The price of eggs inflation in Thailand

The circumstance of egg price. The price tag on eggs in Thailand is important in price. The price of eggs in Thailand is high which is along in year. This issue of an transfer have led to small farms having troubles for quite some time.

This similar problem prevails throughout the financial system, however the "Egg" became an issue because Thailand is unique in calculating the prime minister with the egg. In every year the price of eggs to be effective insufficient a capital, equal capital and get earnings in calendar year.

The case of egg price and injustice in Thailand.

The main problems about egg prices are up because the quota pushed up the price tag on breed stock and small farmers was required to rely on large firms because of their breed stock as well as the food for the complete stock. Using the firms also in the Hen and egg business, small farmers are squeezed from the business, and the utmost temperature has increased, which is considerably higher than at the same time last year. The ideal heat is 28-30C impact to hens tense and less fruitful and insufficient clean water in a few areas in addition has brought on the hens to be ill and lay fewer eggs.

The period of the entire year in Thailand when it is not so hot and rainy, the high cost of chicken breast feed is also a factor, In addition egg prices are up because the price tag on young chicks has almost doubled.

From The price tag on eggs in Thailand is high impact to the meals sellers have to carry the burden of growing prices of eggs as they continue steadily to make food for customers. If the government does not solve this issue, all sellers in the market must improve the price of egg.

The federal should try to support the farmers. Egg prices have been go up

Other governing bodies must talk about farmers complaints because they're under the effect and control of large business groups

The quota pressed up the price of breed stock and small farmers needed to rely on large businesses because of their breed stock and also the food for the entire stock. Along with the organizations also in the Poultry and egg business, small farmers are squeezed out of the business

I admit, I was lost. For the couple of days there on my True cable television TV-I thought I had been within an egg and rooster land. OK-normally, True like runs these CP Farm infomercial boosting all the time.

Like you know it-if you have True and in Thailand-you are actually an expert of CP Farms, ready to tell anyone that CP Farms is best run farm on the planet-with high tech and also extremely environmental friendly. If that is not more-like CP going to Singapore to level a major "Food" who can eat the almost all of CP festival-broadcasting back into Thailand-like wow, who not be impressed.

Well, Matichon, a newspaper here in Thailand is not all that impressed.

So I'm read Matichon's report on the "Thai Egg Index" and then arrived to comprehend why True cable tv TV-was heading ballistic with egg and rooster related story-sort of became the CP's "Cable TV Index" on eggs and hen.

The price of eggs in Thailand is important-in that the purchase price is an "Index" of the skill of the federal government in handling the Thai market. It is called "The Egg Price Index. " While Thailand's overall economy is expected to expand about 6% this year-most poll when they ask the Thais about the economy-have been and continues to say that "The Market is Deteriorating. "

Perhaps, one reason is basically because egg price has sky-rocket in Thailand-like never before-hitting the best price in a few 10 years. Practically speaking, this is big information in Thailand-where the food of the poorer Thais-are mainly fried and boiled eggs.

The pursuing article points to agricultural conglomerate-and in simple fact the article details to CP, Thailand major agricultural conglomerate as one problem for small Thai farmers. off course, supports the federal government of Abhisit-and is extremely anti-red shirt, who are usually poor Thais in poor regions.

But I noticed it with my very own eye, on True cable TV that belongs to CP-running this media which about eggs and chicken-over and over-going to interview this expert and that expert-saying virtually that CP do nothing incorrect.

Meanwhile, Prachachart newspaper and others-did quite definitely what Thai Intel does a few week back-in revealing the Thai bank industry as un-justly keeping the bank pass on and fees extremely high-hurting businesses and consumers. To put it simply, the bank industry was raking in the profit for the past few years-as everyone endured in Thailand.

Then off course the Bangkok Post group-where Bangkok Lender biggies sits at the plank and owns the company-saying very little-like exactly like True heading "We are all good folks here. "

Well, even presenting True and the Bangkok Post group-does this two cases "Eggs and Finance institutions" tips to a rise of "Farmers Rights" and "Consumers Protection under the law" in Thailand

Association president is self-confident in situation, that price of eggs is normally in soon. He disclose cause price of eggs increase due to agriculturist to encounter drought and high weather, it have high temperature is unnatural about 43-44 Celsius when equate to time frame in last year temperature for give food to chicken is only 28-30 Celsius, it cause hen eat low food, percent level of hen is cut down and size of egg is small. Egg prices increase because price of young chicks got increased from 17 to 18 baht almost 30 baht each in six months, hen was sold for meat after late about 300 eggs. In addition lack of clean water in some areas triggered the hens to be ill and place fewer eggs, so efficiency is decrease too and now agriculturist to come across epidemic in hen is infectious bronchitis trojan (IBV).

In previous winter output get damages and then we would like reminders agriculturists rigorous in prophylaxis.

This is a big concern and the Best Minister has receive many claims from the public. Primary Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is vow to deal with the growing price of rooster eggs and create a more balanced costs system to consumers fulfill and egg makers. Mr Abhisit said during his radio and tv designed he received many grievances about the increasing price of eggs and he is trying to resolve the condition urgently. The price of eggs is seen a primary reflector of the government's efficiency in control the price tag on consumer goods.

In 3 years ago agriculturists over lose because eggs is inflation. Authorities is not impertinent in this problem reason behind problem from chronic avian influenza within the last year and set up with low price and drought problem, so that authorities intervene to be able to regulate of the situation, rooster feeder association Leader Announcements by the Egg Development Plan Committee to solve the condition price of eggs will be the following : to regulate import of breeding hens, extend the breeder hen's era, ask for co-operation store for cut down capital of packaging because the price of eggs in plastic or paper deal at merchant Tesco-Lotus is higher, 10 eggs in a clear plastic offer costs 65 baht, averaging 5 baht each.

The Commerce Ministry will ask operators of superstores for assistance in reduce the price of egg packages in order to reduce egg prices. , reduce egg export and long term policy adjustment in purchase of mating hens but Mrs. Khampa (Egg Mother board) not consent because not the way in which to resolve the condition of cut down export that could effect overrun of quality of eggs on the market, it so have long problem and stop the guideline to obtain 9 resolved suppliers. The expense of farmer will then lower, so solving problem must fixing all system from the beginning to complete or until price of machine.

Cabinet ministry's meeting has approved the import breeder hens freely to solve the issue of high price of eggs, then people who wish to import permit from the Department of Livestock has all to avoid monopoly. The Pantry ministry's that in 1-2 years, the management of the Development Committee and egg products

is error. In the reduction of import breeder hens. And fix the right of the import. It results fluctuation in cost of the rules to the Case ministry's Egg Panel should create steadiness and fairness to all farmers. Past years import quota of breeder chickens from start is 400000 have decrease every year. Led to a scarcity of breeding, which means Egg Board guidance.

Hen-Egg Farmers Relationship president Manoch Chootubtim said layer-hen farmers growing costs of production and feed meal grew more expensive. If government is merely matter about the increase in egg prices, layer-hen farmers, particularly small-scale ones, will soon collapse and close the industry.

Moreover, the Egg Plank and the Department of Livestock will form a working group with Kasetsart College or university to improve the management of breeding hen transfer quota and establish the quota for 2011. The study will concluded within 60 days and nights.

Department of Internal Trade director-general Watcharee Wimooktayon disclosed that the eggs sold under the Blue Flag task has been distribute for sale in retail throughout Thailand. The ministry has increased the number of eggs under the cost-saving Blue-Flag job by 100, 000, from the original 400, 000, to meet general public demand. Up to 500, 000 affordable eggs will be send out through 560 outlets of the Blue-Flag task nationwide

Ovaparox is produced from wheat small percentage can replace up to 50 per cent of eggs in great bakery products. Ovaparox has a shelf life of 18 months from date of manufactures. Ovaparox can replace up to50 per cent of egg in wedding cake it not result to quality, taste bake level or shelf-life

Many factors cause increased egg prices and avian flu, drought, and inadequate management of egg creation.

Weather conditions influencing the business enterprise produce more eggs. This year, Sung low heat up to 44 levels Celsius higher than last year very Optimum temps should be 28-30 certifications Celsius.

Heat a sizable increase in this The poultry and produce less stressful occasionally lack clean normal water and a suffering chicken. And some eggs. Along with other serious problems that make egg creation is to reduce the number of outbreaks of infectious bronchitis pathogen. In many rooster farms in the summer last year. That epidemic. Result in chickens and eggs. Bad and poor. The virus disease in chickens has spread rapidly influencing the kidneys and lungs freckles because warfare nama Map Furthermore to rooster, eggs, low output triggered by high temperature and then. Meals cost is another factor. Which the egg prices higher as well.

The survey found that the marketplace of food Increase the burden of low support price five eggs from normal. federal cannot solve the challenge if egg prices high in the early days and nights, they have to add eggs to the menu price Bath tub 7-8, or some operators. Might need to reduce support for eggs. Which affect the cost rises for customers.

Female traders retailing sugar and desserts that use eggs as an component. Also directly infected. Some allow losses. Original retail price, some turn to chickens, eggs in the family itself. Instead of bought eggs from the market. And eggs can split the remaining friends and neighbors reselling eggs at Bathtub 3 a vehicle to earn well in this

Secondly is the Feet Minister vowing to solve price increase in hen eggs and a balanced pricing system acceptable egg creation and utilization.

Mr said during his each week radio and television set yesterday, he received numerous grievances about price raises in the eggs and they are trying to solve urgent problems.

Egg prices will see a performance culture that demonstrates the value of the federal government to control prices of consumer goods.

Prime Minister proved he will find the balance between egg creation and prices need to provide good charges for consumers.

Ministry of Agriculture has proposed a meeting of the Insurance plan Committee and egg products to the Cupboard note the procedure egg problem. Over a short-term options such as steps to extend the chickens eggs hens egg release cage standing up out at least a month for the eggs to the market volume boosts average 1. 2 million eggs per day. Egg suspend exports. Aswell as for cooperation in the farm price of eggs per site, etc. 2. 80 Bathtub.

Measures of the Table Layer development regulations and products (Egg Plank) that actions three phases.

1. Immediate methods. Egg prices have accelerated the drop. Extended hens eggs And reduced export

2. The Commission payment to study structures that are related to the management of the condition of eggs has increased by 60 times and

3. Long-term measures is to change the breeder That are not specific and don't agree that the federal government reduce the egg. This may cause long term problems and the previous farmers market eggs reduced chickens for eggs karma. And I recommended to the federal government should provide farmers each own areas for breeding shouldn't be exclusive to the nine companies that if agricultural chickens.

Egg itself is cost lowering. The source problem. Breeder level brought on no quality If the government does not meet up with the problem. Egg problem may inundate good deal and asked the federal government to deposit the search around for. If you intend to resolve any Never to have an impact on farmers who earn less.

The eggs will need to solve problems and systems. From source to vacation spot Person or from plant materials used for dog give food to Maize and busted grain price breeders include the expense of farmers. Will solve only part of farmers can not

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