The EXEMPLORY CASE OF Monopoly Company Economics Essay

Microeconomic is a person, home, organization, or industry as an economys models in this type of science of monetary behavior. Distinction to macroeconomics, the analysis of the aggregate current economic climate. Primarily worried about factors affecting individual economic alternatives, factor changes influence on the average person decision makers, how their options are synchronized by marketplaces, and how prices and demand task in individual market segments. Theory of demand, theory of the company, and production demand for labor and other factors are the key subjects protected under microeconomics.

For this assignment, I have to elucidate monopoly and its own characteristic. Besides that, I have to differentiate the features of perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly.

To accomplish the task, I have to find references, information and answers from either the literature from catalogue or from the internet.

2. 0 Monopoly

2. 1 Meaning of Monopoly

Monopoly is a market structure where there's a single owner and large numbers of buyers and retailing products which have no close substitution and also have a high admittance and exit barrier. For the purpose of regulation, monopoly electric power exists when solitary firm control buttons 25% or even more of a particular market.

2. 2 Feature of Monopoly

A monopoly is a firm this is the sole seller in its market.

It faces a downward-sloping demand curve for its product.

Like a competitive company, a monopoly maximizes gain producing the quantity of which marginal cost and marginal revenue are equal.

Unlike a competitive organization, its price exceeds its marginal revenue, so its price surpasses marginal cost.

A monopolist's profit-maximizing level of productivity is below the level that maximizes the total of consumer and maker surplus.

A monopoly triggers deadweight losses similar to the deadweight losses caused by fees.

2. 3 Natural Monopoly

Natural monopolies include general population resources, such as gas and electricity suppliers. Such businesses require large volume of modal and huge ventures, which is hard for others to duplicate the merchandise. Due to the importance of it to the society, it is becoming legal. In trade for the to execute business without competition, they're regulated. Therefore, they must follow the manipulated price from the federal government and they can't simply bill whatever price they need. As a rule, they're necessary to serve all customers, even if doing this isn't cheap.

2. 4 Legal Monopoly

A legal monopoly is that a company gets a special use associated with an invented product or process. Patents are issued for a restricted time, generally twenty years. During this time period, others can't use the invented product or process without authorization from the patent holder. Patents allow companies a certain period to recover the heavy costs of researching and growing products and technologies. A good example of a corporation that liked a patent-based legal monopoly is Casino in Genting Highlands, which for years held exclusive possession of having a legal modern casino in Malaysia. Gambling establishment in Genting Highlands provide a legal gamble place for the folks without competition, quite simply, it liked a monopolistic position in Malaysia.

2. 5 Exemplory case of Monopoly Company

Monopoly can be form due to numerous circumstances, for example

A company that has an exclusive ownership of scarce source of information, such as Linux getting the Unix-like computer operating system, it includes monopoly power over this resource which is the only company that can exploit it.

Governments may grant a company monopoly status, such as with the Post Malaysia Berhad, which was given monopoly status back to the early 1800s with the establishment of postal services first in the Straits Settlements (Penang, Malacca and Singapore) and slowly but surely, it covered the complete Malaya by early 20th century.

2. 6 Monopoly Graph

Super-normal profits

Monopolies can maintain super-normal income in the long-run. As with all firms, earnings are maximized when Marginal Cost is add up to Marginal Revenue. Generally, the amount of profit depends after the degree of competition in the market, which for a clean monopoly is zero. At revenue maximization, Marginal Cost is add up to Marginal Income, and outcome is Q and price P. Considering that price (AR) is above ATC at Q, supernormal profits are possible (area PABC).

With no close substitutes, the monopolist can derive super-normal gains, area PABC.

A monopolist with no substitutes would be able to derive the greatest monopoly vitality.

2. 7 Conclusion

Overall, monopoly is market structure that delivers unique product to various customers that conquers the whole market in order to maintain super-normal revenue in the long-run.

3. 0 Dissimilarities between the top features of Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Monopoly

3. 1 Table of Market Structure

In Economics, market structure is the inter connected characteristic of a market, such as level and kinds of competition, product differentiation, ease of entry and leave from the market, and the number and relative power of retailers and buyer included in this.

Market structure


Number of producer

Type of product

Good and Services

Barriers to entry

Non-price competition

Perfect Competition

Parts of agriculture are sensibly close







Public utilities


Unique product

Difficult to substitute

Very High


Monopolistic Competition

Retail trade





Advertising and product differentiation


Computer, oil, steel


Standard or differentiated



Advertising and product differentiation

3. 2 Perfect Competition

A perfect competition is a free entry and leave to industry. It is a standardized kind of product and it offers homogeneous products like Coca-Cola. They have many buyers and retailer. Apart from Coca-Cola, there are other products like Pepsi, Sprite, 7-up and so many more. Therefore, no individual seller can effect the price of the product. Vendors like Coca-Cola are price takers as they have to accept the market price. Profit is maximizing when marginal income identical with the marginal cost. It can make profits in a nutshell run however the revenue will equal zero as it pertains to long haul.

3. 3 Monopoly

A monopoly has a high barrier for a company to enter into the industry. It really is a unique kind of product and it is a one vendor to many buyers on the market. It provides unique goods to the buyer. For example, Jabatan Bekalan Air Malaysia is the only real industry that provides water supply to the complete country. This is because water is an essential need for every citizens of Malaysia. Monopoly is a cost setter. The potential income is when marginal revenue is add up to marginal cost. Because of this, long-run profits can maintain positivity and it'll cause inefficient outcome resulting deceased weight loss.

3. 4 Monopolistic Competition

A monopolistic competition is a differentiated type of product and many companies offering products that are similar but not identical. It includes low legal hurdle entry to the industry. For instance, Popular is a bookstore that offers literature and stationeries. It really is a firm that contending for the same group of customers. For the merchandise wise, each organizations like Popular and MPH, their product is at least slightly different from each other. Instead of being truly a price taker, each company encounters downward-sloping demand curve. Additionally it is a price setter for monopolistic competition. The potential earnings is when marginal revenue is add up to marginal cost. It can make profit in the short-run where the long-run income are equal to zero. The inefficient end result will results in dead weight damage.

3. 5 Oligopoly

Oligopoly can be an industry that controlled by few large firms. It is either a differentiated or standard kind of product. Additionally it is has a higher barrier to go into the industry. For instance, DIGI Telecommunication is one of computer. It is a mobile service provider with there is only a few in Malaysia. The merchandise could be highly differentiated by branding or homogeneous. Additionally it is a non-price competition. You will find 3 types of strategy for this that is Cournot, Stackelberg and Bertrand. Oligopoly is obviously max earnings when marginal cost is equal to marginal income.

3. 6 Conclusion

Overall, we can see that we now have a whole lot of distinctions in these four market set ups. Each types of market provide different types of products and ensuing different lead to long-run and short-run.

4. 0 Conclusion

In this, I've learn on how the market comprises of the certain factors like the amount of firms operating, the nature of the merchandise being produced, the amount of profit, the degree of monopoly that each firm enjoys, the firms' behavior, the rates strategy, the level of productivity and the efficiency of the market and the accessibility and exit in to the market. Each one of these factors are collectively called as the market structure.

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