A Student's Future Work Plans

Throughout my life, I had been attracted to science, technology and a food cravings for knowledge, knowledge about anything and everything. I used to be always proficient at analytical reasoning and mathematical skills, always looked at the big picture without forgetting the key statistical details. After my college or university, I had made the decision that I would be going after my bachelor's degree in anatomist and technology and from then on management because in those days this combination was regarded as the best combination as it is today. 1 day I want to be self employed and generate work for others too and help my country. The global world and its free trade or business has always been fascinating for me, getting a love for learning about all other cultures and societies of the world. I consider that depends upon, planet earth, is a person's home and this, he should not be bound by the barriers of country, contest or religion but touch base for other people as there's always something to be learnt or distributed. The globe cannot make it through or prosper without business. I am quite definitely enthusiastic about the workings of world economies, macroeconomics, international trade, business and foreign exchange and I wish to make a good niche market in the same.

The word determination for me is simple, that if you effect from anybody's work so you wish to accomplish the same to achieve your goal is called motivation. I had been through many literature but at the end, I have come to to 1 of theory of inspiration by North american psychologist Abraham Maslow, he argues that we have seven innate needs for determination in fifth one, he said "Self Actualization Needs: for development of features to the fullest potential" in that he said, mental process that business lead people to go after particular goal. So I relate myself with this theory and I agree with him somewhat that person that has some desire or get effect form someone and want for doing that is his inspiration in life to do something(ORGINISATIONAL Behavior by HUCZYNSKI BUCHANAN pg no 55 & 56 ). Besides learning gadgets and telecommunication engineering, I also discovered economics in my own second calendar year of engineering that creates my curiosity about world economics and funding. At the same time in my own second season, I came into in talk about marketing and my uncle was my desire. It was hard at starting but as time passed it became very interesting. "Goldman Sachs and Company" that is the biggest determination of my entire life to start my own company of investment bank and start providing all the facilities to the people of different age groups. I studied all about the Goldman Sachs that how Marcus Goldman a German immigrant and his son-in-law started this big organization in the entire year 1869 and today they are the biggest bank financial services on earth. They provide various products to the entire world which include investment banking, excellent brokerage, investment management, commercial banking and goods and help big companies in the mergers and acquisitions advice, and property management to its clients and around 35, 400 employees working in this firm according to 3 One fourth 2010 information (research GS. com). That encouraged me to get started on my own company in the same field of bank financial services and lead the entire world in that field. But before doing all this, I need a good management knowledge and deep study of bank and money and then only my dream will come true. After all these, I finally decided to analyze and complete my master's level in subject like Bank and Financing.

As I said before, I needed always believed on the term globalization because of that, whole world is everybody's home and they talk about knowledge and on the other hands it will create employment. Sustainable Development that is eco-friendly and develops upon human learning resource and expertise pool combined with the natural resources that are renewable is always the cause of betterment of the world. Today maximum expansion is occurring in Asia-Pacific but almost all of it is unsustainable. Back home (INDIA) I know the country has many financial problems including infrastructure scarcity that require to be resolved but are being not. China acquired an enormous real GDP progress of 16. 8%, which leaves an Indian growth rate of 9% as moderate. Taking a look at the global picture, I've made the decision that U. K would be the best country for me personally to review further running a business and money field U. K is a daddy of business and money so it is best country for me personally. In U. K, a few of the universities are best in the whole world plus their material are also outstanding. Along with stock market, foreign exchange has always seduced me; the ability to make quick decisions that will have an impact on a lot of money is intriguing. With an goal of studying finance in U. K, I started searching once and for all colleges and my main goal to choose any university was its course content, so that I'll get value for the money. Then I started searching for universities and I founded Bangor University to be most attractive for me as a result of good course content and also provide many facilities with their students. During that time I have been through many school sites and their fees constructions, some of them were very expensive and also devoid of good course articles. At the previous level when finally decision taking time emerged, I must make a decision a good one and today feeling that I had used the right decision. Bangor University is the best school in U. K for Bank and fund studies. It has a great variety of courses for students to choose and the modules of MBA Banking and Fund program is highly desirable. Most important is the Bangor city which is very beautiful and I experienced that folks here are very friendly and it is a student friendly place. Within my research for Bangor College or university I have also heard from the elderly people that it's the second cheapest city in UK to reside and this is good from student's point of view. Studying MBA (banking in Financing) from Bangor University gives me a global ranking and impart me the skills I need to make a good niche in the finance and business world.

My motivation to take understanding of management for achieving my goal induces me towards learning. It looks very weird but when I saw the meaning of learning in dictionary got one description that the cognitive process of acquiring knowledge or skills is named as learning. My notion towards learning is relatively same but that explanation of dictionary offers me more clear view. The learning is divided into two parts, first one is behaviourist and second is cognitive. Behaviourist theory argues that whatever we learn are the external muscle motions. As brain or mental functions are not straight observable, they aren't considered valid issues for research. On the other hand cognitive theory claims that everything we learn are mental framework, and that mental techniques are both important and are amenable to study and cognitive process is also known as information handling.

Learning according if you ask me transforms the life of a person it gives a person extra advantage in life to improve the things that he desires to. Learning takes on an important role in every areas of human's life because without learning no-one can achieve his desired goal. You will find mainly three types of learners, first is surface learner, second deep learner and third you are tactical learner. Every learner is having different way towards learning. Surface learner have extrinsic type of drive, his learning way is not completely fit in definition of learning. He is inability in his own head, devoid of any eagerness and interest towards learning or other work. He always memorises the things if he unable to recover that he simply quit the things. His approach for just about any work is negative and regarded as very thin minded. Deep learners approach is of very intrinsic type. He's always considering learning new things and being innovative at the job. His intentions are always positive and learn things quickly. His procedure for examining the things is extremely fast and he is very personal type of learner. He's a deep thinker and gives the holistic end result. This sort of learner is recognized as a significant learner. Strategic learner is full of successes in life, always get good grades during studies and he's very competitive. He always considers competition and that is why he's very successful in his life. Whatever he does is at organised fashion and has some progressive way. He is a variable kind of learner and depends upon the other to do small work. Strategic learner is recognized as an achiever. I consider myself as a deep learner because my perception towards studies is deep and desires to learn every time. The motivation of learning towards management, and to start my very own business bring me to Bangor School so that I can achieve my goal and learn as much new things. We are able to also study from many of the good personalities like Mohandas K Ghandi, Barack Obama, and Michel Phelps etc. that they have confidence which is a key to success. All above individuals acquired loads of self-confidence and self idea in individuals that determines success or failure. Most of us grew up thinking about faults as bad part, and taking a look at errors as proof important, incapacity. This negative thinking routine can create a self-fulfilling prophecy, which undermines the learning process. To maximise our learning it is vital to ask: "How do i get the most from every mistake made. After all not only education, big levels; it is focused on experience and problems one can face during any work, studies or from any regions of life. When I started doing show marketing, in those days my knowledge was zero but as time handed I have been through many pros and cons, profits and loss but at the end I got quite definitely familiar with the terminologies of show market and understand how to earn profits. Learning helps people whose skill levels are lower; who have bad recollections in formal education helps them to learn and boosts their self-assurance towards it. Casual education is also one of the steps and it causes a much better job because better learning causes a much better knowledge and allows a person to have a quick and tough decision in a life or during job. People do learning for their own intrinsic principles definitely not for qualification but for their personal fulfilment, stay lively as well as indie. To challenge stereo types we need all of these time for example during economic down flip.

Learning not only benefit the individuals life but it also boosts national prosperity, increases employment and helps during financial downturn. Learning brings trend in the world of globalization and is also also employed in organization. Organizations willing to bring their effect and their expertise to share recourses to learn and are assisting new ways of learning including technology and broadcasting. Nowadays we've wider selection of learning e-learning, distance education. E-learning brings revolution in the world of learning it is providing a practical approach to university student and makes them to understand big theories quickly. Distance education is also a great growth in learning process, now anybody can study from any area of the world. Traditional knowledge is also in a great demand because nowadays new technologies acquired just diverted peoples mind from traditional knowledge, but some group of men and women still want to explore traditional knowledge and keep their present age familiar with it. Third age colleges is increasing because of new systems. Learning is an important part of our own life and it makes every impossible thing possible if we learn that from our heart and soul.

Group is defined as any number of entities which regarded as a product. In group a range of individuals would be there but the condition is the fact that they must be interactive with one another and they should become aware of the other person psychologically, In order to adjust themselves to form a group and group should be work beautifully. Regarding to Buchanan and Huczynski, the group is classified as formal group and casual group. Formal teams are those teams in an organisation which have been consciously created to complete the organisation's collective purpose. These formal groups perform formal function such as getting work done, producing ideas, liaising etc. The formal group are basically made by the company and are officially accountable for it. A casual group is assortment of individual who turn into a group when member develop inter dependencies, affects one another's behaviour and donate to common need satisfaction.

The group where I am working is a formal type of group because it is task oriented and company has paid some activity to us. In formal group specific objective we get and every member have to achieve that by working as a product. I needed a good experience of working in group when I was in my own final of anatomist and our group made the project "STREET LIGHT MANIPULATION SYSTEM" which is based on the power saving technique. It was a very great experience for me personally to employed in a group throughout that job and our job was a great success. Group influences the individual's behavior to employed in an organization and make every member to work matching with their potential. Group is a way to get work done from an individual because of the group norms that everyone makes will put pressure atlanta divorce attorneys member to do work. Group mainly consists of N quantity of entities but group innovator is very important part of any group because there should be one innovator to lead the group, so it will get better to talk for group members, considering group innovator as a medium. Leader performs an important role in group he binds all the group users with the other person and forces these to get the work done in time. Group norms also shape the individual contribution to give output. Group can also be regarded as security, coverage and personal information of a person. Group works as a coverage to specific means it can help individual to work in line with the need of a group. Group also works as identity of an individual as everyone says that this belongs compared to that group. Group also helps in increasing specific knowledge in terms of culture, faith and fields. If in a group each member is from different culture and country then there will be sharing of culture and knowledge between group customers result in upsurge in individuals knowledge. If in a group member belongs to different fields such as engineering, management, law etc will also helps a group to be the elite one. Group also enhances the quality of work, determination, communication skills and increases the output as well as imagination. Group also increases the command quality of a person.

Working in a group has many advantages such as knowledge showing, leadership quality, output etc but on the other hand it is also having many down sides like frame of mind problems between group members, lack of communication and irresponsibility about work. The behaviour and romance of the group member with one another should be good usually it'll lead to crises between the other person and results on the performance of a group. As I mentioned above that there should be one group head required to deal with a group but on the other hand its having some negatives also, that group leader should have command quality and learn how to handle an organization otherwise confusion can make a mess of a group and it will results in group work. Every group member should enjoy a the group leader to whom they may be selecting. Every member should have equal involvement so that everyone should feel happy that every member did the work as per the program. Every group member ought to know the goal and accomplishments of group and work hard according to that, otherwise it will create miss understanding between each other. Decision making of a complete group should be same or it'll prove unsafe for the group's unity

After writing all the details in this essay, I have come to to final result that in everybody's life things such as desire, learning and group work plays an important role. All the things are inter-related with each other. Every term is incomplete with each other like motivation originates from learning, if you are motivated from someone then you have to work hard and learn according compared to that. Working in a group increase your chance of success in a nutshell period of time and you'll get the publicity which you should lead in life. Each one of these aspects will sharpen the mind of an individual, changes the notion to see world and an individual will comes out as a great personality. Corresponding to me inspiration, learning and group work should be the ground rules of any company or person for success. As I wish to become a business owner these terms can help me a great deal in every level of life.

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