Positive Effects Of Globalization Economics Essay

To date, the concept of globalization still sparks mixed reactions in the general public domains. Skeptics of globalization assume that globalization is bad for economies, and that should be handled. However, others maintain that it's a great thing to have happened to the world's nations as thus should be seen as a good move around in the right course. This article acknowledges that although there are costs associated with globalization, the resultant benefits obviously outweigh the costs to contemporary society. Therefore, this paper contends that efforts to increase globalization should be promoted.

Globalization, relating to Schmidt and Weitzel, results from increased international integration (Schmidt and and Weitzel). Matching to them, globalization results from a host of factors, amidst them technological progress, politics changes, and selection of economic procedures. Technological progression makes production, communication, and logistics and carry much cheaper and faster than before. Financial policies motivating liberalization and wide open economies to FDI's also induces globalization (Schmidt and and Weitzel). Political changes expose economies which were previously isolated into the international market, promote local blocs, and support reforms that support the guideline of legislations thus, encouraging investments in infrastructural sector. Globalization brings with it both positive and negative effects.

Positive ramifications of globalization

The increases from globalization are therefore of its effect on the movement of ideas, information, technologies, capital, money, goods, services and people. The gains are normally activated by cross boundary integrations resulting from globalization, which have several dimensions-economic, public, cultural and political (Nistor). Thus, in the research of the benefits from globalization, there are three programs through which the benefits accrue. The stations include (a) activity of capital; (b) trade in goods and services and (c) financial flows. Besides, gleam channel through activity of individuals.

Movement of capital

Technological advancement and the resultant infrastructural development, globalization has opened up nations to handle international trade. The web effect of the economical integration and liberalization has enhanced capital moves between different countries. The capital moves across these countries has served the key role of improving the capital platform. This was very much evident in the 19th and the 20th hundreds of years. With capital flows, it is possible to distribute the total world personal savings among countries with high investment potential. The simple capital flows means that growth and development of your country is not constrained by its own domestic savings. For example, almost all of the East Asian countries are beneficiaries of foreign capital inflow. Capital flow may take either the form of foreign immediate purchases (FDI) or stock portfolio investments. For growing countries, they gain more from the FDI's than from profile investments and thus, almost all of them will place limitation to portfolio investments because of their volatile mother nature. Capital flows increases the rate of development of countries beyond their home potential, a condition that could not otherwise be achieved, except with globalization.

Increased trade in goods and services

Globalization starts up economies to international trade in goods and services, which results in the allocation of resources constant with their particular comparative advantages. Globalization therefore, promotes expertise thus, boosting the countries' output. Globalization facilitates the removal of restrictive trade that impedes development. Technological breakthroughs from globalization allows countries to create what they are best endowed, in conditions of resources, technology and labor. In turn, these countries will reap the benefits of what they cannot produce from somewhere else. Specialization enhances efficiency, efficiency and promotes good relations across edges.

Financial flows

One of the major characteristics of the globalization process is a rapidly growing capital market. The growth in both forex and capital market helps the copy of resources across countries. The most important results of the growth in the moves of capital and foreign exchange marketplaces is the gross turnover in the forex markets. Regarding to Frankel, the gross turnover is predicted to be about $ 1. 5 trillion worldwide, each day (Frankel). The turnover is in the order of 100 times greater than the volume of goods and services exchanged. Therefore, money trade has become an end in itself. However, an extension of the administrative centre markets and foreign exchange market segments is a vital prerequisite for effective capital copy.

Negative effects of globalization

Concerning the effects of globalization, two major concerns happen on the mention of the phenomena (Nistor). This tend to be described as fears of globalization. The first and major concern of globalization is the fact that it leads to unequal circulation of income and other resources amidst countries. Secondly, is the fact globalization infringes on the sovereignty. That globalization helps it be difficult for countries to check out their domestic guidelines (Centre for Economic Policy Research). Most of the explanations given for these concerns are genuine while others are farfetched.

Iniquitous income distribution

This argument is premised on the fact that since globalization places more emphasis on efficiency, the phenomena will in most cases profit countries that are favorably endowed. Skeptics, though justified to some extent, globalization benefits, around they accrue on the most endowed countries as said, these countries have had their own reasonable share of benefits. Developed countries have a brain start in terms of technological bottom, natural as well recruiting in comparison with the expanding nations. The skewed edge relatively eats away the benefits associated with developing countries from trade, capital moves, and financial moves as well as specialty area benefits. As the benefits from trade benefits all countries, a lot of the gains accrue to the advanced economies. That is perhaps one of the reasons while provisions for preferential treatment are catered for in the current trade agreements.

The lack of state autonomy in search of economic regulations is another matter raised in regards to globalization. With the increased amount of financial integration, it is true any particular one country cannot pursue autonomously, policies which are not in consonance with the general worldwide fads. With globalization, some degree of sacrifice with regards to national sovereignty becomes inevitable. Hus, in regards to to globalization issues, constraints to pursuing domestic regulations should be acknowledged.

Further concerns over increased globalization, require worries of deteriorating countrywide and international security, ethnic erosion, medication trafficking, and other sociable evils. There may be loss of craftsmanship consequently of increased use of technology. Globalization has dished up to increase dependence of says on other states over essential products that enhancing the financial vulnerability.


The contributions of globalization to the advancements witnessed today can't be ignored. Globalization has led to increased development of the earth economies, diffused technical advancements and improved upon people lives. Its role, in boosting production, efficiency and efficiency as well minimizing development costs of economies is well clear. These improvements, besides having better benefits, they have got their own negatives. However, a succinct review of the benefits against the costs, it is without a doubt that globalization has made the earth a better place. Along with the relevant steps being put in spot to mitigate the costs arising from globalization, this essay concludes that, although there are costs to Globalization, the huge benefits clearly outweigh the Costs to World. Therefore, efforts to increase Globalization should be marketed.

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