Termination of the deferment, installment or investment...

9.2.5. Termination of the deferment, installment or investment tax credit

The deferral, installments or INC shall terminate upon the expiry of the validity period of the relevant resolution or contract or may be terminated before the expiration of such period in cases stipulated in the US Tax Code.

Deferral, installments or INC shall be terminated early in the event of payment of the entire amount due from the tax and the fee and the relevant interest before the expiration of the prescribed period.

If the interested party violates the conditions for granting a deferment or payment by installments, the deferral or installments may be terminated ahead of schedule by a decision of the authorized body that made a decision on the appropriate change in the time for the fulfillment of the obligation to pay taxes and fees.

In case of early termination of the deferral or installment by installments of the authorized body, the interested person must, within 1 month after receiving the relevant decision, pay the unpaid amount of the debt, as well as penalties for each calendar day, starting from the day following the day of receipt of this decision, on the day of payment of this amount inclusive. At the same time, the remaining unpaid amount of debt is defined as the difference between the amount of debt defined in the decision to grant a deferral (installment plan) increased by the amount of interest calculated in accordance with the decision on deferment (installment plan) for the grace period (installments) and the amounts actually paid and percentages.

The notice of cancellation of the decision on deferral or installments is sent by the authorized authority to the interested person by registered mail within 5 days from the date of the decision. Notice of cancellation of the decision on deferral or installment is considered received after 6 days from the date of sending the registered letter. A copy of such decision in the same terms is sent to the tax authority at the place of registration of the person concerned.

The decision of the authorized body on early termination of the deferral, installments may be appealed by the person concerned to the court in the manner prescribed by US law.

The operation of the INC contract may be terminated ahead of schedule by agreement of the parties or by a court decision.

If during the term of the contract on the INC the organization that concluded it violates the conditions for the sale or transfer to the possession, use or disposal of equipment or other property by the agreement, the acquisition of which was the basis for the provision of the INC, this organization within 1 month from the date of termination of the contract on INC is obliged to pay all unpaid earlier in accordance with the agreement the amount of the deposit, as well as the corresponding interest and interest on the unpaid tax amounts charged for each ka endarny day of the contract on the Congress on the basis of the US central bank refinancing rate effective for the period from the conclusion to the termination of such agreement.

If an organization that carries out a particularly important order for the social and economic development of the region or provides especially important services to the population that received the INC violates its obligations, in connection with the performance of which the INC received within the period specified in the contract, then no later than three months from the date termination of the contract, she is obliged to pay the entire amount of unpaid tax and interest on this amount, which are accrued for each calendar day of the contract on the basis of a rate equal to the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the United States.

The percentages provided for in Ch. 9 of the Tax Code of the United States of America and payable by the interested person, in case of violation of the period of their payment, shall be recovered in an order similar to the declarative procedure for VAT refund (Article 176.1 of the Tax Code of the United States).

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