building or people but the insurance will surely provide you with the possibility not to worry relating to this. Then, additionally it is rather essential that you would have the amount of money for extra expenditures that aren't forecasted. This you may regulate by taking a loan from your creditors.

In addition, at the start the Gomos real real estate Inc. could offer with the competition from famous and experienced firms. To solve this problem there is a massive advertising campaign provided.

In bottom line, to open a real real estate company is not a rather easy task but nowadays it is known as to be profitable and modern. Obviously, there may be some risks, but the success is completely worth attempting. Nevertheless, you should verify all pros and cons before carrying it out.

This start up plan examines all aims to be achieved and the needed investment as well as the main information concerning the beginning of the Gomos real house Inc.

You shouldn't ignore that every several years the licenses ought to be renewed and all brokers and sales people have to be licensed.

It also needs to be kept in mind that the real house business may be slower in winter, so start your package in spring to get some revenue and reputation.

Besides, it's important that your rent could cover your security of the month.

It is also assumed that the Gomos real estate Inc start-up marketing covers the whole marketing campaign within the first half of the year.

Anyway, it is expected that the Gomos real house Inc will become successful within its first season as in line with the research it completely satisfies the demands of the market for such establishments in the region. Besides, the long-term debt will be paid within three years of its procedure as the short-term borrowings are to be paid within the first half the entire year.

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