Pricing in the sweets industry of Malaysia


To focus on, presently, the sugar industry is grouped by steadily increasing domestic usage by folks in Malaysia and all around the globe. And the intake of sugar is increased by establishments that produce food materials. Like this, the demand for glucose is high. The resource side is probably not expandable due to the small production established sugars companies around.

Shortage of Supplies

The term of source refers to the whole relationship between the price of something and the number supplied when all other affect on producer's planned sales remains the same. The term of demand refers to the entire romance between your price of the product and variety demanded of the merchandise. When demanded curve intersects with source curve, the idea of the intersection is equilibrium point. If quantity provided more than variety demanded, it will be surplus. On the other hand, if quantity demanded more than amount supplied, it will be shortage.

Quantity of Sugar

Price of Glucose (RM)

Based on Amount1. 1, RM 2 is equilibrium price and equilibrium number is 7 KG. If the price is RM 1. 50, the number demanded exceeds the quantity supplied. There is a lack of 6 KG (10 KG-4 KG). Glucose shortage of source occurs because of global scarcity and a decades-old federal government price cover makes people smuggle sweets to other country. Because of this situation, country will face with the lack.

Price Ceiling

Price ceilings have an effect on market outcomes imply by two effects is possible when the federal government imposes a cost ceiling. The purchase price ceiling is not binding if arranged above the equilibrium price. Inside the other palm, price roof is binding if set below the equilibrium price, leading to a shortage. If binding price roof was arranged below the free market equilibrium, it may cause the scarcity of good or products being provided in the market as the number in requirements (QD) more than the quantity in source (QS). The surplus in demand will make market become none of them price rationing where will form a market as dark market.

When demand curve intersects with supply curve, price equilibrium is RM2 and amount equilibrium is 100 KG. If federal government arranged a maximum price below than equilibrium point, it shows a fresh price at RM1. 50. This means that the price of sugars will sell on RM1. 50. Between, it will appeal scarcity of 50 KG (125 KG - 75 KG) because level of demand is more than level of supply. (Shown as Amount 1. 2)

Government intervention

Sugar subsidy

undoubtedly, the federal government was worried about this subsidy and seeking to decide whether to keep to subside the price of sugars and other important items or otherwise. While struggling out the irresponsible smugglers, in fact the government has to pay the sugar producers to be able to subsidize the price of sugars in the home market. More often, the shortage struck the subsidize sweets whereby this sugar is in fact produced for the home consumers and not for dealers like the hawkers and delicacies sellers, what more for the providers of the small and medium-scale businesses (SMEs). The federal government has allocated RM 674 million value of subsidize for daily used products like sugars, bread and wheat flour which have been devote the Little Budget internal of representative or the federal government executive council. Today's market retail price for sugar is RM 1. 50/kg, under the lay down price by the government over important item. Without the federal government subsidy, the price of sugar will turn out to be RM2. 00/kg.

Price elasticity of demand

A units-free way of measuring the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a product to a big change in its price, when all the affects on buyer's strategies remain the same. If there are any sugar fans out there shouldn't be worry such as everywhere sweets prices are set to protect consumers. Furthermore, even if prices weren't fixed, demand is improbable to change for glucose as it is a tiny proportion of a person's income. Even though the price were to increase greatly, people still need to buy it because sweets can't be substitution. A lot of thing cannot produce without glucose.

Price elasticity of supply

A units-free gauge the responsiveness of the number supplied to an alteration in the price tag on something when all other influences on selling plans continue to be the same. One of the key factors that have an effect on the purchase price elasticity of supply of a good is the availability of "stockpiles". Stockpiles defined as a large supply of something that is placed to be used in the foreseeable future if necessary. So, government and food companies have stockpiles that may be touch or change. Therefore supply should be more elastic than you'll expect of an sugar that takes a long time to create. If some sugar product place is actually devastation, then that place cannot continue the creation of sugar. The consumer still can get same price from glucose supplier.


The lack of sweets is very tiresome. Sweets is necessary for everybody no question for house use, for business use, as well as others. During festivity period, demand of sugars increase. If the price of sugar rises, many companies will be affect. Products highly relevant to sweets might increase their price. Therefore, Malaysia administration should control the price tag on sweets to avoid glucose smuggle happen again.

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