Pest Analysis of Pakistan

Pakistan has a democratically elected government where the ruling get together is Pakistan People's Get together.

Common belief is that it is a weak government, nevertheless supported by the european powers. It isn't considered to be a stable federal government which could change anytime.

Law & Order and the corruption situation in the united states are at its worst. However, the press is quite free where in fact the industry all together has seen incredible growth over the past few years.

Several key organizations, like PSO and PIA, are nationalized or partly nationalized. That is viewed as a positive approach due to unstable political and economic situation in the country. Complete or incomplete ownership by the government serves as an insurance policy for the organization and its shareholders.

As mentioned preceding, a weak administration can change anytime, which may translate into a change at the very top management of many, if not all of these federal managed organizations.


During FY09, the loss after duty came to Rs. 6. 7 billion versus revenue after taxes of Rs. 14 billion during FY 08, mainly due to higher financial servicing cost and the inventory loss which incurred through the first half FY09.

Extremely volatile engine oil prices were a major end result of the global financial crisis

The supply and consumption lowered because of the economic slowdown in our economy. This is caused because of this of inflation that was caused by high essential oil prices and adversely damaged our country's Commercial sector.

Reduction in refining capacity of different refineries scheduled to a major increase circular debt

Significant upsurge in import of essential oil in the country

Pakistan's economic development is quite slow-moving. Inflation is at its highest, as the interest rates are in their highest. This is credited to low lending levels for the entire purchasing ability of the buyer is poor.

PSO deals with more than 80% of the essential oil products imports of the united states, thereby, notably exposed to foreign exchange risk. That said, because of the significant devaluation of Pak rupees against other major currencies during the year, the business reported huge foreign exchange lack of PRs3. 5bn as against PRs1. 5bn in the last year. Furthermore, PSO's financial charge was 4. 5 times higher at PRs6. 23bn on the trunk of heavy bank borrowing in order to meet its working capital requirement. This liquidity crunch is mainly ensued from the receivables from the IPPs and PIA who defaulted in paying their charges to PSO. As on June 30, 2009, the receivable build-ups from all these entities have finally reached around PRs80bn.

PSO booked heavy inventory lack of PRs18. 9bn during FY09 in the wake of steep decline of around 50% in international petrol prices. After staying stable for previous a long time, the international engine oil prices began its northward activity from the mid of FY08 where it reached to the all time advanced of US$140/bbl. As OMCs value their inventories on ongoing product prices, which normally move in tandem with crude engine oil prices, the upsurge in oil price is beneficial for OMCs in the sense that this leads to inventory increases and vise versa. In FY09, this pattern was reversed and the international engine oil prices witnessed a sharp fall season with prices coming in contact with the reduced of US$33. 36/bbl. This led to heavy inventory deficits for the company mainly incurred in the 1HFY09. The second 1 / 2 of FY09 continued to be relatively profitable for PSO as engine oil prices after staying stable for 3-4 a few months started increasing in the fourth quarter of the fiscal.

Unemployment is rising regardless of the simple fact that labor source is high and offered by low costs.

Distribution of wealth system continues to worsen year after year because the gap between the abundant and the indegent continues to broaden. Furthermore, the ratio of poor in the united states continues to rise while the percentage of the rich is gradually dropping. Therefore, the throw-away income of the general public has decreased.

No significant economical changes are in sight. The government is in debt up to its neck of the guitar with heavy lending options from finance institutions like IMF and The World Bank. That is apart from the financial aid plans it continues to simply accept from countries like america of America and other Friends of Democratic Pakistan.

Pakistan's integration with the global market has brought positive changes to its overall market, including upsurge in GDP and drop in import duties. Regardless of some positive changes, unemployment and poverty are on the rise. That is further frustrating because income in the private sector have been on a rise as per the demand to contend in the global market.


Health and Education industries will be the two most important sectors for just about any country, specially a growing nation. It's the government's responsibility to provide the best possible health care and universities because of its people. Unfortunately, these are both areas where the government allocates minimal amount in their total annual budget.

All shops across the country dispense environmental productive fuels at no additional cost to customers. These fuels play a vital role in reduced amount of exhaust emissions that result in less air pollution and greener environment.

PSO has executed a health, basic safety and environmental management system and related specifications to carry out procedures and activities in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. This environmental management system at PSO was created to make health, safeness and environmental care a fundamental element of all company assignments and a responsibility of all employees.

There are fifteen (15) Mobile Quality Evaluating Units in procedure which ensure consistent quality of products being provided to consumers.

Recently, PSO adopted water tool produced by World Business Council for Social Development (WBCSD) to improve the use of drinking water resources by PSO.

Initiation of the first daycare center in circumstances owned firm to accomplish employees with better management of their work and family.


Technological expertise is readily available in the country with overflow from it professionals in various industries.

There has been an huge technological improvement in the industrial sector and petrol and oil industry is no exception.

Industrialization in the country is rather stagnant with international buyers quite wary of entering this dangerous Pakistani market. Therefore, latest creation technology is significantly absent from the market. Because of this, the countries imports are higher than its exports. And the primary exports are from the agricultural sector and the textile industry.

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