Positive And Negative Impact Of Rmb Appreciation

Abstract of article: The yuan revaluation is a "double-edged sword, " It gives us an optimistic impact: If the conditions to reduce the price of imported products, so that the price of mainland residents vacationing abroad and study abroad would be lower, can decrease the external debt burden; also provided us a great deal of problems: If not conducive to the export products of China's overseas trade corporations, unemployment pressure increase, the financial risk, inflationary stresses and so forth.

Since July 21, 2005 exchange rate reform since China commenced implementation of the basis of market supply and demand with regards to a container of currencies, the managed floating exchange rate system. The RMB exchange rate with reference to a container of currencies --- U. S. dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Korean acquired, which still accounts for the weight of U. S. us dollars to more than 95%. In its current form, because the U. S. economical recession, the money persisted to depreciate, leading to continued appreciation of the yuan against the U. S. money, was the first time, breaking 2006. 5. 15, "8", April 10, 2008 discovery, "7", but also continue to appreciate the area. What's the impact of RMB understanding on China's economy? Two major areas of this newspaper would be illustrated.

1) The positive impact of RMB appreciation

First, the conditional lower the price tag on imported products. Rises in the costs of brought in goods is less than the margin of appreciation of the RMB, the yuan exchange-rate gratitude would make imports of overseas consumer goods and capital goods prices cheaper than ever before, it helps reduce the expense of imports. Notice here if the costs of imported products rose greater than the rate of appreciation of the RMB, then the gratitude of the RMB is not conducive to imports. Therefore, appreciation of the RMB in minimizing the positive impact of the price of imported goods is conditional.

Second, the domestic residents traveling abroad and study in cost reduction. RMB gratitude, you may make people spend less than before the yuan can go to Europe and america and other locations to review, travel, for example, if the tuition fees to review in Europe and the United States 30 to 400 thousand yuan for the past 2 yrs remains unchanged, then the repayment of high fees going abroad now than last year lowered by to pay three to four 4 million yuan. Here or in another country should focus on the expenses of travel and analysis abroad or even to be less than the speed of appreciation of the RMB, or the positive impact will not exist.

Third, the domestic residents traveling in another country and study in cost reduction. For a long time, domestic businesses are usually competitively costed to contend with the domestic and foreign enterprises, and since the understanding of the yuan, those who count solely on the price advantage to earn the corporations will steadily be taken out, companies want to survive he must set up brand awareness, sense of development, enhance the technical content of products. That is for Chinese businesses to adjust to a faster overall environment of global economical integration is beneficial.

2), the negative impact of RMB appreciation

First, is not conducive to China's overseas trade organization product exports. For export corporations, their degrees of profitability with the forex exchange rate close contact. International prices of export products in the same circumstances, if the neighborhood currency with regards to an international settlement of forex to appreciate, then it means business when compared with the previous export of local currency in trade for reducing the amount of corporate profits decrease, which will very seriously affect the business export effort, if the exporting enterprises to keep a certain earnings to raise prices, it will weaken the international competitiveness of export products is not conducive to the continued enlargement of exports and products in the international market show increase.

Second, the unemployment pressure increase. Due to the continued gratitude of the yuan, export corporations are facing a significant crisis of success, and these exporters, most labor-intensive, so that personnel in these corporations will face the pressure of unemployment.

Third, the financial hazards will increase. With the continued appreciation of the yuan, the dollar continue steadily to depreciate, China's economy maintained rapid growth (the 2008 Olympic Game titles will further improve China's monetary development), international capital and hot money is a variety of ways and means of access to China's stock market and real estate markets, This is part of the cash large-scale, mobile quick, benefits or reduce strong cause of the fundamental factors of financial market turbulence. [Newspaper Net Www. LunWenNet. Com]

Fourth, it is the inflationary stresses. The continued understanding of the RMB, raise the money supply, excess liquidity; once, the continued appreciation of the RMB, foreign investment influx will force property prices, the causing "wealth result" will lead to other home products prices, This will likely allow our country is facing inflationary stresses.

Appreciation up against the RMB to the negative impact of China's market, I want to put the next views

3) Suggestions

First, the gratitude of the RMB up against the unwanted effects of exports companies to mention the following views

1, this is a possible change in pay out of forex. In foreign trade, in line with the changed or changes in the monetary environment to choose the more favorable settlement with regards to use of foreign currency. Because the international community on the dollar, the yen sustained to depreciate in accordance with the yuan, then your choice can be as much as is possible the negotiation of other foreign currency including the euro (to the current depreciation of the RMB relative to the euro is) or foreign currency portfolio, to minimize their loss.

2, it is necessary to concentrate on flexible, fully sketch on encounters of other countries. After "Plaza Accord", a significant understanding of the yen, forcing Japan's major automobile manufacturers to businesses to move to North America, these corporations to avoid the chance of reduction also created the North American market, today occupies one-third of Japanese cars share. "Blessing in disguise, how can you know the non-fu", domestic enterprises can fully draw on successful experiences of other countries business and concentrate on contingency.

Second, we ought to vigorously develop the service industry firm, to generate conditions for increasing career. Practice has demonstrated that, for circumstances to provide a relatively large numbers of jobs is the service industry, alternatively than capital-intensive or capital - labor-intensive companies (e. g. production). The practice of China's monetary development is underdeveloped service sector; its job creation will be to absorb a limited number of employments. Therefore, the introduction of service establishments should be motivated to resolve the unemployment problem.

Third, we must take sensible and effective macro-economic measures to curb inflation. Proved in practice that the problem of inflation by relying only on the freezing of prices and salary of administrative control is not desired, and the results can only just lead to price raises faster, easily lead to hyperinflation. Over the terms of the current situation in China to be solid and decisive monetary tightening monetary insurance policies, liberalization of prices, let the market to modify the price tendency,

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