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Organization of the consulting project

After contact is established with the client firm, they begin to develop the proposal. It starts with a joint discussion of the project between the client and the consultant. Before that you need to get enough detailed information about the client company. It is important for the consultant to know what the firm does or what it does, as well as the number of employees and their qualifications, the share of management personnel, the volume of production or works (services), the cost structure, the size of profits and its sources, the financial position of the firm. Information is also required about the availability of contracts and the reliability of partners.

Then the situation is evaluated, the dynamics of its change and the essence of the problem. Next, a work schedule is drawn up and the necessary legal documents are drawn up. Particular attention should be paid to the schedule of works, most accurately determine the timing of their completion. It should also be determined in what form the work is supposed to be completed: it will be a service or the achievement of a concrete result. All this should be reflected in the schedule-work schedule. The prestige of the consultant will be largely preserved if the planned deadlines for the completion of work or a significant advance are not met.

During the execution of the order, it is necessary to take into account the psychology of the customer firm. As the work progresses, the client's interest will decrease and measures should be taken to maintain such interest, for which, for example, in the period of greatest interest, an intermediate option can be implemented. This can be: a specific proposal for the management of the company-customer; Discussion of the proposals of the consultant at the service meeting; preparing an order for the implementation of individual proposals, etc. In conclusion, a written report or action plan for the implementation of the project or a list of recommendations. Other types of registration of the results of the consultation are not excluded.


In order to offer various projects, employees of consulting firms are advised to hold presentations - public speaking. The presentation with the proposals of the company can take place before a small audience, for example, in the cabinet of the firm - a potential client, in the presence of several people from the management team. The presentation can also be organized in a large audience, in the presence of dozens or even hundreds of people. Naturally, the size of the audience determines the nature of the presentation and the level of interaction with each participant in the presentation - the representative of the client.

The timing of the presentation is determined by the consulting firm in consultation with the client. Western consulting specialists (K. McHam and others) recommend conducting presentations after lunch. Do not talk for long, without interruption. The structure of the presentation should include time for speeches and time for questions and discussion.

It is important to carefully prepare for the presentation at the presentation. The better the speaker is prepared, the shorter and more clearly he submits his proposals, the less questions he will be asked.

What are the advantages of making presentations in comparison with a written proposal? Undoubtedly, a written sentence in the form of a letter, booklet, book is perceived and remembered better than oral speech. However, with personal communication, you can focus on the most important aspects of the proposal, use the power of personal charm, which is important. Finally, during the presentation, listeners can ask questions of interest to them.

At the same time, the presentation should look natural, not overly prepared. Do not stress the technical side of the case and always remember that the presentation has a beginning and an end that should be clear and thought out: as the saying goes, the end crowns the case.

During the implementation of the consultancy project, consultants often have to conduct classes in the form of lectures or seminars with representatives of the client. To conduct a detailed analysis of the objectives of the discussion, McCam recommends obtaining accurate answers to the following questions:

• how to improve the business performance;

• what requirements this imposes on improving the performance of each or all;

• that employees must do differently or better to achieve improvements;

• what kind of help they will need to achieve this;

• What role does learning play in this?

• how it should happen;

• what conditions should be created for effective use of learning at work.

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