A Technology Aided Learning

We need technology atlanta divorce attorneys classroom and in every student and professors hand, since it is the pen and newspaper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience a lot of our world( David Warlick). Technology aided education means employing technology to assist students better know very well what is being taught. It isn't change itself alternatively it brings change. Technology is playing an essential role in every field of life so we must adopt modern technology in education as developed countries are doing. Although integration of technology in education is on suprisingly low level in Pakistan but it can be improved by following types of other countries. Educational technology also offers some drawbacks and it is criticize a great deal but benefits are more than shortcomings, so that it doesn't decrease need for technology aided learning.

Technology is the part of our lives so that people can't feel, old methods can be applied no longer newspaper and pen are being changed by tablets,

"Newspaper is no longer a huge part of my day. I get 90% of my information online, so when I go to a getting together with and want to jot things down, I bring my Tablet Laptop or computer. It's fully synchronized with my office machine therefore i have all the data files I want. "(Bill gates)

Technology is not a change itself instead it is an instrument for changing the design of doing things. It really is playing this important role in education which it has coined a term TEL (technology increased learning). If we want not to be blamed by coming generations we should utilize all the tools we have, like John Dewey says,

"If we coach today even as taught yesterday, we rob our kids of tomorrow".

Educational solutions are widely employed in Universities and universities and it has a positive response but still there are many people who think that technology has lessened teacher's talk about in classroom and one day technology will replace professors, but it is merely a misconception. It really is true that teacher performs more important role than pcs and other technology. The actual fact of the matter is

"Technology Changes Teaching, Not Teachers" (Ellen M. Granberg).

Technology provides assistance to professors, it is nothing without them.

According to Education experts, technology has helped a whole lot in elevating the understanding level of students, as technology lets us demonstrate practically instead of just reading words from book. In other words technology helps have helped in building fascination with studies consequently students' attendance is increased in institutions availing technology aids.

According to David Andrade,

"Technology can give instructors and students great resources, new opportunities for learning, ways to collaborate and create, and spend less. Technology is an extremely powerful tool for education".

Experts say that technology helps thinking process of students, it broadens their view point. Another benefit for introducing technology especially Computer technology is that students have other resources for help besides professor and study time never end as students access internet can find help for himself any time anywhere. International Society for Technology in Education is working on improving education with technology; it offers support of thousand of education and technology experts all over the world. Holly M. Jobe, the President of ISTE says that

"It's important that education technology continues to be a priority inside our nation's universities. Through ETAN we can continue steadily to support technology use within schools ".

So it is an admitted proven fact that educational technology is the necessity of today.

There are a lot of modern techniques and systems which can be being utilized to make learning an interesting process. For example, the mostly utilized device is a "Multimedia Projector" as sound video aid which makes understanding of subject matter much easier. Another popular program is slideshow software which has been utilized from a long time and is employed right now. Besides these exact things a modern technology is faraway learning by video recording conference which is very popular today as by this method thousands of students may take lectures staying hundreds KM away from teacher. Computer aside from its other uses is recognized as learning aid as a whole lot of computer applications (self applied learning software) can be found which makes unbiased review easier and computer aided learning is referred to as Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL). According to a report I pads are useful in teaching counting to kids. And the main thing is E-readers and music book players; one can get an incredible number of books in softcopy and take them in his pocket. These exact things are inexpensive and the present technology conscious era is more enthusiastic about these gadgets than paper books. By use of the aids learning has become easier and interesting process.

If we look at the education systems of developed countries, there's a very important role of technology in learning process. For instance in USA and UK devices like I clicker and I pad has gigantic use in category rooms and these are advised even for the youngsters, most of colleges and Universities have linked classrooms service that students sitting down in several campuses can be present at a single lecture. Social media and micro blogging sites like tweets are used for daily lessons planning and communicating with students. In China 1, 000 experimental institutions for modern educational technology and 91 national experimental zones for IT education have been create throughout the united states in last few years, according to Individuals' Daily (Country wide News paper).

Unfortunately the education system of Pakistan still contains old and obsolete methods. Despite many developments in last few years, major population of students is still lacking basic resources. For instance most of the Public Schools don't have computer labs or the labs are outdated. A large number of the students don't have access to the internet even at SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL level, and where these facilities can be found they don't have almost any technology experts to aid instructors utilizing these facilities. Use of technology in Education will not indicate to provide educational companies with modern equipment and everything that, it is more than that.

As Nancy Kassebaum says;

"There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if educators themselves cannot bring it into the classroom and make it happen, then it fails. "

So the real thing is to provide the students with teachers which can efficiently integrate technology in education, as it is a famous declaring that a educator can be changed by computer deserves to be. In last 10 years many steps have been used for increasing educational criteria of open public sector academic institutions and colleges, many pilot programs have been launched to provide students with modern facilities. But saddest thing is the fact most of these programs were launched by NGOs, and Govt. didn't show any desire for these programs therefore majority of programs resulted in complete failure credited to insufficient funds.

"All previous tries to create technology in Pakistani educational system

have failed specifically because of the half hearted attempts made by government.

Take the example of agro-technical educational design that was introduced

in the seventies. It failed because it was not analyzed through the Mother board and

was considered too casually by students, educators and school supervision. I see

not much difference in agro-technical education of seventies and computer

technical education of today. "( Adeela Arshad-Ayaz)

One of the significant reasons of insufficient modern facilities in universities is unavailability of cash as Education budget of Pakistan is very narrow. So the education system of Pakistan is facing a complete disaster.

The education system can not be improved by providing modern technology assists only. In Pakistan the programs of Govt. taking technology in classrooms usually fails because of insufficient public understanding and national consensus on issue. First people have to be persuaded that technology can improve education standard and understanding of students. For this purpose educational seminars and conferences can help. Secondly technology experts must teach the teachers, how to teach in a better way through the use of modern technology. It is a sad simple fact that there is not concept of employing a technology expert inside our schools. Thirdly the Government must revive education policy by giving more importance to technology. Integrating technology in education is an expensive process but it is one time investment.

Although technology aided education has benefits but there are some drawback too. There's a lot of debate happening benefits and shortcomings of technology. First of all critics say that it is much expensive than traditional methods of teaching, also technology is not available to all similarly there is a large Digital gap between people of different areas especially between large locations and rural areas. Another problem is training of educators; with the advancement of technology it is crucial to set up workshops for instructors to create them with upcoming technology nationwide, which really is a very difficult activity. Although these arguments are right but it doesn't imply that technology helps should be discarded, instead we have to find solution of these problems.

Technology implementation has lead for some serious problems too. First of all technology has increased the probability of plagiarism without being captured, for example graphing calculator is often allowed in examinations but it offers all basics formulas and equations pre programmed in it, so a student can simply get high grades by it. Similarly in case there is literature students can certainly duplicate paste articles and assignments. But good thing is the fact technology has provided the solution of the problems too by means of plagiarism control tools. One of the primary problems is that teacher don't know whether students are keying in their records of or updating their position on face book. A quick look through a computer laboratory will expose that most of students are wasting time in surfing web aimlessly and upgrading sociable networking sites. This can be handled by using strict filtration systems which again technology offers us. Also too much dependence on technology has adverse effects at it changes the way of real human thinking. According to Sydney J. Harris,

"The true danger isn't that computers will begin to believe like men, but that men will start to believe like pcs. "

So we must use technology but carefully that it might not transform us into machines. Technology can be an assistive tool for us and it has much importance but not more than humans. The misuse of technology will lead to collapse of our education system. We should learn that use of technology means a moderate integration with education.

Future of technology aided education is dazzling as it has delivered more than prospects which is growing rapidly. Within a decade technology has developed so fast that it's impossible to predict its future, but there are a few things that are worth talking about as future technology. Today we are using gadgets that are not too intelligent to interact with real world. But a whole lot of companies will work on smart robots to work as teachers of coaching assistants in institutions in truth a pilot program has been launched in Korea where robots are used for teaching purpose on elementary level. One more thing is smart table which is very common nowadays but it is not much efficient and may be substituted by holographic projectors. Podcasting is one of the most popular educational assists as it provides two way marketing communications between students and instructors. There are many things like e-newspaper, podcasting, real-time training video conferencing, flipped classrooms and digital wording books are on the way to classrooms. Regardless of what will happen, future of technology aided learning is considered excellent as it is changing and growing very fast which is said that change never dies.

Above pointed out things conclude that technology integration in education is not a bad thing all at, this will depend upon us, how exactly we utilize it. When compared with some down sides of there are a great number of benefits rendering it worth applicable inside our lives. But the most important thing is that technology should be utilized keeping in the view that technology is a not the change instead it is an instrument for change and tools need some operator.

" The technology itself can fail, leaving an trainer to holiday resort to back up. "(Ellen M. Granberg). So technology should never replace teacher otherwise our educational institutes is only going to produce humans having thoughts of an computer.

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