Analysis Of Honey And Mumford Learning Styles Education Essay

The objective of the section intends to recognize and review my learning style, personality and team role by different kinds of psychometric lab tests. Then I can understand myself more and it's really helpful for me to ascertain my future job. These are VARK, MBTI, Honey & Mumford and Belbin. They are useful to let me more understand my advantageous and preferred learning style, personality and team role. Moreover, my strengths and weaknesses will be determined as well by the test results.

What is learning style?

According to Harold (2008), the word of learning style is the concept that individuals can identify which setting of instructions or research is the most effective learning style for the coffee lover.

Therefore, different people have their own exclusive learning style. We have to clearly understand our very own learning style and determine the best option method for learning for improving our learning effectiveness.

Why learning is important?

Learning result is the modified knowledge. It takes on an important role in your choice making. (Wen, 2004). Therefore, learning is a prep for the future career path and be success. The outcome of learning is knowledge which can upgrade and improve you in order to face the task of the job and carry it out smoothly. And it will be beneficial to make a correct decision. Hofmann (2008) mentioned the world is changing rapidly. Therefore, folks should conform the changing situation through the learning constantly in order to keep up the competitiveness.



It is a set of questionnaire that can help the people to identify their learning personal preferences which can help in the efficiency and efficiency of learning. It is becoming visible that can diverse the most well-liked learning styles to the students through the four physiological learning styles of visual, aural, read-write and kinesthetic. (Dargo, 2004). The test was in the beginning developed by Neil Fleming since 1987 in New Zealand.

Analysis of VARK

As the result shows, I've a multi-modal learning choice.


VARK (2011) mentioned this perceptual mode which the inclination for information is "heard or spoken". Aural learning seems the best option learning method for me. For example, in the school, I prefer listening to the lecturer to comprehend the knowledge and theories. EASILY faced some troubles of this content or feel lost, I won't be reluctant to ask the lecturer after the lesson. And also I would discuss with my classmates in order to discover the process and solve the difficulties.


VARK (2011) stated this preference is perfect for information shown as words. Read/Write learning is quite a lot like my learning method. I would like to take my learning British method for example. When I found some new vocabularies that i did not know, I would write it right down to my notebook. And I would read it constantly and regularly once i was free. Furthermore, respect to the revision method of evaluation. I also would write it down to my notebook which part was very important to memorizing.


VARK (2011) mentioned this choice includes the depiction of information in maps, spider diagrams, charts, graphs, flow graphs etc. Visible learning is also quite much like my learning method. For my studying method. After read the content of the textbook or records. I would sketch a diagram in summary and gather all the things. I think it makes it clearly to comprehend a wall structure of words.


VARK (211) explained this modality refers to the perceptual inclination related to the use of experience and practice. Although this desire I have acquired the lowest report, it quite fits my learning style. Such as for example learning Mathematics, after discovered a new formulation, I would use it for calculation. Initially, I could not calculate the correct answer. I would do more and practice more until I got corrected. And then, when I determined the same kind of this question the next time, I could do it quickly and effectively.

Significance and restriction of VARK

VARK is good for me to understand my preferred learning style. However, the test seems too extensive as it allows the going on of multi-model learning performance. Taking my circumstance for example, I've the multi-model learning performance as well. The things of different facets are balance and similar. Therefore, the consequence of the test is probably not specific and exclusive enough.

Myer-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Sign (MBTI) is a self-reporting, psychological instrument designed to categorize individuals predicated on their choices in four areas. (Hamilton et al, 2002). Based on the talk about of Zemke(1992), MBTI can distinguish individuals into sixteen personality types predicated on high and low things on the four areas. It developed by the mother-daughter team of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers.

What is personality?

Wall (2008) explained that the personality is "the pattern of collective figure, behavioral, temperamental, mental, and mental features of a person". And our personality type can determine people how to work together the world, accumulate the information, make decision and orient our lifestyles. And also determine the communication style to others.

Analysis of MBTI

According to the test end result, I belong to ESFP and ESTP. It explained which i am an Extraversion, Sensing, and Perceiving. The major difference of effect is between Sensing and Pondering.

The result recognized which i am Extroversive (E), I quite agree that. I recognize that communication and being lively are the most important for creating the social network. Therefore, I am eager to make new friends and start my mind to speak to them. Especially, I love communicating with the elders. It's because I can learn a lot form them through the communication. Such as for example they would share about their life experience, views and ideals if you ask me which really made me to get a lot and change my mind.

Concerning the Sensing(S). I also trust that. For example, I favor doing task with my group mates because I assume that the better result would be acquired through interaction and debate. Regards to Perceiving (P), It also quite suits me. Doing the responsibilities step by step or sequentially is not my habit. I prefer being flexible and discover the feasible method for doing the tasks. Concerning the Feeling(F) and Considering(T), in addition they match me. I'd concern and consider others' feeling when i realize the importance of harmony.

Significance and limitation of MBTI

Tan (1999) indicated that "MBTI is a good tool for enhancing career counselling and workers development in general management. " It would be ideal for me to determine my career route. Such as I am Extroversive (E), maybe I could modify the works which must communicate with the customers. However, Tan (1999) also stated that the "personality types recognized are not cast in stone". It means the preferences will change will depend on different situation. People can change their answers to get the "right" result. It means the result of the test can be evolved easily. (Kennedy & Kennedy, 2004)

Belbin's Team-role

According to Bebin Associates (2012), It can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people in work area. The Belbin team-role inventory is a well-known and proven measure for recognition of individual team functions (Senior and Swailes, 1998). It had been developed by Meredith Belbin in 1969 and it can assess preference for nine Team Functions. ( Belbin Associates, 2012)

What is team role?

Team-role is defined as "trend to behave, add and interrelate with others in a particular way". A team does not just suggest a group of men and women with the job title. It is a congregation of people. Every member should comprehend each other's role and perform most effectively and by natural means. (Belbin Associates, 2012). The team role referred to how the specific fits into the team. It didn't suggest the individuals perform a specific function. (Rajendran, 2005)

Analysis of Belbin's Team-role

According to the BELBIN test, I am most likely an Implementer. The least preferred team role is team staff member and completer finisher.

As an implementer which I got 100 points, the test said I am disciplined, reliable and capacity for taking useful steps and action. I agree with that. Take the group task for example. Every group mate would be designated certain of work. I possibly could always probably do it well and send it promptly. And I am quite practical because I usually ask my group mates to concentrate and make more efforts on the part which constitute the highest marks.

I got 90 markings as an expert. The Specialist gets the characteristics of being single-minded, self-motivated, dedicated and able to provide knowledge and skills in uncommon supply. I somewhat agree with the test result. For example, I will probably mention some theories from the textbook or notes to be able to remind my group mates the job what is included.

Significance and restriction of Belbin's Team-role

Partington and Harris (1999) explained the Belbin's Team-role can identify the strengths and weakness of management teams. It really is useful for me to realize what my preferred team role is and act which position in the team.

However, Jackson (2002) recognized that the team role wouldn't normally be predictive of team performance. The test just mentioned what the role you are, but did not involve weather you can perform well on the team-role.

Self -assessment

Honey & Mumford learning styles questionnaire

Honey & Mumford learning styles questionnaire is a research instrument originated for helping answer the study question indicating the introduction of a valid and reliable measurement instrument to match and determine students' learning styles preferences within a higher educational organization. (Penger & Tekavcic, 2009)

It includes major four types of learning style which are activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist style. (Penger & Tekavcic, 2009)

Analysis of Honey & Mumford learning styles

I am Activist which is very strong desire by the test consequence. As the test mentioned this type of person favor work first then consider the effect later. I am so stunned because that definitely is me. For example, while i was necessary to do project, I'd get it done first whether the direction was accurate without detailed planning which just depended on my thought. If the problems happened, I would seek help actively such as ask my classmates or teacher and find different ways until figuring out every one of the problems. That's quite high-risk as the consequence is ignored. In addition, I also enjoy here and now as the test sated. For the reason that I always feel that the near future is unpredictable, nobody will know what may happen. And I am also open-minded. I am willing and liked to a person who could signify my faults, notify me some new things and show me some new knowledge. As I recognize that learning should be better through discussion.

Limitation of Honey & Mumford learning styles

Caple and Martin (1994) explained that even though Honey & Mumford learning styles focused on learning from experience and it did not guarantee if the experience was effective learning. And they also pointed out that the meaning of learning from experience by Honey & Mumford learning styles was ambiguous. For instance, what can exactly been learned from experience.


Summary of test results




Honey & Mumford

Result of Psychometric Test










My characteristics

multi-model learning preference









capacity when planning on taking practical steps,




act first then consider the effect later,

Enjoy here and now,


Notes: E=extroversive, S= sensing, F= feeling, T=pondering, P= perceiving

Self awareness - overall synthesis

According to the research of the effect, I have be more understanding of myself. My talents and weaknesses are indentified as follow:


Based on the VARK test, I've a multi-model learning preference so that different learning ways can be employed during my learning process. I am an extroversive person through the MBTI test. I love to new friends and being ready to talk with everyone. And I am also friendly and understanding the importance of harmony what can help me to increase my communal network. With regards to Honey & Mumford learning styles, I am quite open-minded. This attitude can help me to have more chances to learn from others. It could broaden my perspective. Regarding team-role, I am quite disciplined and punctual. I always can end the works promptly. And the functional personality helps me for taking the practical step for minimizing the chance cost. And my character also can help me get well along with each group mates.


As I have a multi-model learning inclination, it is quite balanced of every learning styles. It means that I have no given learning style is outstanding which influence the consistency of learning process.

I realize I am quite impulsive. As the Honey & Mumford test mentioned me I would react first then consider later. Though it is better than consider and do little or nothing. It will cause a lot of risks. Therefore, I will consider more prior to making your choice.

Besides of the, I cannot really work independently. It is because I have acquired use to the teamwork for a long period. I find some difficulties when doing this job as it is specific work.

After understanding my weaknesses, I wish I can improve it as quickly as possible and enhance the efficiency of learning as well in order to face the challenges in my own future.

Section A. 2 - Implication of Profession Choice

Career choice

The product merchandising has become a nearly essential part of your company's income stream. And the right product merchandising can increase earnings, improve competitive setting, and promote the company in the good reputation. (Makens & Bowen, 1996). Therefore, merchandising is an important part on the success of the business.

Based on my results of self-assessment in earlier section, I would like to decide to build up my future in the merchandising industry.

Career Path

Merchandising director


Senior Merchandiser

5 years

Assistant Merchandiser

As I am a fresh graduate and also have insufficient related experience and commercial knowledge. Therefore, I wish I can begin from my career avenue at Assistant Merchandiser in Multinational Company as the basic level as the MNC always offer some effective and systematic training programs to the employees.

According to the work ad from JobsDB (2013), the amount holder would be reached the work requirements. And I could have chance to assist and take part in some sales and merchandising activities as well. I would accumulate more functional activities of the merchandising industry. During this period, I can improve my communication skills, social skills by getting combined with the co-workers and related commercial knowledge. And become more understanding about the basic process of merchandising.

Around 5 years later, I'd be able to be a older merchandiser. According to the job advertisements from JobsDB (2013), the management skills and planning skills are essential. For example, this position is needed to develop and implement the procurement strategies. And the further communication skills and interpersonal skills are also required as it is needed to establish and create a good romantic relationship to the suppliers.

In the older level, I wish I could be the merchandising director within a decade. According to the job advertisement from JobsDB (2013), the Master's amount of Business of administration is required. In order to achieve the work requirements, the strong interpersonal skills and management skills should be possessed for building and building up the business marriage. The proper thinking head, sense of business and forecasting skills will be required as well for making the right decisions. The wealthy practical experience also cannot be ignored.

Career and myself

My talents and weaknesses have been recognized by four self-assessment exams in the last part. With this section, my strengths and weaknesses would be utilized to investigate the match and mismatch between my personality and profession prospect.


Firstly, my learning performance is Aural. It allows me to focus on communication when i receive the new information by heard and spoken. And I am eager to talk to everyone. The merchandiser which is my discovered career is needed to build and maintain the good romance to the suppliers by communication. And negotiation is usually the main activity for merchandiser. It is because the merchandiser must negotiate the price only possible to be able to increase the competitiveness. If the negotiation is good, it always depends upon the communication. Therefore, the nice communication is effective for my career.

Secondly, I am an extroversive person which also matches to be always a merchandiser. The extroversive personality permits me to develop my interpersonal network more easily. As a merchandiser, public network is quite important as it is helpful to find the right distributor to increase the competitiveness of the company. Moreover, as I am an implementer, I have capacity for taking sensible steps and action. It is very essential for being merchandiser. For the reason that a good merchandiser who can take the practical steps to buy the right products what would immediately influence the income and trustworthiness of the company. According to the Belbin test as well, I am disciplined, reliable and punctual which can also help me to satisfy the requirements to be a merchandiser.


Nevertheless, you may still find some weaknesses that are needed to improve to become an effective merchandiser. First of all, the Honey & Mumford test indicated which i am an activist. I am quite impulsive as I'd take action first then consider later. This might be a big mistake to be a good merchandiser. An excellent merchandiser should be careful and considered before making the purchasing decision. Usually, the outcome would be quite serious such as influence the benefit and reputation of the company. Furthermore, I am a feeling person. I would decide or judgment based on my personal value. It would i want to make the wrong purchasing decision. Therefore, I should improve this weakness and consider more critically and rationally before making your choice.

Secondly, the Honey & Mumford test also identified that I enjoy now and here. This means that I prefer stay here and not willing to face the challenges. It could cause me cannot be promoted to the higher level of my career way. I will change my mind and be willing to handle each challenge. Otherwise, no matter how many years later, I would be still an associate merchandiser. Therefore, after understanding how my weaknesses mismatch between my personality and career prospect. I should improve my weaknesses at the earliest opportunity in order to satisfy the requirements for being a good merchandiser.

Transferable skills

There are several transferable skills which I need to obtain. Different profession level has different requirements of transferable skills. These are helpful to my career way no matter at which job position. Farmer and Campbell (1997) mentioned that the transferable skills are a center of universal skills that information experts possess which is often moved either to other jobs or other industries within the job. Press the Get away key to close

http://search. proquest. com. eproxy. vtclib9. vtc. edu. hk:2048/resources/r10. 0. 2-1/main/spacer. gif

The transferable skills may contain different kind of skills. They may be communication skill, social skill, time management skill and problem resolving skill.

Communication skill

Communication skill has great importance in the task area as it includes all areas of life. It can be able to communicate oneself or even to understand the others correctly are required for success and satisfaction at least in primary level. (Unalan, & Tengilimoglu & Akdemir, 2009)

In the stage of junior degree of merchandiser, a good communication skill can enhance the relationship and tranquility with the acquaintances and increase the working efficiency on some tedious work.

In meddle and senior level, a good communication skill allows to manage the subordinates better. And also gain to negotiation as well. As the merchandiser, maintain a good romantic relationship to the suppliers is very important. It can improve the potential for bargaining.

Interpersonal skill

Interpersonal skill affiliates with people skills which can be needed to interact with individuals to complete a project. And in addition relate to an individual's behaviors and attitudes, social communication and group action. (Lerouge, Newton & Ellis, 2005)

The interpersonal skill in junior level should follow and follow the orders from the manager to be able to meet their requirements. In meddle and older level must have a higher interpersonal skills. It's because it needs to manage a team and organize the subordinates to attain a particular goal.

Time management skill

Stanley (2004) explained that point is the most valuable commodity which is easily misused and can't ever be replaced so the time management is essential. Time management is a process directed toward inspecting work and enough time it requires to complete various assignments.

The time management is very important on any degrees of the career journey. Within the junior, it is just needed to complete some regular works on time. However, enough time management skill takes on a more important role on the center and senior level. As here not just manage your own time, but also manage your subordinates' time through motivating and coordinating.

Problem dealing with skill

In real situations, problem fixing skills can to generate ideas to solve new problems and the capability to do or offer useful service using cultures. And it is also an effort to find some solutions when face the difficult situation.

(Nair & Ngang, 2012)

Problem dealing with skill is required slightly as always just managing some boring works in junior level. Nevertheless, in the centre and older level. When facing the issue, all subordinates would rely upon your guiding and course. Strong problem resolving skill will be very important as you are the leader of the team or department

Life long learning

Glastra, Hake & Schedler (2004) pointed out that lifelong learning is needed because the monetary system and personal life world is changing quickly. Life long learning can contribute to the individual's knowledge, capabilities and skills ongoing improvement.

It is a craze that the individuals are heading to be inspired for producing their skills and competences constantly. (Skok & Marjana, 2010)

The people will learn more effectively as they can create and apply the data depends on their own needs and requirements via life long learning. (Dimitropoulos & Panagiotis, 2008)

Life long learning can stimulate me being older and smart to deal with everything in the life span.

Academic knowledge

I wish to expand my educational knowledge by learning the Professional of Business Supervision in City University of Hong Kong. There reaches least three 12 months working experience one of the entrance dependence on the course. (City University or college of Hong Kong, 2012)

Therefore, I'll accumulate 3 years experience in the merchandising industry in order to have enough qualification to use the master degree.

The course seeks to offer an experience-based learning methodology. According to aims of the course (City University or college of Hong Kong, 2012), after the finishing the course. I will be able to synthesize and apply knowledge across disciplines to real-business problem. This advanced knowledge will benefit my job development especially in general management level.

Language skills

Language skill performs an important role running a business as it can boost the commercial opportunity. (Griva & Sivropoulou, 2009).

Having a good terminology skill is beneficial as it helps understanding of discussions, communications and discussions between practitioners and overseas customers (Thitthongkam, Walsh& Bunchapattanasakda, 2011)

Mandarin and British are incredibly important in Hong Kong business environment. A good my terms skill can boost my competitiveness. I would like to apply the Business British and Mandarin part-time course for the better future planning in Hong Kong Terms Training Centre (Hong Kong Dialect Training Centre Ltd, 2012). It is because a merchandiser is always needed to talk to the foreign suppliers.

Negotiation skill

Negotiation skill performs the top role to attain a mutually beneficial contract that can build further business connections (Rudolph& Kleiner, 1992)

A good negotiation skill is essential to the merchandiser. It isn't only boost the company's gain the lower purchasing. In addition, it can build up a better romance to the distributor. Therefore, I am going to apply the negotiation skills in work area certificate course in Informatics Professional Development Centre (Informatics Education HK Limited, 2009) Different negotiation skills will be discovered in the course. I can hence my negotiation skill following the course that may benefit my profession path.


To conclude, I've recognized my preferred learning style, personality and team role, and have an analysis of these as well. It enables me to know more about myself. Furthermore, I've driven my future career journey as a merchandiser platform on my tastes and individuals.

Moreover, I've a set of my life long learning strategies to be able to increase my competitiveness and match the requirements of my profession way. I wish I can up grade myself constantly. And finally, I can reach the most notable of my profession path.

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