A Personal Development Progress Education Essay

A personal development progress can help me to establish and explore my goals and map out ways to carefully turn them into truth. Personal Development Planning Guide 2002: 4 It'll allow to practice the abilities I am developing, to explore the opportunities in the foreseeable future. In this reflective report, I will introduce myself firstly, and then give attention to my personal development planning specifically.

I researched for my undergraduate degree in Media and Creativities (Film and Tv Development Management) at the Zhejiang School of Multimedia and Communications for three years. During that time, I gained knowledge in Marketing and Management, which I believe is a good foundation for my future graduate studies.

Furthermore, I put the opportunity to review at Coventry College or university for my last year through students exchange programmed. The time spent in the united kingdom broadened my horizon and greatly increased my English, especially my speaking and tuning in skills. It also helped me to gain professional understanding of Event Management, that will benefit me in my own graduate studies.

I became thinking about management while working as an intern in my own family's company. Whilst in employment I obtained valuable real life knowledge and experience. Through my observation of the company's procedure process, I recognized the way the managerial methods are carried out into genuine practice. Through this experience, I needed the possibility to better understand the management system including areas that need improvement. I also experienced the chance to meet talented people from whom I learnt a great deal. This made me realize the importance of persons within an enterprise.

Indeed, as a global exchange graduate in 2013, I put much more experience than others, as well as it is appear to more chance for me. In contrast, discovering my development planning can be more challenging.

Task reflections

Action ideas and skills audit

Skills audit

During this season in the united kingdom, I discovered and practiced a number of key skills that could be used and developed in a variety of situations. I also came to the realization that employers value the skills with great importance. Basically, skills for individual and group talk about equal importance in learning and working.

Compared with the students in my university in China, my classmates in the UK have many skills worth learning. Their self-study potential and management has left me a profound impression during regular conversation with them. They always make their own study plan and keep on it accordingly. In addition, they spend plenty of time in the library searching for useful literature in order to widen knowledge. That is what l learned from here and I believe the cleverness, eagerness and dedication are essential elements for my future success.

I participated in group studies to learn different levels of communication, as well as how to receive and send signals in our own unique environment, which is pivotal for me. Rose (2008: 7) asserts that almost all of this learning is out of understanding, not consciously immersed along the way of surviving in a particular group. Seeking to talk to who learn the various language in a group, is one of the better ways to discover the characteristics of one's own way of communicating. That is one of the primary explanations why I go in foreign countries.

Action plans

There are three main levels in this personal development planning. (Personal Development Planning Guide 2002: 16) In level one, it is necessary to identify what I am 'required' to do in my role, which is always useful to get started on with my job explanation and identify what I am required to do in the future. Stage two is to understand the genuine skills and knowledge bottom part, and to consider how these think about what I need to do yet. Level three is to compare the mandatory and genuine skills, and then reduce the gaps as is feasible as I could.

Thus, before I came up to Coventry School, I considered about the requirements of skills and knowledge that is important to be able to effectively communicate. Bettering academics and communicate English skill is the primary job though this two years. It is also required broader professional knowledge at this time, because I want to progress and turn into a new role. More specifically, it is important to meet an academic staff, such as a personal academic tutor, to discuss my academic goals and get useful feedback to boost my plan efficiency.

I studied in Film and Tv Development Management in China before three year, that I gained deeper understanding about marketing than other event management learner does. For year three, I intend to improve skills I curently have, as well as acquiring new skills by using what I learned from Film and Television Production Management, in order to get ready for my future work. For instance, to study from someone who has experience in the region I want to develop. At the same time, tell them my advantages and weakness and ask them to review my own plan, in order that they could help me clarify my goals and achieve goals.

A 5 yr career plan


Education for Event Management in China is at least 30 years behind the UK. (Qikanwang. 2012) Getting ultimately more comprehensive education is the reason why I study this program here. Another main task for this time is improving my communication skill in English and adaptability in a new environment.

At once, it's important to secure a basic understanding of my majors and familiar with the collection and analysis of relevant information, and understand the connections between the several areas of what I analyze. And then set out to reflect on the goals of personal development progress and to adjust my plans in time.


Pursue a postgraduate level to increase my professional knowledge and to broaden my job option. Use the tool in the University Opportunities Service. Gain opportunities for part-time, voluntary and getaway work. Volunteer work provides an outstanding experience as well as give me extra things on CV. (Personal Development Planning Guide 2002: 22). On top of this, prepare to apply for a work for next season.


At the end of the second year, I should have gained much deeper understanding and reflect on my current position. After graduating from postgraduate study, I have to prepare for interviews and assessments also to visit Job Fairs and activities, live and online. And then I could take good thing about the experience and resources to get a job in the UK to promote a high professional standard.


There are in China more than 100 million people working in the event business (event-related business), included in this 15 million as professionals. However, the amount of event managers with professional skills and skills is less than 200. (Zhou, B. 2011: 147) In the mean time, in Shanghai along, the event market grows up by over 20% each year. ( Docin. 2012)

Shortage of skill and the quick development of the function market prompted me planning to go back to China, which is my best option would be working for an event company filled with opportunities, where I could exploit the advanced knowledge and experience that I learned these years.

10 actual job vacancies

10 real job vacancies

Events Executive

Marketing Exec - Advertising campaign Management

Trade and Exhibition Manager

Events/Marketing communications Manager

Events and PR Manager

Marketing Communications Executive

Creative Services Director

Regional Occurrences and Sponsorship Manager

Exhibition Project Manager

Events and Hospitality Coordinator

Detail skills and competencies necessary for the job

Organizational skills

Command skills

Ingenuity and innovation

Design and directing skills

Development, casting and writing

Good Personal computer skills, including working knowledge of Microsoft packages

The desire to creative problem handling and innovate

Knowledge of economics


Data analysis and report

Outstanding interpersonal skills

Confident and excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

Regional and budgets management

Multi-project management skills

Strong commercial awareness

Well motivated


Understanding of national marketing

A self-confident, convincing and professional demonstration style

A positive attitude and vibrant spirit of teamwork

Flexible to international travels

A driving a car license

Acquainted with network communication channels and print, printing creation techniques and artwork creation

Assessment Centre Exercise and In Holder Exercise

I participated within an online exercise that ended up being very useful to me, not only since it tested a variety of skills and knowledge, but also because this exercise helped me to have a better knowledge of the process of planning, advertising and performance. By looking at this exercise with seeking to place myself in a genuine working environment, I not only discovered something that is beyond the classes in college, but also found some problems I dismissed before.

The most essential point in this exercise is to show my capacity for problem handling within a given time. The first rung on the ladder is to comprehend the employers' requirement through the interviews. This requires me to keep my eye on the whole picture, and try to answer questions with quality and sound reasoning. Following this step, it is necessary to truly have a full preparation also to make specific ideas confidently and excitement. Getting useful information and making records in keywords during the process is also helpful. Through the execution of the program, I kept in mind that everything I really do must maximize use the limited time efficiently as well. Admittedly, authority and organizing potential are evenly important. Each team innovator must distribute the tasks efficiently and reasonably.

This process was an opportunity for me personally to practise company and communication skills, as well as the ability to deal with contingencies. It also reminds me to keep getting professional knowledge for the future work. My involvement in these activities helped me to start to see the management associated with an enterprise as a process analogous to the management of any collective activity where the role of any leader is to keep the team together with a view to obtaining a set in place goal.


In conclusion, this reflective article has summarised and rationalised my personal development progress based on what I discovered in this program and self led tasks and review during this term. It looks again at the career goals, and the talents and areas have to be improved upon, assesses the improvement towards my targets. They have considered about my background skills, competencies, experience and advantages to make suited choices and job paths.

It is clear that, no matter being long-term or short-term, as a benefit for me personally, I think that studying in the UK will help me to solidify my undergraduate studies and experience, and acquire new knowledge to achieve my future job goals. This personal development progress will help me to take into account my education in general and then select key areas to focus on.

Weinstein (2008: 37) asserts that no person can predict the future, but planning now may help to enhance the opportunity of locating the perfect career. As a Chinese language graduate in 2013, taking the opportunity to deal with my future, using this plan to get a clear picture of what and when I have to do. Finally, placing my goals helps me to attain future alternatives with inspiration.

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